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Just like tango, the dance, Tango, the bullet vibrator emphasizes vibrant pulsations, making the connection between your body and your senses more pleasurable than ever.

The small size of this toy shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, as it is supposed to stimulate your external erogenous zones. Imagine you had a tough day and now you really need to release the tension.

However, you are already exhausted, your partner is not around and you just don’t feel like masturbating right now. In case you have the Tango bullet, you can provoke your orgasm by simply turning on your toy and letting it do the rest.

This bullet vibrator is created with a pointed tip, which is perfect for pinpoint stimulation. What is more, the pulsations are impressively powerful for such a small-sized sex toy.

If you are a fan of the intensive clitoral stimulation, this toy might be the right solution for you, as it can be adjusted exactly where you want it to vibrate.

Now, tease yourself, enjoying the sensual touch through the gentle, murmuring vibrations. Stimulating your most sensitive areas will prepare you for the real experience.

Tango by We-Vibe: Performance 

According to users, Tango is the most intensive bullet gadget currently available on the market. It provides long-lasting (up to 2 hours) play on a single charge.

This compact and powerful toy is intended for solo pleasure, the lipstick shape of the product makes it an easy a discreet clit stimulator, which you can carry in your pocket or smallest purse.

After reading dozens of comments on social platforms, such as Reddit, Twitter, and Tumblr, we concluded that the overall performance of this small toy is excellent in case you are a fan of the intensive clitoral stimulation. So strong that some prefer to ease up at the moment of climax and just finish by hand.

Another positive aspect of this bullet is that it offers rumbly vibrations, not the aggressive buzzy ones, which can make the entire experience unpleasantly overwhelming.

Rumbly vibrations feel more realistic and sensual when it comes to external stimulation, You can slowly target the clitoris and then increase the intensity of the stimulation. Or, at least, this is how I like to perform my solo sessions.

Another benefit of the rumbly vibrations is that they are quieter and you can enjoy discreet orgasmic sensations without worrying that people can hear you from the other room. Well, in case you are quiet as well.

Something to keep in mind before purchasing this bullet toy is the texture it is made of. It seems that many people (me included) expected Tango to be with a rubbery surface, like the other sex toys, manufactures by We-Vibe. 

Surprise! It’s not. It’s smooth hard plastic, which is very different from the skin-like silicone finish.

As expected, this feature is a game-breaker for some but this may not be a fair complaint, having the powerful performance of such a small gadget. In case you also prefer the skin-like texture, here’s a great alternative for you:Comment from discussion Looking for a bullet vibe.

Tango’s vibration strength 

You can choose among 8 vibration modes, starting from a slight murmur to intensive rumbling pulsations, which you can easily adjust while masturbating. This pocket-sized toy is super powerful, thanks to the motor, providing 4 power settings

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Extra Intensive

and 4 additional patterns:

  • A combination of slower and faster pulsations
  • Fast alteration from low to high
  • Intense pulsations
  • Alteration of longer and quicker pulsations

In short, this is what you’ll get when using the higher settings

MRW I found a higher setting on the vibrator.

What’s Tango made of?

Tango bullet by We-Vibe is made of 100% waterproof body-safe – PC ABS thermoplastic. The pocket-sized toy is not flexible, it’s surface is rigid.

The important part is that the material used is free of phthalates, latex, and BPA, which are proven to have a harmful and toxic impact on the body. The body-friendly materials are the first thing you should be looking for when choosing your sex toys.

Tango’s aesthetic appeal

Let’s be realistic – the first time you see it, you might not be super impressed by the appearance of this small monster. It even seems absurd that such a tiny-looking toy can have so powerful performance. 

You can find it in pink or blue. Whatever the color you choose, you’ll also get a silky carry pouch for more convenient and discreet storage and travel. 

Is Tango discreet?

As long as you can suppress your moanings, yes. Even the highest settings of this bullet device are invented to protect your most private experiences (in case you don’t feel like sharing them).

An additional tip to make your bullet vibrator even quieter is to keep it in contact with your skin – this is how the rumble gets ‘absorbed’ by your private parts.

How does Tango work?

Tango is super easy to use – you can choose your favorite speed and pattern of vibration by pressing a single button. You can switch from teasing murmuring pulsations to the most intensive vibrations without breaking the contact with your clit.

The great thing about bullets is you can share yours with your partner:

bf also enjoys it close to climax, drives him nuts.

What’s the price of Tango bullet toy?

Tango is pricey, compared to other bullet vibrators, intended for external stimulation. But compared to most cheaper bullet toys, this one offers the optimal return on investment ratio. Plus, you get a 1-year warranty, which is not the case for most sex toys.

Here’s a piece of advice Reddit u/usernamesmooozername shared, which is totally appropriate for all sex gadgets:

But seriously.. you get what you pay for. Don’t go too cheap or you might legitimately throw it away for something better!


USB, as expected. 90-minute recharge will give you about 2 hours of continuous stimulation.

Is Tango waterproof?

Just like every other sex toy, manufactured by We-Vibe, Tango is 100% waterproof. You can easily clean your pleasure partner using water and soap before and after each use

Tango’s size

20mm/0.7in x 90mm/3.5in

Or the size of a lipstick. In short, petite enough to keep your privacy in check.


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