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What Was Your First Sex Toy?

Finding the right sex toy can require some trial and error, and often our first sex toy experience isn’t our best. But sometimes it is.

Do you remember your first sex toy? What was it like making that first purchase, which toy did you buy, and how did it go?

Buying your first sex toy can feel daunting, and scary. Whether readers wanted to give a shout out to their favorite, or a buyer beware about one that did them wrong, the stories below are all about the first sex toy.

Being young and having fun

I got my first sex toy when I was 16 from an adult store in my town. It was clear with pink beads around the main hole where the fun took place. That night when everyone was sleeping in my house a gave it a try and it was a blast. I used it every day for at least a week and every time it got better.

Today I’m on my fourth one, a Doc Johnson.

—Guest Tim

Glass vs Lelo

My first toy was a simple double-ended glass dildo but it was a bit small and only worked for about a month then I went and got a 250$ Lelo vibrator and I definitely got my money’s worth.

Lelo is the best quietest brand ever. I bought my first one at 15 and next at 16. I look old for my age so I had no problems getting them.

—Guest Miss Hunnie

Hitachi Magic Wand

About 6 or 7 years ago… I happened to use a friend of mine’s vibrator looking thing plugged in the wall with a big white bulb head. I had time to try it out and it ended up being a Hitachi Magic Wand. I thought hmmmm this looks interesting. So I tried it against my penis head and it felt incredible..

I ended up having a fantastic shuddering orgasm. I ended up incorporating it in our sex play and now I have my own wand vibrator next to my computer that I use almost every day. I’d highly recommend everyone guy and girl buy and keep a Hitachi Magic Wand. This will bring pleasure unheard of !!!

—Guest Danrun

Fleshlight (Yummy! Feeling All Over)

I’m 27 now, but when I was 19 I saw a rather strange-looking device being advertised on the Internet and decided to give it a try—as curiosity won the day. I bought my first sex toy, a Fleshlight, and it felt soo…soo…soo very good, and always feels like the first time, so yummy good! I had a mirror in one of my apartments and noticed how crazy my smile and facial expressions were! Lol. When I was 19 I would masturbate 30 minutes a day, once a day, with my fleshlight.

Now, I tend to grab 2 fleshlight sessions a day at about 60 minutes each. My work and social calendar is such that I can fit in these two hours of sex toy use a day, and not have it negatively impact other areas of my life. My friends always ask why I’m so upbeat and positive…mmm! Probably some brain chemistry… The fleshlight was my first sex toy, and to this day I have not found it’s equal. Cheers! And hope this helps

—Guest Warfman

What a Cutie!

I‘m 19 soon, and I and my VERY SHY boyfriend went to a sex shop today. He was so shy, he’s the one that wanted to go there, but almost chickened out because he didn’t want anyone to see him. Even though we’ve been dating for 5 years now!

Anyway, we were quick, since I saw something I liked almost right away. There it was, a waterproof purple ‘forever yours’ 6-inch rabbit vibrator. It was so cute and came in purple or pink. Swirls and hearts all over it. And believe me, it was the BEST 25 bucks I’ve ever spent xD

—Guest PurpleParadise

Boyfriend and Me

My first toy was purchased less than a year ago. I’ll be 19 in 22 days, so when I was 18. My boyfriend and I talked about getting one for when he’s not around, as a joke, but we ended up going to a sex shop and buying an app-controlled vibrator together. I’m very glad we did.

—Guest VivianVal

My First Strap On

When I was 45 a girlfriend used a strap-on dildo on me. I’m 64 now, I wish my wife would do that.

—Guest Iser59

Ode to the Rabbit Vibe

OhoooOO That Rabbit!!! Three weeks ago I made the introduction to my first toy of the adult kind of function.
I’m pretty sure this will become a habit. Yea I met that rascally rabbit.

Well, I figured I was ready to go, to settle in for thirty minutes or so. I licked that rascally rabbit on its soft pink head and then I took that rabbit to my bed.

I slipped it far beneath my covers to see what rabbits are like as lovers. “Slow and steady wins the race.” To hell with that!! Let the rabbit set the pace. Thirty seconds later it’s like I was dreaming. That rascally rabbit had me screaming! Oh that rabbit gave me what for’ but I told that rabbit “You know this means war!” I love that rabbit. I’m not telling jokes. With that being said, “Tha-tha-tha-that’s all folks!” True story – Kisses

—Guest Mel

Electric Shaver With Attachments

As a teen, I found an electric razor in my house – it had some interesting looking attachments that went with it. Out of curiosity, I tried it. Multiple orgasms the first time, usually 5 or 6 at a time! I used it every chance I had when the house was empty!

The result of this was that I was unknowingly “training” myself to have multiple orgasms from the start!
That vibrator eventually broke. But, there were others! And, do to these early experiences – have almost always been able to easily have multiple orgasms with a partner!

—Guest Silver

Hand Assist Vibrator

My barber used a vibrator strapped to the back of his hands while massaging my neck and upper back for a minute or two at the end of haircuts.

It took years for me to buy one of these neat tools for use on my wife … and myself. Decades later this is my toy of choice, but the strap on the back of the hand device doesn’t seem to be produced anymore.

At least I can’t find it online. The last one I bought was at Babeland. Now the vibrators seem to emphasize penetration qualities, and my wife is not turned on by that.

—Guest Share.x

Christmas Dildo

Me and my friend Justin were doing a gift exchange and he decided that he wanted to get me an 8 inch dildo for Christmas (he told me ahead of time thank goodness) when I was 15. I still have and use it, it’s named Susie.

—Guest Wolfgang Davidson

Does it Qualify as Sex Toy???

Although they were used to enhance our sexual activity, my heart-shaped handcuffs were my first sex toy, although I’m not quite sure if they can qualify as a sex toy?

I really wouldn’t know what would anyway!! lol. Well, yeah, those were my very first and I think I still have them somewhere!! lol I’m 46 now and I think I had them when I was about 28! lol. I had just got divorced from a sexless marriage and sexed it up, big time when I was single again!!

—Guest SuzyScorp

The Standard Vibrator

The first sex toy I purchased was after marriage to spice things up, an 8 inch standard white multi-speed vibrator should be a mainstay in any sexual toy box.

They’re cheap, basic design to fit all outlets are a perfect addition, but if you are curious “The Earthquake” is a 12 inch vibe that requires 3 D-batteries the wife’s orgasms were mind-blowing, it sounds like a power tool and the motor burns out quickly. At 25-30 dollars you decide?

—Guest Milo Cronos

Hey mom can you buy a lot more of these?

When I was 12 I dropped a Squiggle Wiggle Writer in my lap. You can guess what happened from there.

—Guest Taylor

Does a Jungle Gym Count?

When I was 8 or 9, a girlfriend turned me on to the fact (no pun intended) that when we sorta rocked this way and that on the low bars of the playground jungle gym it felt pretty nice.

I remember a male teacher asking us what we were doing. It occurs to me now that he knew exactly what we were doing. But my /real/ first sex toy… Was a “sports massager” device that I found in my parents’ room.

It was a square of battery-operated plastic with a foam-padded leather exterior. About the shape and size of a thick book. I nabbed it when I was about 12, because I did have an honest to goodness ache in my neck.

I quickly figured out more fun applications for it. It gave me incredibly intense orgasms. I figured out that if I used it too much, I’d get a little numb.

So I’d go a few days without it (thinking about it the whole time). The reunion was always so sweet! I went to boarding school 2 years later and left it hidden under my bed. When I came home, it was gone. 🙁

—Guest StartedYoungg

Silver Bullet

The first sex toy I ever got was one that I won in a monthly contest at Toys in Babeland, a chain of great sex toy shops. I was there to buy a present for a friend and dropped my name into a box for the contest.

I won an inexpensive toy: Babeland’s silver bullet vibe. What a treat! I’m not sure whether I would have bought it for myself, but I was happy to give it a try. It is still my favorite toy and the one I use most often.

—Guest Karen
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