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Anal Beads Play – Full Instructions

I know that anal beads are sex toys with a bit of a strange reputation, but trust me – “playing” with them is a lot of fun.

Whether you are only interested in exploring the new horizons that the inclusion of the anus adds to your sex life or you intend to have anal sex, but you are afraid to jump right into the deep, anal beads are a great way to experiment.

Most of the anal sex toys start with balls of smaller size that increases the deeper the toy goes. The concept is ideal for beginners because it allows the body to adapt to the unusual object. Don’t worry – the anal balls are not as scary as they look and are very easy to remove. If you follow the steps below, anal masturbation will certainly make sex way more pleasurable!

Anal Beads Play

Men like them because they can stimulate the prostate (and this is not just about homosexual men; straight men enjoy anal sex too!), but women can also have fun – after all, the anus is full of nerve endings. You’d be surprised to learn that sex toys for women do include objects for anal stimulation.

And yes, the skin there has the ability to stretch a lot, but it is very delicate and should not be hurt.

Use a lubricant and apply generously

Before you start, put a good amount of personal lubricant both on the balls and around and in the anus. Keep in mind that most anal beads/balls are made of silicone, so the use of a silicone-based lubricant is not appropriate. Choose a water-based lube instead.

Start gently and gradually

You or your partner should gently push the first beads of the row into your anus. Give yourself time to get used to the sensation caused by the penetration. Once you feel ready, you can continue with the next ball. If you are alone, use one hand for this purpose, and insert one finger to expand the anus slowly.

Find your “hot zone”

Most anal beads on the market are made with a flexible base, which is a great advantage. This allows you to move the toy not only back and forth, but also sideways until you find out which areas are most sensitive (in a good sense) to its touch. Also, you can leave the beads in your bum while having sex with your partner. vaginal or oral. The anal play will help you to increase the intensity of your intimate play.

For the braver…

If you are already used to anal play and want to try something different, vibrating anal toys are a good choice. Many people find that vibrations significantly increase sensitivity. You can even ask your partner to make your sensations even more intense by massaging the anus with his tongue or fingers while the balls are inside you.

Hit the right moment

It is important to consider the right time to remove the beads. You (or your partner – if he/she uses the beads) will feel a super-strong, different orgasm if (during the climax) the sex toy is taken out slowly, ball by ball. For this purpose, you or he/she must signal that you are close to the climax.

Make sure everything is safe

Before ordering anal beads, carefully check the offers and choose the ones that have a pull handle or a protected base. The anus creates a vacuum, so you need a kind of “stopper” to protect the balls from sucking.

Keep your anal beads clean

If the hygiene related to the use of anal beads makes you feel uncomfortable, start by washing the anus well before using them. You can also use an anal shower including enema, but be careful, because excessive cleaning removes not only impurities but also good bacteria in the rectum, and they are important for the proper functioning of the excretory system. Anal beads are fun to use and add a spicy touch to your sex life, but it’s important to keep them as clean as possible.

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

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