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How To Tips for Anal Masturbation

Anal masturbation is the best way to find out if you enjoy anal sex, and a great first step to take before having anal sex with a partner.

Anal masturbation can be considered any kind of solo sexual touch that involves your anal anatomy. Aside from being fun in and of itself, anal masturbation allows you to focus on yourself and pay attention to what feels good (and what doesn’t), which is information you’ll want to share with anyone you’re planning on having anal sex with.

Time Required: Make sure you have plenty of time and privacy, anal play should never be rushed.

Why do people love anal masturbation?

As a woman, you may wonder if or even how you could enjoy anal play, especially because you don’t have a prostate as a man.

However, many women like to include anal play in their masturbation sessions, and some can even orgasm this way. Although you may not achieve anal orgasm, you may still feel fantastic inserting objects or even stimulating the area around the entrance to your anus, also known as perinal area.

As for men, anal masturbation is often considered a homosexual act. Many people think that a man who loves anal stimulation has homosexual tendencies. However, this is just nonsense. The toy in the anus does not necessarily mean that you are attracted to men.

Both men and women have anuses, the point is that women have multiple other options to enjoy sex. And men have a prostate, which is the equivalent of a G-spot in women.

Steps for safe anal masturbation

Do Your Homework

There are lots of great books and educational videos about anal sex, and most sex manuals include a chapter about anal sex. Learn the basic parts of your anal anatomy, including the sphincter muscles, anal canal, and the prostate gland (if you’re male). There’s nothing like hands-on education, but checking out the road map first might help you orient yourself a little easier. If you’re a visual learner, an anal sex video may be particularly helpful.

Before you engage in anal play

Before the process itself, it is desirable to make an enema to release the rectum. Then you need to take the most comfortable position. This will allow you to relax and find out which methods work best for you. It is important to note that there are two types of such caresses.

Be realistic

You can’t magically evolve from a beginner to an expert overnight. Be patient and you will not regret it. When you feel something wrong stop or slow down, breathe, add more lubricant.

If necessary, interrupt the act – you can always try later. After all, your ass isn’t going anywhere, is it? To get to the use of a penis or dildo, you can practice with sex toys. Perfect for the occasion are the anal beads and dilators, which are produced in different sizes.

Relax and enjoy

You need to relax, especially in the sphincter area. When you run your fingers through the anus, your muscles will initially ignore your intentions and will naturally contract, “What are you doing, this does not belong here!”.

With a lot of lubricant and massage, you will relax, and so the tight muscles will relax; “Yes, I want that right here.” The small vibrators in combination with lubricant would also relax the sphincter muscles quite well – charge with batteries.

Decide whether you like it or not

Talk to your partner. If you act solo – listen to what your body says. If your partner puts a finger in your anus, tell him when and if you are ready for a second. Concentrate on the sensations and decide if you like it without rushing.

If anal play is not your thing, you can simply use a wand massager or a rabbit vibrator, if you are a woman. The alternative for men is male masturbators or Fleshlights.

Places to Explore

Once you’ve comfortably got a finger inside, explore some of the pleasurable points. The opening of the anus contains the highest concentration of nerve endings. Inside the anus responds mostly to feelings of fullness or pressure. If you’re male, putting pressure on the front wall of the anus a couple of inches in will stimulate the prostate gland. The tip of the (internal) clitoral body in women can also be stimulated through the anus.

Vary The Movements

Once you’re comfortable with penetration of one finger, you can start experimenting with different kinds of movement. What does it feel like to move your finger in and out completely or to move it in and then pull out without removing your whole finger? You can rotate your finger gently while inside the anus, paying attention to how the pressure on different sides of the anal canal feels.

Build Gradually

Your sphincter muscles can stretch more than you have imagined, that’s why the anal canal can accommodate to impressively large objects, anal sex toys, and body parts. However, if you intend to use large objects, you’ll need to gradually increase the size. Start with a finger, try some small vibrator, and then go with something larger but never try to insert anything without applying lube first.

Always clean up

When you finish playing with your favorite anal sex toys, it’s time to clean them up. It’s essential for both your health and pleasure that your toys are always clean.

It doesn’t matter how clean your anus is, there will always be some residual bacteria on your anal sex toys after use. So, you have to disinfect them properly.

Anal sex toys

Additional tips

  • Anal masturbation requires the use of sex toys made of special materials. They must be reliable, so it is better not to use fragile, porous, or glass objects. Also, they should be smooth and not rough.In all cases, the use of a condom or rubber glove is recommended, as anal masturbation with too big or curvy objects can damage the anus.
  • Remember that part of the toy should always remain external, otherwise, it may go too deep into the anus and you can be unable to pull it out without medical intervention. Therefore, it is better not to use anal masturbation toys that can fully enter the rectum.For the first and only time, it is recommended to use a vibrator or a dildo with a diameter of one centimeter.
  • The technique of anal masturbation requires the mandatory use of lubricants. The rectum cannot separate the natural lubrication on its own, so the stimulated area must be well lubricated.But before applying any substance, make sure that it does not cause irritation. In the end, only accurate anal masturbation will protect you from harm and help you get maximum pleasure.
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Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

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