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Male Multiple Orgasms

“I’ve heard that men can have multiple orgasms but don’t really understand how this could work. Once I come there’s nothing I can do but wait until I get hard again. Is this an urban legend, or is it just something some guys can do but others can’t?”

It’s definitely not an urban legend; although male multiple orgasms do sometimes take on something of a mythic quality (take, for example, Sting).

The good news is that men can, do, and have had multiple orgasms for thousands of years. Taoist teachings on sexuality that go back farther than that give explicit instruction for men on how they can experience multiple orgasms. Western sex researchers have also studied this experience in men and found clear physiological evidence that it happens. Also, it seems that many men can learn to have multiple orgasms.

The sort-of bad news? Learning to have multiple orgasms takes a fair bit of time and practice. Also, multiple orgasms mean that you are having a series of non-ejaculatory orgasms, so while they aren’t necessarily better or worse, they are definitely different than the kind of orgasms you may be used to experiencing.

The more good news? Learning to have multiple orgasms means you will also be learning to control ejaculation, and you will learn a lot about your own sexual response, which is great news regardless of the final outcome.

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A Male Multiple Orgasm Guide

When men hear the term male multiple orgasms they often imagine experiencing orgasm and ejaculation several times in a row. But the term male multiple orgasms usually refers to the experience of having several non-ejaculatory orgasms in a row during one session of sex play, which is a different kind of orgasmic experience, one many men find intense and satisfying.

Multiple Male Orgasm GuideE

History of Teaching on Male Multiple Orgasm

Ancient Taoist texts provide the earliest instruction on how men can experience multiple orgasms. As with other spiritual texts that discuss sexuality, the Taoist teachings are not simple techniques. They come out of a philosophy and tradition. In the case of male multiple orgasms, there is a belief that ejaculation is an experience that depletes energy, and in order to build on your inner energy, you can have orgasms without ejaculating.

Learning how to have male multiple orgasms also means that you can have several orgasms in a row.

Western sex researchers in the 40s and 50s wrote and studied this experience, but it did not make its way into the popular culture until the release of the book The Multi-Orgasmic Man by a teacher of Taoist practice, Mantak Chia. Master Chia brought traditional Taoist teachings to the attention of the West. With help from co-authors and teachers, he made many traditional concepts easily digestible for a Western audience that craves quick answers and easy solutions.

Orgasm and Ejaculation are Separate for Men

Central to the concept of male multiple orgasm is the often overlooked fact that ejaculation and orgasm in men are two separate physiological and psychological experiences.

While we generally assume that these are separate for women (and as such are shocked to learn that women can ejaculate) we are rarely taught that they are also separate for men. Because most men learn to orgasm easily, and for most young men ejaculation is also a routine response to sexual stimulation, the distinction between orgasm and ejaculation in the West has been lost. But they are two different experiences, and when men learn to separate them, they can also learn to have more than one orgasm for each ejaculation.

Male Multiple Orgasm May Not Be What You Think

Having multiple orgasms as a man doesn’t mean learning to have multiple ejaculations in one session of sex.

Instead, you learn to control your ejaculation and hold it back, while you have several non-ejaculatory orgasms. As you learn to play with your body and this experience, you may discover new sexual responses and feelings.

Some men love these feelings and incorporate them into their regular sexual repertoire. Some men find this experience to have a spiritual element to it. Other men find that they aren’t as satisfied with non-ejaculatory orgasms (even if they are having three in a row) and they go back to having the same sort of orgasmic response they had in the past.

Male Multiple Orgasms are Worth Exploring

Whether you are looking for a little spirituality in your sex life, you want to learn to control ejaculation, or you are a bit bored with your sex life and want to try something different, the benefits of learning to have multiple orgasms are clear:

  • to succeed you will have to learn more about your own sexual response cycle
  • the technique teaches you to read your own body which is a skill that will serve you well in many spheres of your life
  • in recognizing your ability to experience orgasm in a fundamentally different way you may learn that your own sexuality, and men’s sexuality in general, is much more complicated than we are all led to believe

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