Advanced Masturbation Techniques Featured

Advanced Masturbation Techniques

What distinguishes advanced masturbation from novice masturbation? Since masturbation is all about satisfying yourself, you are both the judge and the jury when it comes to determining what constitutes an excellent masturbation technique.

However, hundreds of years of masturbation theories have left many men stumped as to how to spice up their routine. Here’s some masturbation inspiration if you’ve already covered the basics of but are stuck in a self-love rut.

Use Sex Toys for Additional Stimulation and Fantasy

As relationship enhancers, adult toys are becoming increasingly popular. But few tools are better suited for a job than sex toys for masturbation.

For some of us, sex toys provide the exact kind of stimulation we need to push us over the edge. They can provide additional physical and mental stimulation for all of us, allowing us to take our solo sex lives to the next level.

Sex toys will help you improve your fantasy masturbation technique. What is more, everyone can benefit from using sex toys as the market offers all kinds of products.

There are various types of adult toys, specially designed for men. Realistic male masturbators, p-spot massagers, and butt vibrators are commonly used by men.

Women often choose wand sex toys, vibrating pantiesbest bullet vibrators, rabbit sex toys, or g-spot massagers.

There are also couples’ sex toys that can be worn during sex – a typical example is a U-shaped vibrator, which enhances the experience for both partners.

Observe yourself while masturbating

What do you see when you’re masturbating? What exactly are you paying attention to with your senses?

Watching yourself masturbate brings you closer to your body. When you observe yourself masturbating and see all that is going on, you gain a better understanding of your body.

Female Male Masturbation

One way to shake up your masturbatory routine if you slip deep inside yourself is to become a voyeur of yourself. If you’re sighted, you can try doing this practice with mirrors or recording equipment.

If you aren’t, or if watching yourself feels too much, there are other ways to focus your aroused attention on the hotness that is you.

Dirty Talk to Yourself

The best way to get comfortable with talking dirty is to do it while masturbating, according to Carol Queen, author of the highly recommended Exhibitionism for the Shy. It can also be a fantastic way to spice up your masturbation and generally loosen you up.

Explore your Taboo Fantasies

Masturbation can be an excellent way to test the boundaries of your sexual desires because it is private and you are the only one you must consider while masturbating. We live in a society where strong sexual taboos are instilled in us from an early age.

While many people will never want to have sex with someone who falls into one of these culturally forbidden categories, we all fantasize about it. Masturbation fantasy can be a safer way to figure out what we want and don’t want.

Masturbation as a tool for exploring even forbidden sexual desires.

Trying out new sex positions for masturbation

Most people believe that sex positions are something that must be worked out with a partner. A sex position, on the other hand, is any position you’re in while you’re having sex.

Masturbation, too, is a form of sex.

Still, if you consider masturbation to be merely a practical act that must be performed, you’re unlikely to approach it with Kama Sutra’s imagination. Taking the practice of masturbation from beginner to advanced requires taking the time to experiment with other physical forms of self-pleasuring.

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

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