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Guide: I’ve Tested and Reviewed 20 Prostate Massagers to find the Best

Prostate massagers are sex toys that stimulate the prostate, a walnut-sized gland located just below the bladder, aka the P-spot.

I have personally tried, tested, and compared against each other 20+ P-spot toys. With how different each of these prostate vibrators is – it was hard to find a clear winner. Still, based on my experience, I think the We-Vibe Vector+ prostate massager will be the best combination of vibration, comfort, and pressure for most people. However, other great options are better suited for different needs. I have listed all my top picks further in the guide.

The better prostate massagers share key features: body-safe materials, waterproof design, ergonomic shaping, a flared base or handle, efficient battery life, and, most importantly – they deliver intense P-spot orgasms.

Factors for selecting a suitable prostate massager:

  • Vibration Strength and Quality: Preference for the intensity and depth of vibrations.
  • Fullness: Girth of the prostate toy and the sensation of fullness upon insertion.
  • Pressure: Ergonomics and the way the prostate massager targets the P-spot.
  • Comfort: Ease of insertion and how comfortably it fits.
  • Controls: User-friendliness of the prostate vibrator’s controls.
best prostate massagers
The best vibrating prostate toys: LELO Hugo, LELO LOKI Wave 2, Lovense Edge 2, We-Vibe Vector+, We-Vibe Ditto

Reviews of the Top Prostate Massagers

Best Overall: We-Vibe Vector+ Prostate Massager

Best Overall: We-Vibe Vector+ Prostate Massager
Power:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)
Noise:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Material:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Price:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)
App:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)

App-enabled prostate vibrator with adjustable head and flexible base for your optimal comfort and entertainment

You can buy this product from:

This prostate vibrator is known for its comfort and secure fit. Its deep, rumbly vibrations are stimulating, though not the most powerful. It offers hands-free mobility, both a remote and an app for advanced controls, ideal for beginners.


  • Secure and comfortable fit.
  • Suitable for beginners with its slimmer insertable arm.
  • Deep, rumbly vibrations with dual control options.
  • Simple, intuitive app with preset patterns.


  • Strong, but not the strongest, vibrations available.
  • The slimmer design may lack the desired fullness.
  • Occasional app disconnections, particularly in long-distance mode.

A personal experience: This compact prostate massager exceeded my expectations remarkably. Despite not utilizing its app or remote control features yet and only experimenting with the initial setting, it quickly gained my endorsement.

The slender profile of this prostate massager facilitates an effortless and smooth insertion, ranking it among the most user-friendly prostate devices I’ve encountered. In its dormant state, the sensation was minimal, feeling less substantial internally. However, the moment I activated the massager, the experience shifted significantly. The vibrations, both potent and gentle, were accompanied by an intriguing pulsating effect.

Ordinarily, I opt for a continuous vibration mode on such devices and tweak the intensity as needed. In this case, I chose to maintain the initial pulsating setting. Over time, I became attuned to the rhythm of the pulsation. The design ingeniously focuses on both the inserted region and the perineum, executing alternating pulsations. This created a sensation as if the device was cradling my prostate, with the alternating pulses delivering a novel and effective massage. This We-Vibe prostate massager truly lived up to its designation, offering a unique and satisfying prostate massage experience.

Also Great: LELO LOKI Wave 2 Handheld Prostate Vibrator

Also Great: LELO LOKI Wave 2 Handheld Prostate Vibrator
Design:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Comfort:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Power:4 out of 5 (4.0 / 5)
Experience:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Price:4 out of 5 (4.0 / 5)

LELO LOKI Wave 2 is one of the best prostate vibrators, offering fullness, strong vibrations and automatic prostate pressure

You can buy this prostate massager from:

Blends intense vibrations, fullness, and ergonomic pressure for P-spot stimulation. Its come-hither motion and perineum arm, coupled with the handle, provide varied stimulation.


  • Automatic come-hither motion for prostate stimulation.
  • Strong vibrations combined with P-spot pressure.
  • Ergonomic handle for pressure adjustments, great for partner play.
  • Waterproof with memory for favorite settings.


  • Lacks remote control.
  • Not hands-free.
  • The bulbous head may be challenging for beginners.

A personal experience: I invested in a prostate massager, spurred by research suggesting it could prevent the type of cancer that afflicted my father and the accounts of its enjoyable use. As a heterosexual male with no prior experience in anal play, this was a new venture for me.

The initial massager I tried was practical, yet it pales compared to the Lelo model. The size of the Lelo is substantial, bordering on the maximum for comfortable use, but I’ve had no complications in about eight sessions.

Abundant lubrication is key, and I’d even suggest using a lube injector for ease of insertion and enhanced sensation with the massager. The Lelo stands out for its quality and power in motion and vibration. Its vibrations offer a range of intensities and patterns.

Using this toy elevates the experience to a profoundly intense level, often leading to involuntary leg tremors and prolonged ecstasy far beyond a fleeting climax. Initially, my body tended to expel the device, but it stayed in place after a short while. Admittedly, it’s a pricey item.

However, for me, the cost is justified by the experience. I regret spending on a cheaper initial purchase and not discovering this profound pleasure 20 years before physical limitations set in. If you’re considering a high-end prostate massager and can manage the expense, my advice is to take the plunge. It’s likely a decision you won’t regret.

Long-Distance Pick: Lovense Edge 2 Remote-Control Prostate Massager

Long-Distance Pick: Lovense Edge 2 Remote-Control Prostate Massager
Power:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Noise:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)
Material:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Price:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)
App:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)

App-connected prostate massager to deliver exceptional, long-lasting orgasms

You can buy this product from:

It stands out for app-controlled customization and adjustable design, catering to those desiring powerful vibrations and a prostate massager that feels full. Superior for long-distance partner play.


  • Powerful vibrations rivaling LELO Hugo.
  • Two motor controls for tailored stimulation.
  • Adjustable arm for a personalized fit.
  • Excellent app connectivity for long-distance play.


  • Noticeable noise level.
  • Potential to slip out during movement.

A personal experience: I’ve been using my third model of this particular prostate massager for several years, and I have nothing but praise for it. Its size is ideal – neither too large nor too small, and it remains in place better than many others I’ve tried. This massager is easy to clean and boasts an impressive battery life. The variety of settings it offers is fantastic for mixing up sensations. It’s the most potent and intense vibrator I’ve encountered. However, those who prefer milder vibrations might find it too strong. Post-use, my entire body feels relaxed and tingling, effectively targeting the male G-spot.

A notable feature of this massager is its adjustable neck, which can be angled to suit individual body shapes and positions. Finding the right angle is key; one position might feel incredible, while another could be uncomfortable. It’s important to consider how body posture can impact the optimal angle of the massager. Always listen to your body – if something feels off, stop and adjust. You’ll discover the settings and angles that work best for you with practice.

The massager’s exterior is coated in soft silicone, providing a comfortable insertion experience. However, this also means avoiding contact with silicone-based lubricants is crucial, as they can damage the silicone surface. The battery is rechargeable via a magnetically attached USB cable, enhancing its waterproof design. This feature makes the massager suitable for use in the bath or shower and simplifies cleaning.

The Most Powerful: LELO Hugo Prostate Massager

The Most Powerful: LELO Hugo Prostate Plug
Power:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Noise:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Material:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Price:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)
Ease of use:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)

Luxury prostatic massager, offering unimaginable perineum stimulation

You can buy this product from:

Notable for its intense vibrations, the LELO Hugo is beginner-friendly due to its compact size. Its unique remote vibrates in sync with the massager, enhancing partner interaction.


  • Powerful vibrations.
  • Beginner-friendly size.
  • Comfortable design with responsive SenseMotion control.
  • Vibrating remote for immersive partner feedback.


  • Size may not satisfy those who prefer a fuller feeling.
  • Smooth design might lead to occasional slippage.
  • Less detailed control compared to app-controlled massagers.

A personal experience: This prostate massager is a fantastic device that delivers exceptional results. My first experience with it led to an intense and rapid prostate orgasm within approximately 5 minutes. Its size strikes a perfect balance, neither too large nor too small, making it suitable for beginners and experienced users.

The primary drawback is its price point; it’s on the higher end, but the quality justifies the cost. I previously purchased a Lelo Loki Wave a few years back, which still functions excellently, reinforcing my belief in the value of their products despite the premium price. I do wish, however, that their pricing was more accessible.

A crucial insight I’ve gained from using prostate toys is that bigger isn’t necessarily better. The ideal size for such a toy is about the size of a male thumb, comparable to the sensation of a finger performing a massage. This massager meets that criterion perfectly, offering a comfortable and effective experience akin to manual prostate stimulation.

And another user review: This prostate massager was an exceptional addition to my intimate experiences. As a heterosexual man looking to add some excitement to my relationship, my wife suggested incorporating this device during our private moments, giving her control of its remote. In a reciprocating gesture, she uses a vibrating, remote-controlled anal plug and takes charge of its remote as well.

One minor issue with the massager is its tendency to dislodge during vigorous movement. However, we found a creative solution by having me wear a crotchless male thong, which effectively kept the massager in place. The results were phenomenal, leading to an incredibly intense orgasm. The sensation was so profound that I experienced a second orgasm just 60 seconds later. Beyond intensifying my climax, my wife observed that it also appeared to increase the volume of semen. From my experience, this product earns a resounding endorsement, scoring 100% in satisfaction.

Each prostate massager has distinct advantages, catering to different preferences in prostate stimulation.

Comparison table of the top picks
ProductDimensionsRemote ControlMaterialDiameter (in)Use Time (hr)Insertable Length (in)WaterproofMax. Noise Level (dB)Vibration Strength (out of 5)Comfort (out of 5)
LELO Hugo4.1 x 4.2 x 1.6 inYesBody-safe silicone / ABS1.282.003.40Yes< 6553.0
Lovense Edge 23.6 x 1.7 x 7.7 inApp onlyBody-safe silicone1.401.673.60Yes< 5044.5
We-Vibe Vector4.3 x 1.2 x 3.9 inYes + AppBody-safe silicone1.182.003.54Yes< 4945.0
LELO LOKI Wave 23.6 x 1.7 x 7.7 inNoBody-safe silicone / Silicon-coated ABS plastic1.402.003.90Yes< 5433.5

User Tips and Safety with Prostate Massagers

Safe and Comfortable Usage of Prostate Toys

  • Start Slowly: If you’re new to prostate massage, take it slow. Begin with gentle pressure and explore what feels good.
  • Use Plenty of Lubricants: A generous amount of water-based lubricant is essential to ensure a smooth, comfortable experience while inserting the prostate massager.
  • Find the Right Position: Experiment with different positions to find what’s most comfortable for you. Common positions include lying on your back, squatting, or all fours.
  • Listen to Your Body: Pay attention to how your body responds. If you feel any discomfort or pain, stop immediately and remove the prostate vibrator.
  • Relax and Breathe: Staying relaxed is vital. Deep, steady breathing can help ease any initial discomfort.
  • Communication is Key: If using the prostate stimulator with a partner, maintain open communication about what feels good and what doesn’t.

Cleaning and Maintenance of P-spot vibrators

  • Clean Before and After Use: It’s crucial to clean your prostate massager before and after each use to prevent bacterial infections.
  • Use the Right Cleaning Products: Use warm water, mild soap, or a specialized toy cleaner. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the material of your P-spot massager.
  • Dry Thoroughly: After cleaning, dry your prostate plug completely before storing it. This prevents mold and mildew buildup.
  • Store Properly: Keep your prostate milking toy in a clean, dry place. Using a storage bag or container is recommended to keep it away from dust and other contaminants.
  • Check for Damage: Regularly inspect your prostate tickler for any signs of wear or damage, such as cracks or tears, especially if it’s made of silicone.
  • Battery Care: If your vibrating prostate toy is battery-operated or rechargeable, charge it as per the manufacturer’s instructions and store it away from extreme temperatures.

Final thoughts on how to find the prostate massager that will best fit your needs

We’ve looked at the best prostate stimulators, given tips for beginners, discussed vibration pros and cons, and discussed the right materials for maximum P-spot enjoyment.

Now, it’s your turn. Are you ready to explore prostate pleasure? The choice is yours to dive into this exciting experience.

Silicone massagers and sturdy steel ones are waiting to take you to new heights of happiness. It’s just a click away. Be brave and open to new experiences.

A prostate massager can bring you incredible feelings you’ve never imagined. With some lube and a little exploring, you’ll quickly learn how to get the most pleasure.

Use our tips to find the best P-spot vibrator for you. Start slowly and gradually try more. Most importantly, have fun!

I’m signing off now, wishing you a fantastic journey into prostate pleasure. Good luck, and enjoy the adventure!

Michael Sampson

Michael Sampson

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