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The Best Male Masturbator? I Tested 18 (+Pics!)

Looking for the best male masturbator? I’ve tested 19 and got the scoop on which ones are worth your hard-earned cash. You can also read hands-on reviews from me, experts, and real users from Amazon and Lovehoney. If you had to pick only one masturbator, I would recommend Arcwave Ion.

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1. Arcwave Ion

arcwave ion

Highlight: Wow, talk about a joyride for your pleasure! This masturbator had me at “intense orgasm,” and it seriously delivers. Even for those of us past our “rock hard” prime, the satisfaction level is through the roof. And the cleanup? A total breeze.


  • Slow-building, powerful orgasms
  • The sleeve is made of body-safe silicone!
  • Rechargeable and waterproof
  • Discreet, good for couple play, gender-neutral design
  • Excellent storage/charging case
  • Ideal for edging and training
  • Two-year warranty


  • Expensive
  • No suction
  • Loud
  • Not for smaller penises

Here’s my experience with the Arcwave Ion:

When I first checked out the Ion, I gotta say I was intrigued. A masturbator using air pulses instead of the usual vibration? Sounded futuristic as hell. And the way it targets those Pacinian pleasure receptors under your skin? Genius.

This masturbator comes in swanky packaging and carries a hefty price tag, so they’re clearly going for high-end. The sleeve is made of silky smooth CleanTech silicone, and there’s a separate motor section and discreet charging case.

The sleeve’s on the short side, with open ends, so you gotta hold it in place to really get the full effect. But that lets you squeeze and move it around until you find the sweet spot. It’s got three simple buttons to control intensity and switch between modes. And the whole thing’s waterproof with a textured exterior so you can really grip it.

That air pulse tech adapts what’s made some female toys so popular, and let me tell you, it delivers. The sensation is insane – totally different from anything I’ve tried before. They weren’t kidding about targeting those pleasure receptors.

This masturbator is not perfect though. That “penis detection” didn’t do squat for me. And this thing is LOUD, like power tool loud. The silicone’s kinda weirdly textured too.

But at the end of the day, the Ion gave me an experience I couldn’t get anywhere else. It’s easy to clean since you just twist it apart. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for their first sex toy, or guys wanting something really unique. It might have some flaws, but damn does it deliver where it counts.

Other user reviews:

Helpful review: “This air-pulse masturbator gives a new kind of orgasm that’s stronger than what I’ve felt with other toys. It’s like comparing an old car to a sports car. Finding the right spot and pressure took some time, but once I got it, it was amazing! I’ve used many toys like the Fleshlight and the Autoblow, but this one beats them all, even for us older guys who aren’t as firm as we used to be. This is the best masturbator I’ve used, hands down.

The noise changes if you cover the air vent or not. It can be quiet like a massager or loud like a drill, depending on the setting. It has 8 strength levels but doesn’t need patterns. I always reach orgasm, even on low—and on high, it’s a challenge to hold back. It’s also easy to take apart, clean, and store. Plus, it comes with a case that’s also a cleaner.” – Jhon Winters

Trending review: “I love that this masturbator helps me climax fast. Usually, I can take hours, so a quick finish saves time. This stroker is awesome.

It brings you to climax quickly and with a sudden, intense rush. Very pleasing. A perfect score from me.” – Dirty Dan

Conservative review: “This product offers a new sensation. I wasn’t sure at first, but it grew on me and added something fresh to my routine. The ads had me expecting more, though. And it’s not as quiet as they say. But I’m generally pleased with it.” – Michael A. Granados

Buy it at Arcwave for $199

best automatic male masturbator

2. Tracy’s Dog Steelcan

best automatic male masturbator

Highlight: With its buffet of settings—think suck, twist, jerk, vibrate—this toy is the VIP of pleasure gadgets. Heads up though, it’s big and the heating feature could use a tweak.


  • Effective and fun for both solo and couple use.
  • Long-lasting battery, suitable for extended sessions.
  • Easy cleaning process, with a removable sleeve.
  • Accommodates larger sizes comfortably.
  • Variety of settings and modes to explore and enjoy.
  • The heating feature enhances the experience.
  • Strong and effective power for satisfaction.
  • Quality material that feels soft and pleasant.


  • Heavy and bulky. It’s too big for discreet storage.
  • Loud on certain settings.
  • Gifted guys may not be able to use the thrusting function fully.
  • Always needs to be held due to its size and power.

My experience

Alright, I gotta be straight with y’all about the Tracy’s Dog Steelcan. I was looking to really step up my solo game, and this beast of a masturbator delivered.

Now I ain’t gonna lie, when this rocket ship first arrived I was kinda intimidated. It’s a chunky sucker – they weren’t kiddin’ calling it the Steelcan. But that heft means you get a long-lasting battery, and the size accommodates us above-average fellas, ya feel me?

The silicone sleeve is very soft once you warm it up. Tracy’s Dog hooks it up with lube that’s easy to wash off, too. And this sleek sleeve slides right off, making cleanup a breeze.

Here’s where things get wild – this masturbator has three distinct motions: stroking, vibrating, and squeezing. You can use ’em solo or go full combo. I’m telling you, the power behind this thing is insane. And it heats up, so it really gets that lifelike feel.

It’s got a buttload of modes and settings to explore, with a handy stand for hands-free fun. The suction is strong, and the whole sensation is really intense. It definitely spices up any solo or couples play.

I’ll admit this Steelcan takes some getting used to. It’s got some new heft and power if you’re used to more basic masturbators. But if you’re looking to really upgrade your pleasure game, I’d say grab this rocket ship and get ready for liftoff. This sturdy SOB delivers.

Other user reviews:

Helpful review: “I’ve tried many toys, and this one stands out…

It has settings for sucking, twisting, jerking, and vibrating. You can change the speeds and how they work to match what you like.

It also warms up on its own and came with single-use lube packs.

I’m really pleased with it. Out of the three toys I have, this is the best one.” – Tonny Mo

User review: “Using it on my boyfriend was fun. It’s a bit heavy and large but it does the trick. It’s good for playing alone or together, lasts long on a charge, and is simple to clean.” – Paula S Holmes rated it 4/5 and 2 people found this helpful.

User review: “Using this masturbator on my husband was great. It’s soft, fun, and thrilling, and cleaning is easy. Sadly, one feature broke after first use, but we still enjoy it.” – Jessica rated it 4/5 and 2 people found this helpful.

User review: “It was great right out of the box, but then the twist function and later the vibration stopped working. Now it only thrusts.” – Matt P. rated it 3/5 and 2 people found this helpful.

User review: “I have many masturbators… This one has settings for sucking, twisting, jerking, and vibrating. Each has different speeds and controls to suit your taste. It also warms up and came with lube. I’m very happy with it. I have three toys like this, and this one is the best.” – Kat rated it 5/5 and 2 people found this helpful.

User review: “I like almost everything about this masturbator. It has three actions which are great. I just wish it wasn’t so big. But overall, I give it an 8 out of 10.” – Buddy rated it 3/5 and 2 people found this helpful.

User review: “I rarely write reviews but this toy was so bad I had to warn others. First, the thrusting: even the slowest speed is too fast and it’s loud. The twisting feature has potential but fails because the motor isn’t strong enough. It just opens and closes a bit. The vibration works well, though. But for the price, I expected more.” – Michael McGrath rated it 2/5 and 2 people found this helpful.

User review: “I’ve been using this for 3 weeks and it’s been great. It’s big, not for hiding in a sock drawer. It feels good even before it warms up. The sleeve is soft and realistic. The masturbator has three motions that can combine for different sensations. It’s satisfying alone or mixed. Cleaning is easy and the battery lasts. I recommend this Tracy’s Dog Steelcan for ongoing fun.” – Justin Peterson rated it 5/5

You can buy this device here for $129.

best manual male masturbator

3. Arcwave Pow

silicone male masturbator

Highlight: The Arcwave Pow’s silicone case delivers a killer O, but don’t skip the lube! It’s versatile with two openings, but be warned: it’s not so forgiving if you’re on the thicker side.


  • Elegant appearance and feel.
  • Offers multiple ways to be used for pleasure.
  • Easy to clean, with a removable inner sleeve.
  • Discreet and non-anatomical design.
  • Can be used without any lubrication due to the soft silicone material.
  • Easy to reach orgasm
  • The shell case has a nice grip.


  • The suction feature doesn’t work effectively.
  • It is too plain or simple for users looking for more stimulating toys.
  • The sleeve is thinner in the middle, which could lead to durability concerns over time.
  • Not the quietest toy.
  • Lacks the distinct tightness and suction of toys like the Fleshlight.

My experience

A’ight, listen up cause I’m gonna give it to you straight about the Arcwave Pow.

Soon as I cracked open that premium packaging, I could tell this was a classy masturbator. The minty blue silicone sleeve just screams high-end. And at 6.5 insertable inches, it can accommodate most fellas.

The Pow’s got a hard plastic case with removable end caps, and the sleeve itself has a wild spiral texture running down it. I’m talking bumps on bumps, delivering insane stimulation.

Now here’s where things get funky – this masturbator uses suction. There’s a pressure release valve on one end cap, and you can switch up the suction strength by messing with the caps and covering holes. Lots of room to get creative and find what works for you.

Best part is this masturbator’s designed to be user-friendly. The silicone sleeve slips right off for easy cleaning. And the whole thing comes in recyclable packaging – very eco-conscious.

So if you’re looking to class up your solo sessions with a uniquely textured suction chamber, the Pow is for you. The swanky packaging tells you this ain’t your average stroker. The removable sleeve and suction customization are great for guys who like options. Give this one a spin if you’re craving some elevated action.

Other user reviews

Helpful review: “The arcwave stroker doesn’t need batteries and looks like a speaker. The suction feature doesn’t work as advertised, and the sliding knob on top seems useless. However, the silicone case feels great and can give an amazing orgasm. It has two openings, one narrow and one wide, for different experiences. Remember to use lube—you can’t use it without it! You can even make lube at home with water and cornstarch, cooked until it’s thick. This masturbator is worth the money. It’s also tough enough to place on a table edge.” – Gene D.

Trending review: “It feels great, and I like the two different textures. I suggest it for guys wanting a simple, non-electric option! A great masturbator.” – Hunter P.

Conservative review: “It’s only for guys with a smaller size, about 1.25 inches across. The material is hard and doesn’t stretch much.” – Petersen G.

Buy it from Arcwave for $69.

best sucktion male masturbator

4. Tenga Flip Zero

best male masturbator sleeve

Highlight: Now, heads up—this stroker is intense. If you’re super sensitive, it might be too much. And if you’re on the larger side, go for the white edition instead. Either way, ensure you’re ready for a ride because this baby is addictive.


  • Discreet, minimalist design
  • Premium packaging
  • Soft and realistic internal textures
  • Suction control pads for added sensation
  • Easy to clean and dry open design
  • Translucent material allows visibility


  • Intricate internal ridges require thorough cleaning

My experience and test

Aight bros, lemme break it down for ya about this Tenga Flip Zero masturbator. This bad boy’s made of ABS plastic and some TPE material. It’s got about 6.5 inches you can slide into it, so most dudes will be covered. And it can stretch to fit any johnson under 2 inches wide, so even my above average fellas can enjoy this toy.

The inside’s got a textured silicone sleeve, and trust me, the spiral ridges and nubs feel amazing rubbing up on you. There’s suction control pads on the outside you can play with too. Makes it feel even tighter for that realistic experience.

It’s got a two piece design that flips open, so cleaning’s a breeze. Comes with a little case, some sample lube packets, and instructions to get you started. Oh, and it’s waterproof, so get wet and wild if that’s your thing.

Now it doesn’t vibrate or anything like some high-tech masturbators. But they got a Flip Zero EV version with motors if that’s something you want.

Overall, bros, this masturbator delivers. The textures feel great, easy to clean, and it hits all the right spots. If you wanna upgrade your solo sessions, I’d say grab this bad boy.

Other users reviews:

Helpful review: “I got this after a letdown with a Fleshlight model. Believe me, it’s incredible. It’s the most intense feeling ever.

If you don’t feel much down there like me, you might like this a lot. But if you’re very sensitive, it could be too much. It’s got strong suction and grip, and it’s the best toy I’ve ever had. It’s not as soft as a Fleshlight, which I like because it gives more grip.

It comes in a simple black bag. Inside, the toy is in a vacuum-sealed plastic. The design is smart and doesn’t need a fancy box. The toy doubles as its own case!

It comes with a magnetic stand to keep it upright. Slide off the ‘arms’ to open it for lubing or cleaning. The arms also work as a drying stand. I dried it in minutes over an air vent. That’s a cool and unique feature.

If you’re less sensitive and want a strong experience, get this masturbator. But be aware:

Warning #1: If you’re over 8 inches, it’ll be tight. It’s 7.5 inches long.

Warning #2: If you’re very thick, the Black Edition might be too tight. Try the White Edition.

Warning #3: You need a lot of lube because the inside has deep grooves and ribs.

Warning #4: Go slow at first. Don’t rush, or it’ll feel like a rug burn. Lube up well inside and out.

Warning #5: This toy is better for short strokes. Full strokes aren’t necessary because the suction is so strong.

This is my top choice after trying several other masturbators. Don’t mind the bad reviews. With lots of lube and some patience, it’s fantastic.” – Ryan H.

Trending review: “Stop searching, this is the masturbator you want. Battery-powered ones just don’t compare. They don’t last and aren’t strong enough. The Super Head Honcho feels great but tears easily. The Super Sucker lasts longer but can make you sore after a long session. Blow Job Thrusters sound good but are too loud and need work.

The Tenga Flip Zero is different. It lets you adjust the pressure for a custom fit.

The inside feels soft, and the pressure pads make it even better. The textures inside are well-thought-out. It’s so good, you’ll want to use it all the time, so watch out if you need to focus at work.

Before you use it, lube up well. If you’re thicker than 5 3/4 inches, be careful not to tear it. You’ll want to be at least 5 inches long to enjoy everything it offers. The textures inside are great for stimulation, especially the end orb, which feels amazing. For under $95, it’s a great buy.” – Ron M.

Conservative review: “Choose the non-vibrating stroker; vibration doesn’t add much. My only issue is that it comes apart at the hinge when I open it to clean or lube it. Also, the lube tends to leak during use.” – Tony Geo

But it here from Tenga

best budget male masturbator

5. Tenga Egg Wavy II

tenga eggs manual stroker

Highlight: Honestly, this disposable sleeve is like the gift that keeps on giving! Despite being labeled as “one-time use,” I’ve had multiple joyrides with just a drop of lube. Cleanup? Super easy—flip it inside out, quick wash, and you’re done. And for those who are “blessed,” as Phill puts it, this toy stretches to accommodate without missing a beat.


  • Single-use and disposable
  • Comes with a lube packet
  • Stretchy and textured TPE material
  • Egg shape and packaging
  • Easy to use


  • Small size may not fit larger penises
  • Lube dries quickly
  • Can tear with vigorous use

My experience and test

A’ight bros, let me give you the lowdown on this Tenga Egg masturbator. This little egg’s a one-time use stroke sleeve. Then you toss it like yesterday’s trash.

It’s made of stretchy TPE material with a wavy texture inside to really hug your junk. Feels pretty damn good. Comes in this eggshell case with a single-use lube packet so you’re ready to go.

You lube it up, stretch it over your goods, and go to town. It’s focused on the head/tip area, so you may 1-2 inches you can slide in. The texture feels nice rubbing all up on your most sensitive spots.

Easy to grip and use, and then bam – you bust, and it goes right in the trash. No mess or cleanup. The egg shape and packaging keep it low-key if you’re traveling or need to be discreet.

Now, it does have some drawbacks. The size ain’t for every dude – bigger fellas probably won’t fit this masturbator. And if you go hard, it can tear or rip. Not ideal mid-sesh. The lube packet it comes with dries up quickly, too.

But for a convenient, portable spank sleeve, this little egg gets the job done. Maybe grab some extra lube packets. If you need something quick and easy to bust, I’d recommend cracking this egg.

Other user reviews:

User review: “I got this as a joke for my boyfriend, but it turns out we love it. It’s surprising that it’s reusable—it cleans up fine with soap, and we’ve used it many times. The masturbator is a bit worn but still works. The noise it makes is funny, and I have fun shaking it after cleaning it. I’ve bought more to give as gifts. I’m curious if different textures will feel different.” – Heather Chadman rated it 5/5 and 199 people found this helpful.

User review: “Opened the Egg, used some lube, and was skeptical at first because of my size. But it stretched well and felt promising. I joked to my fiancé that I found a new love named Eggetha. She’s all about my pleasure without the downsides of a relationship. This masturbator is a top-notch invention, better than tech gadgets. It’s worth the thanks!” – PhantomOfAmazon rated it 5/5 and 133 people found this helpful.

User review: “Tenga eggs are simple and stretchy, fitting any size. They say it’s for one-time use, but you can wash and reuse them—I have many times. All Tenga eggs have the same material but different textures. The Wave and Spider are my favorite masturbators for starting and intensity. Buying a pack of 6 is worth it, especially with those two included.” – Beta Master rated it 5/5 and 78 people found this helpful.

User review: “The Egg was fun for 2 months. As my first toy, I really liked it. It’s soft, and the inside texture feels good. Even with my tight foreskin, it felt great. It’s small and easy to hide. I’d recommend it for first-timers or anyone who wants a discreet toy.” – oscar rated it 5/5 and 33 people found this helpful.

User review: “This masturbator is great. I bought this and another type for my boyfriend, and we’re happy with it. This one has thicker ribs inside than the other, which is smoother and better for him. It’s a good buy for its price. It ships fast and in private packaging. If you need more lube, try ID Glide. We use it a lot, though it’s stretched out a bit. It’s simple to clean with just soap and water. I chose this based on other reviews, so good luck and enjoy!” – Wonderwoman27 rated it 4/5 and 28 people found this helpful.

But these Eggs from Tenga

best sleeve male masturbator

6. Tenga Geo Coral

best elastic male masturbator

Highlight: This masturbator’s a win—way better than the Fleshjack and super easy to clean. Just know it’s not built for the well-endowed, so make sure it’s the right fit for you before diving in.


  • Unique spherical design
  • Soft, supple elastomer material
  • Textured exterior transforms into interior stimulation
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Discreet appearance
  • Comes with case and stand for drying/storage


  • Not very durable, lasts a few months
  • Porous material requires thorough cleaning

My experience and why I ranked it

A’ight, fellas, let me break down the details of the Tenga Geo masturbator. This bad boy’s got a unique ball shape and is made of soft elastomer material.

It comes in 3 styles – Aqua, Coral, and Glacier. Each has different types of nubs and textures on the outside.

When you flip it inside out, those textures end up on the inside for some wild stimulation all up on your junk. The exterior turns all smooth for easy stroking.

It stretches to about 6.5 inches in length so most guys can slide all the way in. Not too wide either so it’ll fit any penis under 2 inches girth.

This masturbator is 100% waterproof and only weighs half a pound, so it travels nice and easy. Tenga hooks it up with a case, stand, and sample lube too.

Cleaning ain’t too tough but the material is porous. Gotta really get in the crevices to avoid bacteria buildup. It’ll last a few months with proper care.

Overall bros, the sensations from this spherical stroker are outta this world. Flip it inside out and let the textures work their magic. Smooth sailing on the outside. Perfect combo. Grab one of these masturbator Globes and get ready to bust.

Other users reviews:

Helpful review: “This is one of the top masturbators for its price. It’s even better than Fleshjack or others I’ve tried. Cleaning it is a breeze. Just rinse the outside, pat it dry with paper, then clean the inside without using cloths that leave lint. Let it dry on its stand before capping it. It’s a top pick for me. 10/10” – Joey M.

Trending review: “I prefer to use the smooth side and keep it in the freezer to keep it clean. It’s lasted 2 months because I don’t stretch it too much. It feels so good, I wish I could have a bunch of them, but they’re too expensive for that.” – Adam Jones

User review: “It works well, but it shouldn’t wear out after just one use. If it’s going to tear easily, it should be cheaper.” – Nikki Marie rated it 2/5 and 15 people found this helpful.

User review: “I can’t really feel the difference in textures, but I do notice the different motions. This masturbator is easy to clean, you can use it more than once, and it’s about as loud as a messy blowjob. It doesn’t make a mess with lube, and it feels great. The only issue might be that the orgasm it gives is almost too strong. Staying quiet at the end is hard.” – Amazon Customer rated it 5/5 and 12 people found this helpful.

User review: “I never review products, but this one broke the first time I used it. I thought it would be stretchier. I need something discreet but more durable. This one seems best for a smaller size, maybe 6 inches, because it doesn’t stretch much. I had a laugh, but it was too small for me.” – Jack rated it 3/5 and 6 people found this helpful.

User review: “I have other Tenga products which are much better than the GEO series. I’ve tried Tenga FLEX and Spinners, and the GEO doesn’t compare. It has no suction and doesn’t cover everything, so it only feels good in certain spots. Other Tenga masturbators work much better. The GEO sleeve is a letdown.” – Jason Vue rated it 1/5 and 6 people found this helpful.

User review: “It starts to come apart a bit, but it feels great and fits any size.” – spadic rated it 4/5 and 5 people found this helpful.

best massagers masturbator

7. Lovense Gush

best vibrating male masturbator

Highlight: Trust me, this hands-free vibe is a game-changer! It’s a win-win with app features, durable design, and, let’s not forget, perfect for solo or partner adventures.


  • Fits most sizes
  • Lots of vibration patterns and customization
  • App connectivity and long-distance play
  • Sync with music, sound, or other toys
  • Quiet
  • Waterproof


  • Could be more powerful
  • App connectivity issues sometimes

My review

Listen up bros, let me break it down for you on the Lovense Gush masturbator. This little hands-free glans massager is smooth silicone and will stretch to fit most pipe sizes.

It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can use the Lovense app to really customize your play. I’m talking unlimited vibration patterns you can even create yourself.

The app lets you sync the Gush with other Lovense toys, play over long distances with a partner, make it vibrate to your fave songs or sounds – the options are wild. It’s also totally waterproof for shower fun.

My only gripes are that it could use a bit more power, and the app sometimes loses connection mid-sentence. But overall, the sensations are unique, and it’s perfect for some hands-free rubbing.

Plus, this masturbator comes with an adjustable band so you can really lock it in place. Grab this massager if you want a high-tech massager that takes your solo sessions to the next level. Lovense is really bringing the future of masturbators out here.

Other user reviews:

Helpful review: “I don’t get why people complain about the price and the buzz. You can find pricier ones that are not as good at doing the same thing.

This vibe goes hands-free and wins with its app and its many features! No other brand can match this on the market.

It’s made well with top-notch silicone. A full charge lasts about 2 hours and 30 minutes. A red light turns off when it hits 100%. The app shows the battery level and warns you when it’s low🔋

It’s so handy! I bring it along everywhere, like on long drives, holidays, to work, and on planes.

The fun and edging it offers are worth the cost.” – Magic Mike

Trending review: “This toy is amazing and worth the money. I stream on Chaturbate, and it’s perfect for that. It’s simple to set up. I’m 50, and I set it up without needing to ask my kid for help. If I can do it, so can you. And get a mop.” – Chief W.

best high-tech male masturbator

8. LELO F1S V2

Highlight: This stimulator’s more about the slow burn than a quick blast-off, and trust me, it’s worth the wait. But if you’re packing extra, be warned—fit could be a squeeze.


  • Offers a new and unique sensation, potentially more intense than traditional methods.
  • High-tech features allow for personalization and control via SDK and an app.
  • Designed for full-length penis stimulation with minimal manual effort.
  • Can enhance self-confidence in intimate settings.


  • May be overpriced compared to other masturbators on the market.
  • Does not mimic the feeling of a blowjob as some users might expect.
  • Not suitable for men with above-average penis size.
  • The review system on Amazon for this product is questionable, with several negative reviews.
  • Requires a learning curve to understand how to use it properly with the SDK and app.

My review:

So, let’s talk about the LELO F1S V2 masturbator. You’re eyeing it at 229 bucks in the official store, but hunt around, and you might snag it for about 110. Now, LELO isn’t in the game of just rehashing the same old feelings; they’re all about fresh vibes. This toy? It’s like the gadget geek of masturbators. You get to play around with its settings using some fancy developer kit and an app, which is pretty cool if you’re into that.

Here’s the deal: it’s made to buzz the whole package without you working it with your hand. But, word to the wise, if you’re packing more than average down there, it might be a tight squeeze. They say this masturbator is supposed to make you feel more sure of yourself in bed, especially with someone new. Don’t skip the lube; trust me, it’s essential for a good time with this thing.

Some folks have been blown away, saying the climax is off the charts not your standard fare at all. But you gotta take Amazon reviews with a grain of salt — there’s a bunch of mixed signals there. Some people expected something else and didn’t get what this toy’s about. It’s not your run-of-the-mill Fleshlight, for sure. It’s more for the tech-savvy dude who likes his pleasure state-of-the-art.

Other user reviews:

Helpful review: “This toy is not your usual masturbator; it’s a stimulator. You need to give it time, play with the settings, and relax. I got comfy with pillows and noticed it made my nipples react first.

I wear a PA ring, and it feels the vibes from this toy. You can see the spinning disc inside, which shows you how to position it for the best feeling. It really works.

It took me 15 minutes to get really turned on. It’s not quick, but great if you’re watching something or daydreaming. I reached the peak without any stroking and it felt good, lasting longer than usual. The orgasm was more of a slow build-up than explosive. I liked it and want to try more. It’s one of the best I’ve tried.

Cleaning it was simple and the battery lasted the whole time.” – Watch Guy

Trending review: “I’m bigger than most and it’s a tight fit. If I’m lucky, I get it half on.
The masturbator is okay, but could be better.
It’s quiet if you’re using it, but can get loud otherwise.
I’ve had it for a week. It’s mostly good and feels great at the climax, but can be painful because I’m too big.
They should make it wider and the sleeve longer. They need to fix the air pressure too, it builds up too much.
The idea and build are solid, but not quite there. I’m waiting for the next model.” – Mark S.

Conservative review: “The masturbator is well designed, except for the fact that I’ve always thought myself “average” size and clearly am not. It takes quite an effort to squeeze into this, and as a result I don’t think it works as well as it was designed. Don’t get me wrong, it gets the job done, but I’d not recommend this for anyone above a certain size.” – Andrew G.

best long-distance male masturbator

9. Lovense Max 2

best male masturbator

Highlight: Hold onto your seats, this toy’s suction and vibration game is next level! It’s the ultimate wingman for solo or long-distance fun, just watch out for the noise and maybe a durability hiccup.


  • Unique airbag compression provides an innovative suction experience.
  • Interactive abilities enhance the experience with various content and long-distance play.
  • Multiple control options, including manual control, diverse preset patterns, and custom pattern creation through the app.
  • Long-lasting battery life and durable build quality.
  • Discreet appearance, not resembling a traditional sex toy.
  • Easy to clean and recharge, enhancing user convenience.
  • The app is versatile and user-friendly, allowing for significant personalization.


  • The strong vibrations may need improvement for a more balanced distribution.
  • The contraction noise is loud, which may be disruptive.
  • A tight orifice might not comfortably fit larger sizes.
  • Inner texture may not provide a rewarding experience for all users.
  • The app’s functionality may be too basic for some preferences.
  • Additional purchases are required for interactive content connection.
  • Some users consider the device unnecessarily large.

My experience

I’ve been around the block with male masturbators, and the Lovense Max 2? It’s a game-changer. This thing’s got some serious tech—airbag compression that grips and vibrates like nothing else. Think of it as your pleasure-packed powerhouse.

Now, if you’re into mixing tech with pleasure, this bad boy hooks up with all sorts of online content. Want to sync it with VR or video games? You’ll need a USB dongle for that, but once you’re connected, it’s like stepping into another dimension of fun.

For those in long-distance setups, this thing’s a godsend. It pairs up with the Lovense Nora, letting you feel close even when you’re continents apart. It’s not just for solo flights; it’s like a bridge over troubled… well, distance.

Here’s the control panel for your rocket ship: 7 different vibration modes and 3 contraction settings right out of the box. But the Lovense Remote app is where you can get creative, making patterns that’ll send you to the moon and back.

Compared to its older bro, the original Max, this masturbator‘s seriously jacked. More power, better grip with those 360-degree contractions, and a battery that goes the distance—2 to 3 solid hours. But patience, young Jedi, charging takes a bit.

Size-wise, it’s got a cozy 3.33-inch diameter entry and stretches to a 9.5-inch depth. But heads up if you’re hung like a horse—it might be a snug fit.

The sleeve inside? Soft TPE, easy for cleanup, and it’s built tough. Plus, if you’re into a more lifelike feel, they’ve got a sleeve shaped like the real deal. And it’s all hypoallergenic, so no worries about skin freakouts.

But keep this on the DL—the contraction function could wake up your roommate. And those pre-set patterns? They’re kinda basic, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your own.

So yeah, if you’re on the hunt for some top-shelf solo time, or wanna keep the flame alive with your boo from afar, the Max 2’s got your back… and your front. Just keep it clean, charged, and ready to rumble.

Other user reviews:

Helpful review: “First things first the suction on this is unreal. It feels real. It works by using airbags has you can see lil bumps the contract and expand. Vibration is outstanding. The sleeve it is easy to clean you can take it out rinse with water and let it air dry. The only issue with this masturbator is this thing is kinda loud. The closest sound level I would compare it too if your phone was vibrating on your desk but slightly quieter. For the what’s it cost I think a lil cheaper like maybe 40 bucks off for what this thing can do. Has for the app great thing you can find patterns for it. People on there etc. Just make sure you have air vent closed when cleaning and open when use (it’s very difficult to slide it is it’s closed). But other than that I think this is one of the best masterbators on the market. There’s even a vigina sleeve for this if you don’t like the basic sleeve.” – Andrew Noonan

Trending review: “This is the most realistic male masturbator I’ve ever used. The suction is excellent even though the air pump is on the loud side. The vibrations are a nice touch and make the experience even more pleasurable. The app works really well with easy control and a whole lot of patterns made by other people to try. Long distance play works well especially paired with the Nora. It’s perfect for long distance relationships but also amazing for solo enjoyment too.” – Matt N.

Conservative review: “I bought this a little unsure what exactly vibration was supposed to do for me, and have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. This thing buzzes to life and you’re off to the races. Then the contractions kick in and hold on for dear life because this is going to be strong.

That aside, the hard(er)ware is great, if a touch on the noisy side. The app is fantastic, and remote play brings all sorts of fun.

The inner sleeve on the other hand.. at first impression it seemed sturdier than other sleeves. However, once the euphoria of using it the first time subsided and I cleaned it out -as with most sleeves, just running warm water through it-, I noticed a tear in the material on the bump that goes over the actual vibrating part.

So it was with a little hesitation that I used it again a week later. And in the middle of the action, one of the texture nubs just tore off the inside of the sleeve. It didn’t make a hole in the outer shape of the sleeve, there’s just a slightlyrough spot now where it was before it came off and started traveling around during the fun. Overall this masturbator is great.

Not bragging, I’m not exceeding maximum capacity here, but it seems like at this rate I’ll get maybe four more uses out of it before I have a $119 paperweight.” – Shaun F.

best male stroker with tightness adjustment

10. Arcwave Voy – Manual Penis Stroker

best manual male stroker

Highlight: The adjustable tightness is a nice touch, making it more personalized. But brace yourself; it’s basically a glorified, heavy, non-powered Fleshlight with a hefty price tag.


  • Custom-fit with eight levels of adjustable tightness.
  • Discreet and sophisticated design for privacy and discretion.
  • Durable, body-safe CleanTech silicone material.
  • The ribbed texture provides enhanced sensation.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, with an open-ended design for thorough washing.
  • Gender-neutral design and size inclusivity.
  • Premium packaging with additional lubricant sample included.
  • It is expected to have a longer lifespan than other materials, offering good durability.


  • May not provide enough tightness for more slender men.
  • Could be too wide and not accommodate very girthy penises comfortably.
  • Noticeably loud during use, which might be disruptive.
  • The expensive price point for a non-vibrating masturbator is potentially inaccessible for some budgets.
  • The device’s larger size may be difficult for users with smaller hands to hold.

My experience

So, I got my hands on the Arcwave Voy, and let me tell you, it’s like the VIP lounge of strokers. We’re talking about a top-shelf, open-ended toy with a dial for tightening things up just right. There’s a ring that you twist, and it clicks into place – eight settings to hit the sweet spot, no matter your size. But if you’re thicker than 5.5 inches, you might wanna skip this one; it’s a snug fit even before you start cranking it down.

Now, this masturbator doesn’t scream “I’m a sex toy,” which is a win if you ask me. It’s more incognito, like some high-tech camera gear than something you’d jerk off with. The material? It’s this CleanTech silicone – really sturdy and a breeze to clean. None of that powdery mess you get with those flesh-like toys.

The inside’s got these ribs that feel damn good, and the whole thing is a handy size. It’s not gonna cramp your hand at 10cm long and 8.5cm wide, even if it’s got a bit of heft at 300 grams. And when it arrives, it’s all classy, like it’s your birthday or something. The box is sleek, there’s a little lube to get you started, and some simple instructions.

Now, the silicone is quality – we’re talking non-porous, which means it’s super hygienic and won’t harbor any nasty bacteria. And if that’s not enough to sell you, it comes with a 2-year warranty, just in case.

Both ends of this masturbator are different sizes, so you can flip it and reverse it, depending on what feels good. And sure, it’s 99 bucks, which isn’t chump change, but you’re paying for something that’s gonna last you longer than most flings.

So, if you’re in the market for something that’s gonna make you feel like you’ve just upgraded to first class, the Arcwave Voy could be your ticket. Just remember, if you’re on the larger side of the spectrum, this ride might be a bit too tight for comfort.

Other user reviews:

Helpful review: “There are switches, and it feels good to be able to fit my own size. Things are pretty big, so it’s a bit negative that your hands get tired after a long period of time. ” – Stan S.

Conservative review: “Overpriced. Basically, a non-powered fleshlight. There is a ring around the outside that causes the inside to clamp down, making the tightness adjustable. That’s about it.” – Lenny F.

best vibrating masturbator

11. Fun Factory Manta

fun factory manta

Highlight: This toy seriously ups the game with its performance, leaving other gadgets like the Vorze A10 and Venus 2000 in the dust. But listen up: the battery life can be a buzzkill, so you better plan ahead or finish manually like you’re in the Stone Age.


  • Enhances oral sex by strengthening sensations.
  • Versatile for both solo and partnered sexual activities.
  • Accommodates various penis sizes with its adjustable wings.
  • Offers multiple vibration speeds and patterns for diverse play.
  • Ergonomic design with a looped handle for ease of use.
  • High-quality, body-safe materials used in construction.
  • Waterproof and simple to clean.
  • Quiet operation with powerful, rumbly vibrations.
  • Can serve as an assistive device for those with physical limitations.


  • Does not provide an intuitive stroking experience during solo play.
  • Usage during intercourse can be awkward.
  • Higher vibration settings could overpower oral sensations.
  • Attracts lint due to the silicone material’s stickiness.
  • Short battery life in comparison to the required charge time.
  • Higher price point might be beyond some users’ budgets.
  • The unique charger could be inconvenient if misplaced.
  • Not ideal for those preferring a tighter sensation.
  • The packaging is not durable for long-term storage.

My experience

Okay, let’s talk real about the Fun Factory Manta. This isn’t your average stroker. It’s a vibrating beast that’s all about variety. You can use it while getting head to amp up the feels, solo for a hands-on buzz, or during the deed to add some good vibes to the mix.

Its design is something else, with two bendy wings that can hug your dude from around 3.4cm wide, giving it a snug fit. The vibrations kick off from the base and buzz all the way to the tips, so you’re getting the full monty – front, back, and sides.

Now, it’s not just about good times; This masturbator is practical, too. The ridges aren’t just for show; they keep the lube from bailing on you too quickly. And the whole thing’s shaped with a loop handle, so it won’t slip out of your hand when things get… slippery. It’s not too bulky either, about the length of a banana, and light enough not to wear your arm out.

Control-wise, it’s a no-brainer with three buttons. Push to play, and you’ve got six speeds and patterns to mess around with. Color-wise, you’ve got this deep sea blue or moss green, which honestly looks more like a tech gadget than a sex toy. The silicone’s kinda sticky, though, so you’ll be picking lint off it unless you clean it right.

Inside the box, you get the Manta, the charge cable, and some how-tos. But don’t count on the box for keeping it hidden away – it’s pretty basic. The Manta’s made from top-notch silicone that won’t mess with your skin and is totally waterproof. Charging takes forever, six whole hours, but then you’ve got up to two hours to play around.

This masturbator’s got this special charger that sticks on with magnets, which is neat unless you lose it – then you’re outta luck unless you buy another from Fun Factory. Warranty’s solid, though; you’ve got two years of backup if things go south. It’s gonna cost you $139, which isn’t chump change, but for what it does, it might just be worth it.

Other user reviews:

User review: “I wish I knew about this device a long time ago. It’s the best male sex toy you’ll find and probably the only male vibrator that exists. I’ve used the following powered devices:Vorze A10 PistonVorze, and CycloneSymbian Venus 2000. This so far has been the most effective device I’ve used. The vorze devices are nice ideas but they’re clunky, over heat, dont last that long and are more trouble then they’re worth as well as the fact that they’re super expensive. The Venus 2000 on the other hand is very expensive but is very pleasurable. The problem with that though is that it doesn’t get you off, it feels great but you can waste 2-3 hours of your day with it never getting off eventually getting frustrated.The manta however has not disappointed. Every single use has resulted in the desired climax. The best way to put it is it’s an improved version of your hand. Imagine if you lost your arm and replaced with with a mechanical device, that is basically what this is. I really love how easy it is to use, to wash and to recharge. The masturbator is waterproof so you can wash it in the shower. The charging is via 2 magnetic metal contacts on the back. Even though you’re supposed to use water based lubes I’ve used just some lotion and it’s done the job without issue and has cleaned up without issue. Its size is relative to a large iPhone so putting it away or carrying it is not an issue. Compare that to the above devices such as the Venus which I have to keep in a box or the vorze devices which are bulky and dont really fit anywhere discretely.The noise on this thing is probably the best part. yes the vibration does make noise but it’s easy to muffle with a blanket and its lower settings are hardly audible in comparison to the other devices. This is the first one I’ve been able to use in my bedroom with paper thin walls connected to my neighbors without concern of it being too loud. Again I wish I knew about this thing earlier, I’m 100% satisfied. The only down side I can think of is the battery inside is not replaceable, meaning one day I’ll have to buy a new one if that battery dyes or as it no longer lasts as long. I’ve not tried using it while connected to power but I doubt that would work as an option.if you’re thinking about this go ahead and buy it. Out of the 2000 dollars I’ve spent on masturbators this has been the best purchase so far.” – John Tech rated it 5/5 and 19 people found this helpful.

User review: “So far so good. Its fun. Motor gets a bit funky at times, but good at the moment.” – RLEM1977 rated it 4/5 and 7 people found this helpful.

User review: “I use mine daily. I got it last June. I got a PA a few summers ago, and my grip changed. This was an excellent addition.Depending on the mood and sensitivity (I’m UC); Quick session or Long session.That’s when the battery life becomes and issue. I’m halfway there and it DIES! I’m forced to finish manually like a caveman. It has a wide variety of settings that may drain the battery but feels AMAZING. Gotta hit the right spots and finish before it dies. Having to charge it for a while is a hassle especially if you don’t have the privacy to leave it out. I charge mine 8 hours a day. It doesn’t work while plugged in, probably for safety reasons but it should. Having to wait for it to charge when you’re ready to go is inconvenient. You have to plan ahead. It comes with a great warranty. You can get a “replacement” masturbator after a year. And get your money’s worth.” – Leo M Cruz rated it 5/5 and 6 people found this helpful.

User review: “Solid vibrator. Pretty crappy as a stroker.The magnetic charging cable it comes with is extremely cheap and flimsy, and broke after only a few weeks. They charge $20 for a replacement for their proprietary charger. $20 for a replacement that will likely break again.I cannot recommend this toy at this price since the charger is needed for this toy to be useful at all.Would gladly change review to 4 stars if the cables weren’t utter garbage and expensive to replace. Getting the price for the device itself under $100 would get that last star.Potential to be a 5 star product. With the current state of the product, I can’t recommend it to anyone.” – Zoidboi rated it 1/5 and 6 people found this helpful.

best auto-spin male masturbator

12. TENGA Spinner

tenga spinner

Highlight: This Tenga Spinner is like the Swiss Army knife of male toys—suction, spin, and texture, it’s got it all. But keep an eye on its lifespan; it’s hot while it lasts, but don’t expect a long-term relationship.


  • Offers a unique twisting sensation for an innovative masturbation experience.
  • Six distinct patterns provide a variety of pleasurable textures.
  • Semi-transparent design allows for visual stimulation during use.
  • The product is affordable, providing good value for the innovative design.
  • Lightweight and portable, making it suitable for discreet usage in multiple settings.
  • The packaging serves as a functional drying stand, adding convenience.
  • Waterproof and hypoallergenic, ensuring safe use in different environments.
  • Rechargeable, eliminating the need for constant battery replacements.


  • The size may not fit comfortably for those with girth larger than the maximum stretched size.
  • Durability may be an issue as the material could wear out with regular use, implying potential for regular replacement.
  • The product may produce audible noise during use, which might require discretion.
  • Non-anatomical design might not appeal to all users, especially those who prefer realistic-looking toys.
  • Closed-ended design complicates the cleaning process and drying.
  • Packaging is not designed for long-term storage of the product.
  • Unique charger could pose a problem if lost, necessitating a specific replacement from the manufacturer.

My experience

Alright, let’s get down to it. The Tenga Spinner isn’t just another jerk-off sleeve; this thing’s got a twist—literally. I’ve got a whole lineup: Shell, Brick, Tetra, Pixel, Beads, and another Brick. They each come with their own vibe, texture-wise, and how tight they grip you.

The Spinner is kind of a show-off, see-through and all, which is pretty cool whether you’re flying solo or with someone else. This masturbator is made to be used more than once, and it stretches to fit most sizes, but if you’re packing something larger than 2.15 x 6.73 inches, it’s a no-go.

Now, this stroker is made of soft plastic. It’s not gonna last forever, but for the price and the head-spinning it gives you, I’d say it’s a fair deal. It’s also super easy to take with you wherever you go—light as a feather and fits right in its own cylinder that’s also a drying rack. Genius, right?

It won’t break the bank, and it’s safe for your skin—hypoallergenic and all that jazz. Plus, it’s not afraid of a little water, so feel free to take it to the shower. Just twist away and let it do its magic.

But here’s the kicker: it’s all manual, so you’re in control. This masturbator is perfect for a quickie without anyone knowing or for those nights when you’re riding solo. And yeah, it’s great for partner play too—adds a little extra oomph.

The thing is, the packaging is slick but don’t count on it for keeping your Spinner tucked away for the long haul. And you’ve got this unique charger to deal with. Lose it, and you’re gonna have to hit up Tenga for a new one.

So, if you’re into trying something that’ll twist your world around in the best way, give the Spinner a whirl. Remember to handle it with care, and maybe don’t get too attached—it’s not built for a lifetime commitment.

Other user reviews

User review: “It twists on its own, which feels good! You can hold the base or tip, and the other end twists a lot when you use it. The blue plastic inside is a bit tight, so if you’re larger than average, it may not fit you well. I’m quite large, and this masturbator was tight for me, making it uncomfortable after a while. It also creates good suction if you remove the air before using it. I’d buy it again if there was a larger size. Good for average-sized guys.” – SeaMonkey rated it 4/5 and 69 people found this helpful.

User review: “We were having intimacy problems because my sex drive is low. I found this toy for my partner, and I can use it on him. He loved it. He was doubtful at first but now admits he was wrong. He even says it feels better than real sex. It’s also easy to clean. One review mentioned a painful part, but my fiancé didn’t have that problem. The suction and spinning action are great, and it’s not too tight for him. The design is smart, with a drying stand and a case. They include lube, which is thick but easy to wash off. We’re buying more from this company. This masturbator is excellent.” – Rach Coale rated it 5/5 and 53 people found this helpful.

User review: “This device is for sexual pleasure. It’s soft and seals well. It’s more efficient than manual or oral methods. It doesn’t take long to work. It’s better than I expected.” – Bram rated it 5/5 and 32 people found this helpful.

User review: “This is cheap and feels good, but it has downsides. It breaks down over time. I’ve bought three in two years. The material turns yellow and falls apart. The plastic parts can be painful, so use a lot of lube. Cleaning it isn’t easy, and it doesn’t dry well. I received one with a tear, causing lube to leak. This was disappointing. Buy directly from Tenga for better service.” – Amazon Customer rated it 2/5 and 14 people found this helpful.

best heated male masturbator

13. Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration

best heated male masturbator

Highlight: Warming feature is great, but this stroker is made for small penises. If you ar above average, do not buy it.


  • Visually appealing and sleek design that is easy to grip and control.
  • Multiple vibration intensities and patterns offer a personalized experience.
  • Affordably priced in comparison to similar electronic personal stimulators.
  • Easy to clean due to its waterproof design, promoting hygienic use.
  • Quality finish and innovative design have been highlighted by users.


  • Size limitations restrict use, with the shallow and narrow interior not accommodating full penetration.
  • The warming feature is slow and not as effective as advertised.
  • Noise levels during use could be problematic for those seeking discretion.
  • The charging connector is prone to disconnection, making the charging process potentially unreliable.
  • Lack of additional stimulation components such as massaging features, reducing the overall pleasure potential.
  • Durability concerns with the battery and overall product, with reports of the device breaking after limited use.
  • Smooth interior texture without additional ribbing or bumps, which some users may find lacks sufficient stimulation.
  • The toy’s design does not allow for flipping inside out, complicating the cleaning process.

My experience

So, let’s talk about this Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration. It’s not your typical stroker. This thing is all about getting your glans (that’s the tip of your penis, guys) all kinds of good feelings with heat, vibrations, and this suction thing that’s going on. It looks pretty sleek and high-end with its packaging and all, made out of this ABS plastic and silicone that’s supposed to last.

Now, the inside space where you put your penis is pretty tight. We’re talking just enough room for the tip. And when they say this masturbator heats up, don’t expect a sauna for your junk. It’s pretty subtle, and honestly, it takes its sweet time to warm up. I didn’t even notice it much.

Here’s the thing – there’s no airflow near the entry, so if you try to use it like a regular stroker, you’ll end up with this super loud and kind of uncomfortable suction. Not cool. It’s supposed to stay put, so if you’re into that, you might dig it.

Then there’s the charger. It’s one of those magnetic ones, which sounds fancy but it disconnects if you so much as breathe on it wrong. You’ll need to get creative when you charge this baby up. But hey, it’s waterproof, so cleanup is a breeze.

But heads up, if you’re packing a bit more girth, this masturbator might not be your jam. It’s snug, and I mean, it’s designed for just the head, so don’t expect to go deep with this toy.

All in all, it’s got some cool vibes (literally), but it’s got its quirks. If you like glans action and don’t mind a bit of a fuss with the heat and charger, give it a whirl. Just keep your expectations real, and you might find it’s a decent add to your solo play.

Other user reviews:

Helpful review:”The heat is an awesome feature that I wish all masturbators had. This product would be perfect if the texture wasn’t smooth. A bumpy, ribbed or other texture is needed imo. The heat is the best part of this masturbator.” – Tony M.

Trending review:”Nice construction, it’s ok, functions/vibrations ok, but is way too narrow.” – Dan Grail

Conservative review: “Pros: Meant for small penis. Cons: Meant for small penises so if more than certain amount won’t feel good at all.” – Michael Foss

best self-stroking male masturbator

14. The Handy

best male strokers

Highlight: It’s packed with cool features like remote control and interactive software compatibility. But be warned— durability might not be this masturbator’s strong suit.


  • Fast and powerful strokes, up to 10 strokes per second.
  • Adjustable stroke length and speed to fit any size.
  • Works with a wide range of sleeves.
  • Regular updates, new features, and durable build quality for improved performance.
  • Interactive features sync well with porn, including VR and FeelMe AI.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Positive first impressions due to high-quality packaging and discreet design.
  • Quiet operation suitable for households with roommates.
  • HandyConnect app enhances partner play and is great for long-distance relationships.


  • Not entirely hands-free; requires holding or rigging.
  • Cannot be used with bulkier sleeves without risking motor overload.
  • Wired, thus less portable and requires a power outlet.
  • Might be considered expensive for those on a low budget.
  • Some learning curve for optimal use.
  • Requires power supply to operate (no internal battery), limiting portability.
  • Connectivity can sometimes be spotty.
  • Does not come with a storage bag.
  • Slightly louder than some might prefer.
  • Certain sleeves may cause the motor to struggle or overheat.

My experience

Alright, let me break it down for you. I’ve had The Handy in my life for about three months now, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. This thing is like the ultimate handjob machine, no joke. It’s got WiFi and Bluetooth, so you can control it from anywhere, which is pretty badass. You just need to use the HandyConnect app, and you’re good to go.

Now, for the real kickass part: it syncs up with VR porn. It’s like you’re actually there; the tech is nuts. And with FeelMe AI? It steps up the game to a whole new level of interactive. The company behind this, Sweet Tech from Norway, they know their stuff. Everything’s done in-house, so the quality’s tight.

First time I got it, the packaging alone had me thinking I’d struck gold. The masturbator’s sleek as hell, like something straight out of a sci-fi flick, and wouldn’t look out of place next to your speakers at home. The stats are solid: 9 inches long, 2.75 inches wide, and it can stroke up to 4.5 inches at a speed that’ll blow your mind – up to 600 times a minute, man.

The setup’s legit with high-quality materials all around. Plus, it’s got adjustable strokes and all that jazz. They’ve got these TrueGrip sleeves, and they come in different types, all good for small to medium-sized tools, and it fits any size you’re packing. Cleaning’s a breeze, too – just flip the sleeve inside out, and you’re set.

Price-wise, the masturbator’s around $170 to $199. They’ve got a decent return policy, too, so you can test drive it worry-free for 14 days.

Judging from the reviews, other dudes seem to dig it as much as I do. So yeah, if you’re looking for something to spice up those solo sessions, The Handy’s your best bet. Just remember it’s not hands-free; you’ll need to secure it. And don’t even think about slapping on a massive sleeve – the motor won’t handle it. It’s got to stay plugged in, so it’s not super portable, but it’s a small price for this kind of action. Plus, it’s a bit pricey, and you might need time to get the hang of it. But trust me, it’s worth every penny.

Other user reviews:

Helpful review: “The strap to hold the silicone doesn’t hold onto it very well especially if you have it on max speed. It feels great and does the job. I saw the masturbator has a function where someone can control it from else where, that is pretty kool. They should have a sleeve in the silicone where the strap would go into so it holds on. That’s my idea, if you use it I want paid for it. Lol *For the Handy Masterbator” – Robert Baker

Trending review: “I’ve tried a few of these and I’ve been less than impressed over how they work, none have been a 5/5 at least for me. This auto masturbator needs some more practicing but it has promise. I could have used it in my 20s. It has a nice solid, well made feel to it. Tip, just hit the on button briefly and then use the keys to adjust the stroke and speed. I kept holding the power button down too long and it seems to lock up the device.” – Jon G.

Conservative review: “The Handy is hands down amazing and worth the price point compared to the competition masturbators. Pretty much most if not all interactive software has the handy in mind. Databases loaded with videos and funscript support, even video games and VR. Only downside is when something like this happens. Less than a year and mine breaks down. ” – David George

best vibrating sleeve

15. Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo

best male stroker

Highlight: This baby’s a game-changer—Bluetooth capable, so your partner can literally take control from anywhere. But if you’re a solo artist, don’t worry, it’s just as epic without the app.


  • The stroker offers intense sensations and a variety of speeds.
  • The amplitude of vibrations is customizable and can be intense.
  • Long-lasting durability has been reported.
  • The device is praised for helping with maintenance and low-impact sexual satisfaction.
  • Customer support from the company is highly rated.


  • The masturbator is not completely hands-free and may require holding or adjustment during use.
  • The noise level is high, likened to a truck idling.
  • The size of the vibration pad may be too small for some users.
  • The push buttons are difficult to operate.
  • Not all vibration modes are useful or appreciated.
  • The magnetic charging connection can be unreliable.
  • The product is expensive, and one user regretted the purchase at full price.
  • Some users have reported the device breaking after minimal use.

My experience

So, I picked up this male masturbator, right? It’s got this little 1-inch pad for all the buzz. The thing’s got side buttons to crank up the vibes or switch between patterns. There’s plenty of power behind it, which is solid, but those buttons, man, they’re a pain in the ass to push unless you’re gripping the thing like it owes you money.

And hands-free? Nah, not really. You gotta hold it in place unless you’re rock hard, and even then, it’s a juggling act. If you’re on the smaller side, you gotta flip it and work it, but you’re still hanging onto it for dear life.

The buzz pad? Too damn small. If you’re just starting out or super sensitive, it might do the trick, but if you’ve been around the block, you’ll probably be left wanting more. I mean, a full sleeve would make more sense.

The noise is something else. It’s like trying to get off next to a running truck. If you’re trying to be discreet, forget it. And the charging bit, with its fancy magnetic thing? It’s hit or miss. They’ve got newer ones that plug in, which sounds like a better deal.

The masturbator is durable, though. It sticks around, which is more than I can say for some of the others I’ve tried. They’ve got this Pulse Solo gadget that’s got some sort of medical tech in it. Looks pretty chill and the partner’s into it because it’s not in-your-face like some toys.

For a regular session, the default mode is your best bet. It gets you there without making a whole song and dance about it. And the customer service from these Hot Octopus folks is top-notch. Seriously, they’ve got your back.

But let’s be real. When I want to go to town, I’m all about that wand essentials vibra-cup slapped on a Hitachi. That setup will blow your socks off compared to this little guy. So, yeah, it’s a decent masturbator, but there’s better stuff out there for when you want to get down to business.

Other user reviews:

Helpful review: “This masturbator doesn’t have small wires in the vibrators, making it safe. It’s made of three pieces and is easy to clean. It has Bluetooth, so you can control it remotely from your phone. Just send a link to your partner. The controls they get are impressive. It’s just right in tightness. The vibrating part is strong. I’ve tried many sex toys, but this is the best. I let my wife control it with my phone. Her control surprised me. The suction and vibrations were intense. I was lost in the feeling, and she enjoyed it too. It’s improved our 31-year marriage. It’s durable and easy to clean. The parts come apart easily. This is the toy I’ve been looking for. It’s great for fun with your partner.” – Jed Winnie

Trending review: “I’ve had several masturbators, and this one is much better. Some thoughts:

The packaging is mostly private. I wish it had less writing, maybe just a cartoon.

The instructions are detailed but a bit old. The toy now uses a USB-C port, not a mini-pin. It’s easy to charge.

I tried the App on my Apple phone. I’m careful about privacy and don’t use many apps, so I deleted it. The App is fun but not needed for solo use.

The controls are easy to use and well-placed.” – Ricardo B

Conservative review: “I didn’t like this masturbator. The previous model was better. This one is too slow. But, their customer service is excellent for any problems.” – Nate M.

best smart male masturbator

16. Autoblow AI+

Autoblow 2

Highlight: With its “almost there” realism and customizable modes, it’s like having an expert in the room—even if you’ve got to navigate those controls.


  • No battery, runs indefinitely.
  • The warmth from the motor can be comfortable in colder temperatures.
  • AI mode provides variety without needing web app connection.
  • Excellent build quality.


  • The power cable can be cumbersome.
  • The device can get uncomfortably warm on hot days.
  • Limited selection of sleeves.
  • Air vent’s placement can be inconvenient.

My experience

So I’ve been giving this Autoblow AI+ a whirl, right? It’s this automatic masturbator that’s supposed to be good for some solo action, online or offline. It’s got this blowjob vibe going for it, which is pretty dope, and a gripper thing that you can adjust to fit your size. It’s a plug-in, so no stressing about the thing dying mid-session.

You’ve got like 10 different patterns to play around with. There’s this AI mode that mixes things up, but don’t expect it to read your mind or anything—it’s not that kind of AI. It’s more like a pattern shuffler to keep things fresh each time you switch it on.

The design’s decent, got an 80 out of 100 from me. It’s not the sleekest, but it does the job. This masturbator is easy to grab and handle, but watch out for the fan placement. You cover it, and the thing starts to get hot, and not in a good way. The power cord situation is a bit of a buzzkill, though. Having that thing between your legs can be a mood killer.

Using it’s pretty straightforward—tap some buttons, and you’re off to the races. But if you wanna get fancy with voice control or swapping patterns, you gotta connect to WiFi. That’s a bit of a hassle, especially if you’re taking it places, which, let’s be real, who’s doing that?

The masturbator build’s solid—feels like it could take a beating and keep on stroking. The sleeve feels legit, too; it is all silicone and easy to clean. Just soap and water, dry it off, and you’re good to go.

Now, about the price. It’s up there, you know? You could snag something like the Kiiroo KEON for the cash you’re dropping, which has more bells and whistles. I’m saying if the Autoblow AI+ were priced at $199, it’d be way more in the game.

Performance-wise, it’s consistent, thanks to being mains-powered. Just gotta make sure you’re not smothering the vent or it gets hot—like, unpleasantly hot.

The pack it comes in tells you what you need to know, plus there’s a QR code for more deets if you need ’em.

If you’re the kind of guy who digs a good, drawn-out session without worrying about batteries dying, and you’re cool with the high price, this thing might be up your alley. The masturbator’s got that adjustable grip so you can dial it in just right, no matter your size.

But don’t go in expecting to sync it up with some interactive content or for it to be whisper-quiet. It’s none of that. It’s a hands-on, pretty loud, get-the-job-done kind of toy. So if that’s your jam, go for it. Just remember, it’s not waterproof, so no shower fun with this bad boy.

Other user reviews:

Helpful review: “Overall, I give Autoblow AI+ masturbator 4.5/5 (hey, nothing is perfect) and highly recommend it. I feel highly satisfied physically and emotionally after achieving orgasms provided by the AI+, something I’ve never felt before when I used to use my hands only. She’s truly an expert Goddess when it comes to doing what she does, and she does it way better than any and every woman who’s ever given me BJs (and I’ve had BJs from quite a lot of women in many countries of the world).” – Dean K.

Trending review: “It took an hour after arrival for me to give this masturbator a go. I had to lube myself and the toy, getting perfectly erect and I was off to the races. For once, it actually did feel like a decent simulation of a blowjob, I just had to hold it in place, swap the modes and let it do the work. That was heavenly in itself. A few modes were not perfect, and maybe disappointing, until I ramped up the speed or cycled back through when it was the right time. Switching modes gets distracting for sure, and can cause issues – would be great if it would cycle through on a program like the Max did (i.e. their app lets you predefine or download patterns).” – Lee S.

best VR interactive male masturbator

17. Kiiroo Onyx+

best VR male masturbator

Highlight: This automatic masturbator has tech bells and whistles galore — hello, VR, and Bluetooth! But a heads up for the average or above-average guys: this machine might make you feel anything but.


  • Improved quieter motor.
  • Firm grip, especially when wet.
  • VR and interactive support with FeelMe AI and
  • Easy to clean with a removable sleeve.


  • Long charging time relative to usage.
  • Difficult to remove the protection ring, which can lead to damage or injury.
  • Not waterproof.
  • High cost, with alternatives available in the market.
  • Complaints of device malfunctioning after short use.

My experience

Alright, let’s get into the Kiiroo Onyx+. Got my hands on it since last August, and here’s the real deal. It’s got a tighter grip and a motor that doesn’t wake the whole house — big step up from the Onyx 2. This masturbator’s got 10 rings inside that work your dick pretty well, giving you that ‘almost real’ feel. Plus, it’s got this VR thing going with FeelMe AI, so it’s like you’re in the action.

Size-wise, it’s a bit bulkier than the Onyx 2 but nothing crazy. The girth’s cool, not too tight like some death grip, and it’s got a mouth diameter that’s just right for most guys. The inside’s around 6.5 inches, so if you’re packing more, you’re still good.

Material feels solid. The Onyx 2 was all shiny and fingerprint-magnet, but the Onyx+? Matte black, better grip, and less of a mess. The sleeve’s that Fleshlight SuperSkin stuff — super stretchy, easy to clean, but keep it away from water, it’s not waterproof.

Now, the charge time’s a pain — 4 hours to get just 1 hour of play. And there’s this protective ring that’s a bitch to get off. Seriously, you could wreck the masturbator or nick yourself.

So, who’s it for? If you’re into that interactive porn life or travel solo a lot, you might dig it. But drop $219.99 on a sex toy? That’s steep, man. There’s cheaper stuff out there that’ll do you just fine. If you’re not into showing off your toys or have a tighter budget, might wanna skip this.

Comparing it to the Kiiroo Titan, the Onyx+ uses those contracting rings for strokes, while the Titan’s got these vibrators. The Onyx+ masturbator comes with just one sleeve, but the Titan’s got three. Both can link up with FeelMe AI for some virtual action.

From what I’ve seen and felt, the Onyx+ is cool if you’re a fan of the series. But with the price tag and some quality issues? I’m on the fence. Some dudes have had theirs crap out early, and if you’re thicker, it might not even last.

If you’re gonna go for it, make sure you buy this masturbator from the legit spots to keep that warranty. And if you want a better bang for your buck, maybe check out the Fleshlight Launcher instead.

Just keeping it real here — it’s a decent stroker, but know what you’re getting into. And always remember to charge that thing unless you want to be left hanging.

Other user reviews:

Helpful review: “About penis size, I’m a bit insecure. This toy didn’t help. It sounded like it was saying my penis is too small. The sound was annoying, like squeaky brooms on ice. I tried connecting it with the app and used VR goggles, but it didn’t work well. The sound was loud, but the experience wasn’t good. The toy moved, but it felt more like a bug than a hand.” – Sam M.

Conservative review: “The Onyx+ masturbator is well-made. It looks modern and has easy touch controls. It’s good for travel with its VR headset and Bluetooth. It’s easy to clean. It’s worth the price, especially on sale. But, for me, that’s all the good I can say. If your girth is under 4.3 cm, it’s great. But for average or slightly bigger guys, don’t buy it. The motor stops working when fully used.” – Mike L.


Alright, pulling the curtain on our raw run-through of male masturbators, it’s dead obvious that snagging the right one is a total game-changer. There’s a wild variety out there, each with the promise of hitting the bullseye on your pleasure meter. You’ve got your pick of the litter, from high-tech gadgets that feel like the real deal to no-frills, straight-to-the-point strokers that don’t mess around.

Here’s the skinny: finding your best male masturbator is about zeroing in on what gets you going. Is it the feel of the material, the kind of mojo it’s packing or some fancy features that make your toes curl?

Take it slow or dive right in, make sure you’re having a blast while at it. It’s your rodeo, after all. Whether you’re a rookie to the solo play scene or have a drawer full of go-tos, trust what gets your motor running. Go for what gets you stoked, and let the good times roll. Enjoy the ride, gents—it’s all about you.

Michael Sampson

Michael Sampson

Michael is our the male toy tester at TheToy. He is 34 year-old and has been very extensively studying all things sexual for the past 7 years. He is originally from East-Central Illinois, but currently lives in town of 1000 people in rural Minnesota.

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