A vibrating butt plug with remote control (app via Bluetooth) in 4 different sizes – Lovense Hush 2

Anal Vibrator with Remote Control (app via Bluetooth) in 4 different sizes - Lovense Hush 2
Photo: Amie with Hush 2 S and Michael with Hush 2 L and the original Hush butt plug

The Lovense Hush 2 butt plug is an upgraded version of Lovense’s popular oval-shaped remote-control anal vibrator – Hush. It comes in 4 sizes  to suit different anatomies and needs.

It also has strong, deep, customizable vibrations, great battery life, and stays comfortably put; it is relatively quiet when inserted and has a stable Bluetooth connection and a feature-rich app. All this makes it one of the best wearable remote control anal vibrators for public play.

Key Features:

  • Sizes range from 1-inch to 2.25-inch diameter to accommodate beginners to advanced users
  • Powerful rumbly vibrations with 3 speeds and 4 patterns
  • Customize unlimited vibration intensities and patterns through Bluetooth app
  • Sync vibrations to music, videos, or a partner’s voice
  • Discreet public play capabilities
  • IPX7 waterproof and USB rechargeable
  • Up to 11 hours of battery life (on the L model)

Best Size For Most People:

The Hush 2 S (1.5-inch diameter) offers most users the best balance of size, intensity range, power, and battery life.

Demonstration of this Anal Vibrator with Remote Control
Photo: Lovense Hush 2 S anal vibrator

My Recommendations Based on Size

As an experienced tester of remote-controlled anal toys, I was eager to get my hands on the Lovense Hush 2 to see how this revamped, app-enabled plug performed. After thoroughly evaluating each size option from the petite XS to the girthy L, here’s my take on finding your perfect fit.

The XS (1-inch wide) felt divinely smooth inserting thanks to the lightweight oval shape that Prevention hugs my curves. However, the smaller motor left vibrations on the gentler, buzzier side for my preferences. With my high tolerance, I’d rate intensity as only a 2-4 out of 10. Better suited for novices versus my seasoned butt!

For me, the S (1.5 inches wide) hit the sweet spot, blending comfortable stretch with a deeper, rumbly vibration range from 3.5-6.5 out of 10. The oval contour nestles perfectly to target my P-spot without ever slipping out, even when I’m on the move! My go-to for all-day wear.

In the video I shot below, you can see the Lovense Hush 2 S butt plug version compared to Amie’s hand.

Now, the M (1.75 inches wide) delivers a fuller sensation I crave when I want to feel “filled up” back there. Easy initial insertion then leaves me deliciously adjusting to the girthier width. Love rocking my hips to let those waves hit just right!

Lastly, the L (2.25 inches wide) is my choice when I yearn for an intense stretch and vibration combo that leaves me breathless. The wider bulb challenges me to relax into accepting the pleasing pressure while the strong vibes send me reeling! Strictly a workout for my most ambitious anal days, though.

So, in summary – the S suits most butt aficionados craving customizable vibes on the go, while the XS better meets beginners’ comfort levels, and the L satisfies experts chasing intense girth and power. Hopefully, mapping my experiences across sizes helps you select your perfect Hush 2 fit!

In my video below you can see a demo of the Lovense Hush 2 L butt plug version compared to Amie’s hand.

My Test on the Remote Control Bluetooth Connectivity and App Features

This remote control vibrating butt plug can be connected via Bluetooth to access features like precisely controlling the vibration power and creating personalized vibration patterns. You can adjust the intensity levels manually or by using handy voice commands.

Anal Vibrators with Remote Control and their app
Photo: L and S models with the Lovense app

Plus, You can save unlimited favorite patterns for one-touch access. You can also set handy schedules, alarms, reminders, and notifications to automate the toy’s activation. And when you feel like sharing control, you can give your partner access to control your vibrator remotely from anywhere over the internet.

Interactive Play

Its vibrations can be synced to your favorite sexy beats and playlists for unique sensations tied to the music. You can also react to videos, games, and other content you browse through direct, intense stimulation pulses. But remember, you can not control someone else’s device while your plug is controlled.

Discreet Public Use

The S version is the perfect size to wear discreetly in public under your clothes. I love being able to have completely hands-free stimulation outside the bedroom if I dare. And with a few syncs to the phone app, I can enjoy spontaneous anal vibes wherever my day takes me.

The Bluetooth connection has improved significantly from the original version. Now, my partner can control the toy for more than 30 feet in a 360-degree radius around me with the anal plug inserted.

And the battery life is great, so I can use it for long sessions.

With precision control, unlimited pattern potential, thrilling media syncing, and daring public play capabilities, the Lovense app offers me the most complete and customizable anal vibrator experience of all the remote-control butt plugs I have tested.

Comfort & Ergonomics

One of the top reasons for the incredible performance is its futuristic and minimalist design. The smooth silicone exterior and its shape provide a supremely comfortable insertion experience that closely mimics the feeling of a real penis.

It features a smart ergonomic design to maximize comfort and ease of use:

  • Smooth silicone exterior glides into place painlessly inside and prevents irritation.
  • The flared base is shaped to sit comfortably and safely between the ass cheeks while preventing the toy from getting inserted too far.
  • The magnetic charging port is discreetly built into the base, allowing for convenient wireless charging.
  • Multiple size options (XS to L diameters) suit both beginners to more advanced anal players.
    Super flexible base for comfortable use.
  • The Lovense logo on the upper side of the flared base is a bad design solution because the letters can irritate in a session longer than an hour.

This vibrating plug is very comfortable for long sessions; I wore mine for 16 hours. The battery ran out, and I could not use the vibrations, but just having it as a regular anal plug felt nice.

The sizes up to L do not get out of your butt once inserted, so it is ideal for walking around the house or for some public thrills. The flared base is flexible and smooth, and round, so you can comfortably sit on it even with your butt cheeks wrapped around it.

The silicone body is soft and flexible but also has a firmness to it. The L model measured 42 A, and the S measured 49 A. I prefer softer silicone, but measurements in the 40s range are not too bad, and since the silicone coating is silky, it feels very realistic.

I used a durometer to measure how much the silicone material indents when pressed. The Shore A scale measures the hardness of soft materials and ranges from very soft (OO) to very hard (100A).

In general, silicone sex toys often aim for a Shore 00-30A softness rating to provide a good balance of structural integrity while still feeling comfortable, smooth, flexible, and lifelike. However, personal preferences on optimal softness can vary.

Experiences with this remote-control anal vibrator

Everyone’s sexual response is unique, so I have collected user testimonials that provide different angles on the Hush 2 experience.

“This is my first-hand testimonial of personal experience using the Lovense Hush 2 XS product.

I found that it’s not ideal for prostate stimulation due to the extra small size I purchased. However, it is very suitable for beginners looking to explore anal play. The 1-inch diameter makes it comfortable to insert and wear for longer periods.

I really like how discreet it is for public play and everyday wear under clothes. The app connectivity allows for exciting remote-controlled thrills in daring environments.

Overall user rating and commentary – I really like this product! It delivers unique, customizable vibrations in a compact, wearable package. I cannot wait to explore further public usage with my partner and try long-distance control via the app.”

“I purchased the Lovense Hush 2 in the large 2.25-inch size. This is a massive difference from the extra-small model that most reviews focus on. I wanted a larger vibrating plug with remote control capabilities.

The insertion and removal process takes 30+ minutes for me. Once inserted, it feels incredible and presses right on my prostate with strong vibrations. However, the branding embossed inside the base unfortunately causes some irritation during extended wear.”

“I have the 2.25-inch size. It’s definitely not for beginners or discreet play, but it lasts a long time. My wife loves controlling it. The only drawback I have is the size – waiting for a long time before taking the 2.25 out can be very painful.”

“I got the 1.75-inch version. The vibrations are the best of any butt plug I have tried. I tested this with some help from a friend, and the remote control feature is easy to set up and use. However, I’ve had some connectivity issues – the unit will be fully charged, my phone will be right next to me, and sometimes it fails to connect.”

“The app includes an alarm clock function! I anticipate that making waking up in the morning a whole lot more interesting. It offers powerful vibrations of a deep, raspy sort. I quite prefer this to the high buzzing of some other vibrating toys.”

“It broke after two weeks of on and off use – something is wrong with the wiring inside, so when there is any torque in any direction applied to it, it cuts whatever signal there is from whatever control chip it has into the actual vibrator part.”

Cleaning & Care

This butt plug has turned out to be wonderfully simple to clean and care thanks to its silicone body and IPX7 waterproof design. It is completely submersible, so cleaning it with soap under warm water is a breeze. Its seamless shape prevents nasty debris, fluids, or germs from sneaking into unwanted places. Let it air dry completely before storing it to avoid any mold.

The silicone material is durable, but use only water-based lubricants because the other types will damage the coating.


ProductMaterialControlsApp-ControlPriceFirmnessUser Rating
L model
SiliconeSingle button + AppLong distance$12942 A75% 5 stars
S model
SiliconeSingle button + AppLong distance$9949 A75% 5 stars
We-Vibe Vector+SiliconeMultiple buttonsShort distance$13939 A68% 5 stars
LELO HugoSilicone + ABS PlasticShort range remoteNone$21946 A64% 5 stars
bVibe Jewel vibrating anal plugStainless SteelRemoteShort distance$15055 A73% 5 stars

Lovense Hush 2 vs Hush 1 (what are the improvements)

  • Expanded size range: It now includes an extra small 1-inch diameter model, which is perfect for beginners, and an extra large 2.25-inch diameter model that provides intense stretching for those who want more.
  • Extended battery life gives up to 11 hours of continuous vibration on a single charge, depending on the model, which is more than enough for my needs.
  • Improved motors: More powerful vibrations across all models for better stimulation
  • The smoother exterior glides in comfortably with no ridges on the shaft for maximum comfort during insertion and wear
  • The new base design features a rounded shape with a magnetic charger built into the base for wireless charging convenience.
  • The improved base design does not cause discomfort and intrusive pushing (from the twisted part)
  • Faster charging ranging from 40 minutes (XS model) to 155 minutes (L model) means less downtime between sessions.
Anal Vibrators with Remote Control
Photo: The original Hush with the ridges at the bottom vs the improved version

By expanding the size options, boosting the power and battery life, and refining the overall design for better comfort, the new model builds on the original best-selling vibrating butt plug. As a user, I can now find my perfect fit for app-controlled anal adventures.

I also had some issues with the original Hush connectivity, especially with body movement or any sort of clenching/flexing. Also, the toy would be fully charged, my phone right next to me, and sometimes it fails to connect.

That all has been fixed in the new version. The flared base is smooth and flexible, with no ridges. The charging port is magnetic and at the bottom. And the connectivity is much better. It rarely loses Bluetooth connection; overall, the remote-control features are much better than the original.

Compared to We-Vibe Vector+

Photo: Comparison with We-Vibe Vector

The Vector+ is a single 1.5-inch diameter option without size choices. Its insertable length measures 4 inches. Vibrations reach a rumbling maximum of 100Hz across 5 intensity levels. Battery runtime lasts 90 minutes per charge. The wireless range, unfortunately, cuts out more frequently once past 20 feet. Retail pricing lands around $139 wholesale. The Vector+ has a softer and more pliable feel, catering to those preferring supple smoothness over rigidity, however this impacts its ability to hold angles as effectively. Customer satisfaction ratings show 68% of the top marks out of reviews.

Compared to b-Vibe Jewelled Vibrating Plug

Photo: Comparison with b-Vibe Jewelled Vibrating Plug

The b-Vibe Jewelled anal plug features stainless steel core beads for a much heavier and rigid sensation, weighing approximately 227 grams. It offers a 37mm in diameter single set without accommodation options. The USB charging port introduces some potential water exposure risks for full submersion. Retail pricing lands around $150. Given its solid steel core, the Jewelled remains extremely firm with virtually no flex or squish, catering to those who enjoy relentless rigidity. However, buyer ratings demonstrate moderately less customer satisfaction than the Hush 2 vibrating butt plug.

Compared to LELO Hugo

Photo: Comparison with LELO Hugo

The LELO Hugo serves a single set 47mm diameter size without further size variations. Its vibrations can surpass the Hush 2 by reaching 120Hz top frequencies. Battery runtime caps at 5.5 hours of continuous play. The remote relies on short-range motion sensing without app controls—the $219 MSRP costs over $100+ more at a premium price point. While firmness aims toward mainstream enjoyment, the Hugo earns fewer rave reviews than the Hush 2 anal plug. So far, it has achieved 64% top ratings, indicating lower consistent customer ecstasy.

How to Use

Manual Operation

  • The power button turns the device on or off. Short presses cycle through the built-in vibration intensities and patterns.
  • Users should apply a water-based lubricant before slowly and carefully inserting it, allowing the body to accommodate the size.
  • Once fully inserted, subtly adjust the angle as preferred so the flared base sits comfortably.
  • Experiment with the settings to determine what provides the preferred stimulation.
  • Thoroughly clean the device before and after each use.

App Control

  • Download the Lovense Remote application and connect via Bluetooth to access additional features.
  • The app enables further customization, like unlimited personalized vibration patterns.
  • Users can synchronize the vibrations to audio tracks or video content for unique sensations and leverage voice commands for hands-free control.
  • Individuals can also remotely share app-based operations with a partner.

Tips for maximized anal pleasure

  • Relaxing the pelvic muscles and sufficient lubricant and muscle relaxation can facilitate comfortable insertion, especially for beginners who may want to gradually size up over time.
  • Angling the device to contact specific internal regions combined with gentle supplementary external stimulation can heighten experiences for some users.

Customer reviews

I dove into dozens of insightful user reviews to help determine if the pioneering smart anal vibrator is the right fit for users’ needs and budgets.
The verdict? A resounding 75% of experiences rated as 5 stars, with satisfied reviewers raving:

“My Sir made me wear [it] to the office under my suit!… The most intense public play I’ve ever had!”

As an owner myself, I agree it delivers unique, customizable thrills. However, listening to critical feedback provided constructive insights on how Lovense could refine an already inventive toy.
A minority reported frustrating connectivity losses and isolated defective units. But these issues never deterred me from enjoying mind-blowing app control. And Lovense promptly replaced malfunctioning products by displaying their responsive support.

Comfort perceptions spanned the spectrum depending on anatomy. But with 4 tailored sizes already available, most shoppers should locate an enticingly snug option through some intimate experimentation.

Delivery and unboxing

When purchased from, it comes in a plain brown box with no indication of what is inside, no logos or markings, and is very discreet. Then when you open it, in the box, you can find the anal vibrator, a storage pouch, the magnetic USB charger, and an instructions manual for quick start.

Here is a photo of the package’s appearance when it arrives, very discreet.

brow package

Pricing & Where to Buy

The Hush 2 remote-control anal vibrator is available for direct purchase from Lovense’s official online store:

Considering the high-end features and technology packed into this remote-controlled vibrating butt plug, it offers excellent value starting at just $99.
The price does rise incrementally based on the chosen size:

  • XS (1-inch diameter): $99
  • S (1.5 inch): $109
  • M (1.75 inch): $119
  • L (2.25 inch): $129

Buying Direct Pros:

  • Full 1-year manufacturer warranty included
  • Promotions are more commonly offered on the official site
  • Avoid counterfeit product risks buying from unauthorized sellers
  • Direct customer support access for issues

It can also be found at third-party retailers like:


Buying From Retailers Pros:

  • Frequent seasonal sales with steeper discounts
  • Can combine multiple items in one checkout
  • Avoid restocking fees direct from Lovense
  • Retailers may provide local currency pricing

When weighing direct vs. third-party purchases, buyers should consider factors like warranty coverage, pricing differences, customer service policies, and product authenticity guarantees offered by the seller.

For peace of mind, direct purchases are best to take full advantage of Lovense’s 1 year warranty and ensure receiving an authentic product. However, legitimate retailers can offer perks like lower pricing, bundled promotions, easier returns, and localized pricing.

Final thoughts

The Lovense Hush 2 elevates my anal toy collection with its range of sizes from 1-inch to 2.25-inch diameters, catering to all exploration levels. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort and safety during use, while the smooth silicone and powerful vibrations offer precise, customizable remote control pleasure via the Lovense Remote app.

Loaded with features like unlimited vibration patterns, sound and video responsiveness, voice commands, and long-distance control, it allows for extensive personalization. It boasts fast magnetic charging and a long battery life for uninterrupted enjoyment.

Despite some reported connectivity issues, my experience with the toy has been seamless and satisfying. It stands out in my collection for its advanced, user-friendly technology and versatile design, making it an essential tool for exploring new erogenous territories.

Anal Vibrator with Remote Control - Hush 2
Design:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Comfort:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Power:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Experience:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)
App:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Price:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)

The series includes four sizes of high-performing, teledildonic anal vibrators designed to fit every body type.

You can buy the Lovense Hush 2 from:


Product specifications

MaterialBody-safe silicone (insertable part), Silicon-coated ABS plastic (handle)
FinishSmooth, velvet feel, matte finish
SizesXS, S, M, L (varying dimensions)
WeightRanges from 62 g to 240 g
BatteryLithium 850 mAh 3.7 V
Charging TimeXS: Up to 40 min, S: Up to 1 hr, M: Up to 1.5 hrs, L: Up to 155 min
User TimeXS: Up to 2 hrs, S: Up to 4 hrs, M: Up to 6 hrs, L: Up to 11 hrs
StandbyUp to 90 days
Frequency122 Hz
Max. Noise Level< 60 dB
WaterproofingIPX7, submersible up to 1 meter for 30 minutes
App FeaturesCustomizable vibration patterns, sound-reactive pulsations, voice control, music syncing, remote control.
Additional FeaturesDifferent vibration intensities and patterns, safety flared base, suitable for all sexes.
Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

As a certified sex educator and sex toy reviewer, Amie has spent her career empowering individuals and couples to embrace their sexuality.

With a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality and an ever-growing collection of over 200 vibrators, she's got the knowledge and experience to guide you on your pleasure-seeking journey.

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