Sex Toys that Changed the World

Sex Toys that Changed the World

Groundbreaking sex toy design, material, and marketing

While these sex toys may not have actually changed the world, they did change the sex toy world, and the sexual world view of many of us who are fans of these groundbreaking products. Each of these sex toys offered genuine innovation, something new, and in doing so they made us do something new with ourselves.

Hitachi Magic Wand

The Original Magic Wand By Hitachi

As the guillotine was the French Revolution and the couch to psychoanalysis, so the Hitachi Magic Wand is to the sex-positive women’s movement and more broadly the pro-masturbation movement. Thanks in large part to women like Betty Dodson and to its simple and functional design, the Hitachi Magic Wand remains a bestseller at most high-end sex shops and by far the fastest and easiest way to have an orgasm.

If you want to learn more about wand massagers, check out our article about the best wand vibrators, currently available on the sex toy market!

Rabbit Pearl

The Original Rabbit Pearl

First designed in Japan, this toy and its comrades offered a revolutionary design element, a clitoral stimulator that offered simultaneous vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation. Through its starring role in a Sex and the City episode, the Rabbit Pearl vibrator has arguably done more for bringing sex toys out of the closet than anything else in the vibrator’s long and storied history.

Bunny vibrators are appreciated by women all around the world because of the intense double stimulation they offer. If this kind of sex toys seems the right type for your needs, read our article about the best rabbit vibrators you can find!

Coil Electric Massager

The Original Coil Electric Massager

Enter any respectable sex shop or “small appliance” section of your local department store, and you’ll find a “coil” electric vibrator that doesn’t look much different from the models designed over eighty years ago.

This vibrator has no moving parts resulting in a virtually silent but powerful vibration. Dubbed “the parent vibrator” coil massagers allow almost anyone needing privacy a powerful buzz without the questioning knocks on the bedroom door “what’s that humming?”

Additionally, the coil vibe has a very discreet design – no one will know the exact purpose of this uncommonly shaped massager!


The original fleshlight

While sex toys were traditionally marketed to men, the intended end-user was usually women, and toys made for men were largely poorly designed and of poor quality. The Fleshlight raised the bar exponentially with a revolutionary material, a practical design, and a marketing campaign that glorified male sexual pleasure without making fun of men or women.

Now, there’s an even newer version of the fleshlight. The design is quite similar to fleshlights but it vibrates and stimulates the entire penis – no need to move your hands. This type of fleshlight is also known as a male masturbator, it is rechargeable and some models can be controlled via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Check out our review about the best male masturbators and learn about their features and awesome functions!


he Original Fukuoku

The Fukuoku revolutionized both vibrator design and sex toy marketing.

A lightweight vibrator that fits on the finger and allows for simultaneous skin to skin touch and vibration, the Fukuoku may be the first example of the power of television, women’s magazines, and the Internet in grassroots sex toy marketing.

The modern Fukuoku resembles a wearable glove that transmits vibrations but, honestly speaking, it is not among the best selling sex toys.

Silicone Dildos

The Original Silicone Dildos

The introduction of silicone dildos represented the first time sex toy customers were put first in the minds of manufacturers.

The material was ideal for its intended purpose, easy to clean, warms to the touch, and able to be sculpted and colored in a wide range of options.

Scorpio Products” Gosnell Duncan was the first to make these beloved toys available, and he inspiration has been both duplicated and expanded on.


Cyberskin Material

Cyberskin, a material first created by Topco Sales (and now often imitated) represented another genuine revolution in material, offering a “dual-density” material that’s firm at the core and soft on the outside, offering a surprisingly realistic feel. The revolution had its limits as the material remains easy to break and difficult to clean, but it was also the first packaging to cite NASA research.

CyberSkin sex toys are among the most popular nowadays because of the unique sensation they provide when in direct contact with the skin. The material is a variety of silicone, but with exceptional softness and stretchability, which makes it a complete analog of human skin. It has a “memory”, thus, no matter how easy it stretches, regains exactly its original shape.

Eros Personal Lubricant

Eros Personal Lubricant

Eros was the first widely available silicone-based lubricant. Offering fundamentally different lubrication “feel”, silicone lubricant doesn’t dry up, is condom compatible, and can be less likely to cause irritation or reaction, all offering a true innovation from traditional water-based lubricants.

The success of the Eros model can be found in the dozens of companies now manufacturing silicone-based lubricants.

Now, silicone-based lubricants are sold almost everywhere and are an inseparable part of sex life.

The Cone

The original cone vibrator

Truly innovative sex toy design, The Cone vibrator’s counter-intuitive shape invites you to re-think how you want to use a vibrator. The Cone is another example of merging good design (high-quality silicone, powerful motor) and smart marketing, which has allowed the product to quickly make its way into the shopping carts and bedrooms of sex toy fans around the globe.

This sex toy is among the most popular anal toys. With a pointed tip for easy penetration and a clearly shaped base for greater security. The cone makes sex pleasure for both partners, helping the anus to relax and penetration to become easier and more enjoyable.


The original anerosThe first product specifically and carefully designed for prostate stimulation, despite its high cost the Aneros has won a loyal following by delivering on its promise of functionality.

Like the Fleshlight before it, the Aneros is also unique for bringing top quality and smart marketing to the men’s sex toy market.

Modern prostate stimulators are mainly battery-powered, they come with special anal attachments and some models can be controlled from all around the world.


VixSkin Products

Vixen Creations, the makers of some of the best silicone toys in the world took the brilliant concept of Cyberskin and brought it to their level of stellar quality by creating a silicone material that feels soft and firm, yet is durable and easy to clean.

The company started in 1992 and still manufactures top-quality, temperature-resistant toys that will not break down or leach chemicals over time

Vixen Creations is also notable for its lifetime product guarantee, still a rarity in the industry.


Pocket Rocket

The Original Pocket Rocket

The original Pocket Rocket is a compact powerful vibrator with a long-lasting Japanese motor and a surprising kick. In and of itself it was not revolutionary, but it had a revolutionizing role in sex toy marketing as it was one of the first “celebrity” endorsed vibrators. On several occasions, Howard Stern mentioned this particular product sending sales through the proverbial roof and making the Pocket Rocket a brand name vibrator without the manufacturer spending a penny on advertising.

Pocket Rocket was the inspiration of the well-known bullet vibrators – small, yet powerful sex toys that can be carried everywhere. Most of those small gadgets are now rechargeable, some are even app-connected. The best mini vibrators are the ones that are powerful enough to stimulate the clit and small enough to fit in your pocket.

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