At TheToy, our mission is to provide you with the most detailed and unbiased information so you can make an informed decision about the toy that best suits your body, sensitivity, and needs. Our experienced team constantly tests new products, writes detailed reviews based on our independent testing standards and methodology, and updates content. We do that to save you the time and money of testing countless products yourself that might not work for you.

We started TheToy as a hobby because testing sex toys is our passion, but the amount of time required to try all the products in different settings, compare them side-by-side, and document it is like a full-time job. And even though we sometimes get products to review for free (in exchange for unbiased reviews), we buy most of the toys like a regular customer.

To keep TheToy up and running and free of ads and sponsored content, we have affiliate relationships with some of the adult toy companies.

How our affiliate relationship works:

In short, some of the links to where you can buy the products we review lead from TheToy to the adult toy brands’ websites. These links do not cost you extra. All they do is tell our partners we referred you to their website. This way, if you buy any of their products, they know we have sent you there, and we get a commission from this sale.

This is the only way we make money, so if you like our work, support us by buying through our links.

What we promise is 100% honesty and integrity. We will always share our unbiased opinion about the products, even if we sometimes receive them for free from the companies for review. You can be sure of that if you have read any of our work, since you know we always reveal the drawbacks of the products and who we think will not benefit from buying this exact product, even if it is a good product and will work for most people.