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Review of Arcwave Ion [The Only Pleasure Air Masturbator]

Before I dive into my review, I want to mention that experiences can vary, as everyone is different. Keep this in mind as you read on. If you’re in a hurry, feel free to skip to the summary at the end.

Shipping and Packaging

As usual, the shipping was discreet. Lovehoney, my go-to for adult toys, never disappoints in this regard.

The Arcwave Ion’s packaging is appealing and well-made. The white box features the Arcwave Ion with a cool blue-silver light.

This toy is made by WOW, the company behind the Womanizer’s air pulse technology. The Arcwave Ion is the first men’s toy to use this tech, which is pretty exciting.

Inside the box, you’ll find:

  • Arcwave Ion
  • Charging base
  • Sample lube
  • Charging cable
  • Drytech stick
  • User manual and other docs

The presentation is nice, as it should be for a $170 toy.

I’ve always been a bit jealous of the ladies and their magical Womanizer toy, so I was thrilled to try out a similar product designed for men.

Features and Feel

The Arcwave Ion is completely waterproof, so you can use it in the bath or shower. Cleaning is a breeze with just soap and water.

The toy has three buttons:

  • Press the plus button for one second to turn it on. More presses increase the vibration intensity (8 levels total).
  • Press the minus button for one second to turn it off. Additional presses decrease the vibration level.
  • The third button activates silent mode (more on that later).

Important note: This toy is NOT discreet at all! If you need privacy, skip this one. The motor is very loud, even on low settings.

Silent mode ensures the Ion only makes noise when it touches skin. It doesn’t always work perfectly – sometimes it keeps going even when not in contact. But it does always start up when it touches skin.

The Arcwave Ion comes apart into two pieces: a nice-feeling silicone sleeve and the plastic part housing the air pulse motor. This brilliant design makes cleaning super easy. Just twist the parts to separate them.

For drying, the charging base includes a “Drytech stick.” The package comes with silicone bullets in a white bag. Take apart the Drytech stick and put the silicone inside to help the device dry faster. It’s best to wipe it down with a soft cloth before placing it in the charging base. The manual doesn’t explain this process, so I wanted to mention it. The stick can be a bit tricky to pull out – just push in the two clips.

Charging and Battery Life

The Arcwave Ion has three lights that indicate charging status. When all lights are on, the device is fully charged. I’ve used it three times, mostly on higher settings, and still haven’t needed to recharge it.

One downside: the charging cable is Micro USB. Come on, seriously? USB-C has been around for about 3.5 years, and this device came out at the end of last year. Why are they still using Micro USB?

The plastic charging base is nice overall. To open it, just press the two plastic buttons. Some reviews claim it’s a discreet base that no one will recognize as a sex toy. That’s nonsense. Of course they can. I have friends who like to snoop around, even if it’s a bulky box that doesn’t look like anything specific. Don’t count on the base being discreet – that’s just marketing fluff.

My Experience

Right out of the box, the Ion had some charge, so I decided to give it a go. I’ll start by saying I did climax, and it was pretty intense. However, I had to work very hard to get there, which isn’t something I usually need to do. More importantly, I just didn’t enjoy the process. For me, what makes a sex toy truly good is its ability to bring joy and happiness during the journey, not just at the peak.

I used the toy as intended, placing the air pulse area just below my frenulum. The first time wasn’t great, but I thought, “Okay, it’s my first try. The company says it takes at least five uses for optimal results.” I took two days off from masturbation, like I did with the Fun Factory Manta a year ago. I even watched some presentations by WOW to refine my technique.

The next day, I tried again, focusing on enjoying the process rather than working toward climax. No luck. Not only did I not reach orgasm, but I didn’t enjoy the experience either. I tried it two more times after that, changing angles, stroking with it, and even using the main unit without the sleeve. Nothing worked. I didn’t feel any enjoyment, suction, or pleasure – just cold air coming from the device’s hole.

Final Thoughts and Summary

After the fourth attempt, I’d had enough. I requested a refund from Lovehoney, which they generously provided immediately. They even told me to keep the toy. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, as I don’t plan on using it again. I might give it one more shot, but I don’t expect any surprises.

I had a similar initial experience with the Fun Factory Manta, but the second time I used it, I climaxed, and it was incredibly pleasant. With the Manta, I enjoy the entire journey to the finish line. It’s a truly remarkable toy.

I knew I was taking a risk here. You can never be certain if a toy will work for you or not. This time, it didn’t.

Honestly, if you’re considering the Arcwave Ion, make sure you can get a refund if you’re not satisfied. Spending £170 or even £100 and being disappointed is tough when you’re using your hard-earned money.

TL;DR – Summary

  1. Well-built and well-packaged
  2. Advanced features
  3. Extremely loud
  4. Outdated charging port
  5. Waterproof and easy to clean
  6. I didn’t feel any enjoyment whatsoever. At this price point, make sure you have a refund option.
Michael Sampson

Michael Sampson

Michael is our the male toy tester at TheToy. He is 34 year-old and has been very extensively studying all things sexual for the past 7 years. He is originally from East-Central Illinois, but currently lives in town of 1000 people in rural Minnesota.

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