Homemade Sex Toys: Ideas and Resources

Homemade Sex Toys: Ideas and Resources

In theory, handcrafted sex toys should be the best of all imaginable sex toys, and in practice, this is often the case. What would you be like if you could design exactly what you wanted, given that the vast majority of store-bought sex gadgets are designed and made by individuals who never use them and who don’t actually care about your sex life in the first place?

While the majority of the time the answer is “not much better,” making your own sex toys can still be a delightful gesture of self-respect and love.

I would argue that the most enjoyable aspect of making homemade sex toys is the creative process that goes into making them. It’s an exercise worth its weight in banana peels and silicone scrub brushes to figure out what kind of culinary item or hardware store find will feel wonderful there.

Some basic homemade sex toy instructions are provided below, dedicated to the art of making a handmade sex toy.


With this simple handmade sex toy, you can transform your favorite vegetable into your sex vegetable. Cucumbers are excellent for this since they can be readily peeled down to the desired size. Some people propose gently cooking the veggie to soften it up, however, this is not always recommended.

DIY sex toys

Variations include experimenting with other textures and temperatures as well. Peel a soft banana and place it inside a condom; heat it in the microwave to warm it up, or cool it down in the refrigerator.

Only use such objects for vaginal penetration to ensure your safety. I would argue that the dangers of improper anal penetration exceed your curiosity about whether or not the carrot would ever get stuck up there in the first place. Also, always use a condom before putting anything into your body.

Inserting Your Thing Into Other Things

Long before the eponymous moment in the film American Pie, guys have been making their own homemade sex toys out of fruit, fabric, pillows, balloons, and various types of pastries.

My favorite recent television allusion comes from the uncle on the Showtime television show “Weeds,” who suggested to his nephew that he masturbate using empty banana peels, which he did.


Making your own masturbation devices opens up a whole new universe of possibilities (however I’d avoid trying oysters because the shells have sharp edges). Make a selection of your favorite soft fruit and carve it away.
As an alternative, you can use a small plastic bag or a condom that has been put through a roll of toilet paper and fill it with any semi-hard or sticky substance to create a handmade “masturbator.”

Precautions should be taken while using very acidic fruits since they may irritate the urethral opening at the tip of the penis. Additionally, stay away from things that could irritate the skin. When it comes to fruit, ripe avocados are alright, but pineapples are not.

If you’re building your construction out of cardboard tubes, make sure you leave plenty of area for expansion.
Getting a paper cut in this area is not recommended!

Wearable Handmade Sex Toys

Strap-on harnesses, often known as dildo harnesses or strap-ons, can be prohibitively pricey for some people. And while they may be one of the categories of sex toys that attract the most thoughtful manufacturers (making the high prices often justified), if you’re resourceful and looking for a way to experiment with harness play without spending a lot of money, you can make your own for just a fraction of the price.

The most straightforward method is to place a dildo in a pair of tight-fitting “boy” underwear (the kind with the open folds at the front).

DIY harness

In addition to soft rope, long scarves, and tightly fitted but stretchy cloth, there are plenty of other options, just make sure the dildo part is attached well. A pair of scissors and some padding sewed around the opening to keep it from tearing are all you’ll need.


Strap-on harnesses allow you to use a dildo without having to hold it in your hands. Traditionally, they are worn around the crotch area, however, there is no requirement to stick to this tradition. You can attach it to your thigh, hand, forearm, or forehead using a strap or buckle. Alternatively, you can attach it to another object (a chair, a bed, a tree).


The biggest safety concern is circulation, which is a major source of concern if you’re into using ropes. Aside from that, there aren’t many ways to get yourself into trouble with a DIY strap on.

Keep in mind that the looser the fit, the less control you have; therefore, hard thrusting is not recommended, since a toy that slides out at the wrong time could cause discomfort.

Homemade Sex Toys Made with Hardware

Start by going to your local hardware shop and trying to discover five things that you and your partner could use to construct handmade sex toys for each other. After that, return home and assign each of you the task of transforming the contents of the other person’s shopping cart into implements of enjoyment.

In addition to the aforementioned variations, you’ll quickly discover that practically anything you find in a hardware store has the potential for sexual usage.

To turn on and off a simple battery vibrator, you can use a remote control doorbell, or you can keep it simple by picking up a few feather dusters for arousing tickling.

Safety should be your first consideration, just as it should be with any home improvement endeavor.
Stay away from anything that can cut or scratch the skin, and keep in mind any allergic reactions you may occur. Any type of constraint item should be easily detachable.

However, if you are still not into creating your own sex toys, we recommend using high-quality sex toys only. In the below articles, you can find the perfect toy for your ultimate pleasure:

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