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I Tested the Lovense Domi 2 Bluetooth Wand Vibrator: Review of the Features and Performance

Lovense Domi 2 - remote control wand vibrator with an app

As a long-time sex toy reviewer and wand enthusiast, I was eager to test out the new Lovense Domi 2 Bluetooth wand vibrator. As someone who owns the iconic Magic Wand Rechargeable and other top-tier vibrators, I approached my review of this app-controlled vibrator with high standards in terms of power, functionality, and versatility.

After extensive testing solo and with my long-distance partner, I’m ready to share my thoughts on how this app-enabled wand compares to my go-to models. I’ll cover the vibration intensity, noise level, battery life, build quality, price point, and remote connectivity via the Lovense app that sets this wand apart.

While no vibrator is absolutely perfect, the Domi 2 combines the rumbling intensity I love from traditional wands with innovative smart technology for a uniquely customizable experience. It opens up so many possibilities for personalized pleasure and intimate remote control fun with a partner from afar.

As someone who loves incorporating tech toys, I was thrilled by the seamlessly intuitive Bluetooth pairing that syncs to unlock truly endless vibration patterns. Through the app, I could completely tailor the pulses and intensities to suit my mood, save favorite settings, and give my partner control from their device as well.

The Domi 2 seriously stepped up my solo and partnered play thanks to that connectivity and deep, rumbling power. However, the noise level at higher intensities can make discretion around others tricky. And while the 5-6 hour battery life delivers marathon potential, the $119 price tag gives me pause.

So if you’re a fellow wand enthusiast seeking more customization or added connection in your clit stimulation, I wholeheartedly recommend adding this compact remote control vibrator to your collection! Just be mindful of noise and budget to set realistic expectations for this handy little vibe.

My Review Summary

As a wand enthusiast and avid user of app-enabled sex toys, I eagerly got my hands on the Lovense Domi 2 Bluetooth wand vibrator, though I approached my testing with realistic expectations. After extensive solo use, intimate remote control play with my long-distance partner through the connectivity features, and exploring the variety of vibration patterns unlocked by the Lovense app, I’m ready to summarize the major pros and few cons of adding this powerful, high-tech wand to your collection.

For those seeking strong rumbling sensations, personalized clit stimulation through total customization, or remote intimacy with a partner from afar, the Domi 2 absolutely delivers. However, the steeper price point gives me pause, and discretion is difficult with significant noise at higher vibration intensities that surprised me.

Key Pros

  • Endless Pattern Potential: The unlimited vibration pulses accessed through the app completely exceed similar wands, with more intensities and rhythms than I could ask for that perfectly fit every mood.
  • Serious Rumbling Intensity: Despite more compact dimensions compared to my Magic Wand, this wand’s deep, rumbling vibrations thoroughly impress me with their satisfying clitoral stimulation.
  • Extensive Battery Life: I never have to cut solo or partner fun short thanks to 5-6 hours of battery life from a single USB charge—I can enjoy it as long as I want!
  • Long-Distance Intimacy Perfected: As someone in an LDR, the app connectivity finally allows me and my partner to connect intimately from afar in exciting, genuine ways through remote control of the vibrator.
  • Unique Audio Link Option: While not an everyday feature for me, linking customizable vibrations to sexy audio tracks heightens the experience so creatively.

Key Cons

  • Splurge-Worthy Investment: As much as I love tech toys, spending over $100 gives me pause and puts it out of reach for those on a tight budget.
  • Challenging Discretion Needs: I wasn’t prepared for how significantly loud the highest vibration levels can get—hard to use discreetly with roommates nearby.



Photo: dimensions of this vibrator with app control and Bluetooth

As I eagerly unpacked my Bluetooth-enabled wand vibrator, I wanted to thoroughly assess its ergonomics and build quality. This app-controlled wand offers ideal compact dimensions for comfortable handling during solo or partner stimulation, with strategic control button placement and lightweight construction under 1 pound to minimize fatigue.

While the $119 price tag gave me pause, the high-grade silicone and ABS plastic materials feel lush against the skin. When investing in a wand vibrator, quality hypoallergenic materials that meet body safety standards are non-negotiable. As someone prone to repetitive stress injuries, I appreciate Lovense designing such a lightweight smart wand with minimal handle vibration leakage for extensive fun.

I was thrilled to add this discreet, travel-friendly wand with seamless Bluetooth connectivity and partnered app control to my collection. The petite sex wand delivers those deep, rumbling sensations I love, satisfying my craving for strong clitoral stimulation. With 6 intensities and unlimited patterns amplifying both solo sessions and intimate stimulation with my long-distance lover, this versatile vibe proves worth the splurge!

While not as raw power-wise as my unrelenting mains-powered Magic Wand, and slightly tricky ensuring privacy from kids during louder play, the customized pleasures unlocked by this high-tech wand keep me returning to it again and again. For wand enthusiasts and app control fans alike seeking more versatility, this vibrator by Lovense impresses across key metrics and remains a cherished addition to my expanding line-up.

My experience

I was thrilled when the compact Bluetooth-enabled vibrator arrived. This app-controlled wand’s 9-inch silhouette offers rumbling intensity without bulky dimensions—ideal for travel!

The luxurious silicone and plastic materials provide quality body-safe textures. Though after frequent long-term use, I’ve noticed minor wear issues in the flexible neck. Still, this mini powerhouse satisfiably stimulates with 6 vibration intensities and unlimited patterns unlocked by the Lovense app.

While not reaching the unrelenting highest intensity of my unwieldy mains-powered Magic Wand, the Domi 2’s deep rumbles thrill my clitoris and muscle knots alike with broad stimulation—talk about versatile relaxation!

However, volume above mid-range speeds may complicate discretion around roommates or kids. But for me, seamless Bluetooth connectivity finally offers effortless app pairing and remote partnered sessions.

With 5-6 hours of battery life from USB charging enabling extensive uninterrupted usage, I consider this $109 high-tech wand well worth the investment for customizable pleasures on the go! Though replacing my classic full-size wands completely remains unlikely.

So fellow wanderlusters, if you crave wand power in portable form to keep your orgasms traveling in style, grab this petite vibrator! Just set realistic expectations between convenience, noise levels, and customizable connectivity offered by this petite yet mighty vibe.

Comfort and How Does It Feel

As someone who loves both solo sensual exploration and connecting intimately with a partner, I put the Domi 2 through rigorous testing in both contexts. Here’s my personal take on how this wand enhances self-pleasure and relationships:

Photo: The author demonstrates Lovense Domi 2 design and controls

My Solo Sessions Leveled Up

Endless Play Possibilities: Adding different-sized G-spot attachments amplified the unique sensations I could experience. One day, I’d be clenching around deep, rumbly vibrations, and the next subtle pulsations – kept things exciting!

Total Control: Honestly, the ability to completely customize every little pulse and pattern through the app fits my moods perfectly every time. I loved exploring all the settings and saving my top combos. I Made each solo session unique!

For me, the Domi 2 really helped me rediscover my body on my own terms. The size felt comfortable maneuvering around erogenous zones at my own pace while the app opened up more sensations than I even knew I craved!

I say dive in solo with the different add-ons and indulge your desires, creating those tailored experiences. This toy was made for that journey of self-discovery!

Next-Level Connection With a Partner

Thrill Of The Unknown: Giving a partner remote access to the controls meant the ability to surprise and be surprised. Never knowing the exact moment an intensity spike might hit always left me excitedly anticipating their next move!

Syncing Up: I loved linking the vibrations to songs with special meaning for us. Adding in a sexy video chat at the same time made me feel so intimately connected, even from afar. Such a needed release valve for my LDR!

I’d strongly recommend any couple incorporate this vibrator into their regular rotation, especially for long-distance control. Letting my partner take the reins boosted our bond tenfold through vulnerability, spontaneity, and passion.

Hand over the control and see just how much it deepens your connection – this wand won’t disappoint in heating things up!

Vibration Quality and Strength

Could Be Smoother For My Clit

  • Left Me Wanting: Maybe I just had high expectations from the promotional videos, but I immediately noticed a slightly rattling sensation quality that detracted a bit from the experience.
  • Very Strong Though: That said, vibration power-wise – this compact wand certainly brings some kick! Rated at 6.5 intensity levels (their highest), the Domi 2 delivers medium to high rumble that satisfies my craving for strength.

So, ultimately, the ample vibration intensity pleased me despite a decrease in satisfying rumble over time. But for those who prioritize buttery smooth quality most, this might not impress.

Vibration intensity levels

Lacking In Lower Speed Options

Beyond the major pro of power flexibility between three steady speeds and four patterns, I missed access to lower-intensity settings in the app. Perhaps I’m just hyper-sensitive, but a deep yet gentle rumble can be equally immersive for me.

I often found myself wishing I could turn down the intensity further without completely changing the sensation quality itself. Alas, not as easy to achieve that sweet spot.

The bottom line is that while the high power range shines, adding more subtly rumbly lower options could better meet a wider range of users for me.

Noise level

Hard To Be Discreet

I should note upfront – I’m definitely guilty of edging session volume higher than advisable with roommates nearby! But compared noise-wise to other wands I’ve owned, the Domi 2 skews louder, especially topping out at 61 decibels.

Could I mask the noise with music or running a shower? Sure. But for true discretion around others, compromising down to lower intensities unfortunately means sacrificing some satisfying rumble, too.

Ease of use

Easy To Handle Though

On a positive note – maneuvering and controlling the Domi 2 always felt intuitive with the strategically placed buttons and handy non-slip grip handle. Between that and the app shortcuts, using this toy proves seamless, even mid-session when things get more intense!

So, while certain aspects left me wanting vibration-wise, I never struggled to operate the Domi 2 wand itself – major props to Lovense there!

Battery life and charging

As much I love my wand sessions, few things harsh my vibe more than a toy dying mid-play. So, I scrutinized the Domi 2’s battery capability and charging needs right away.

Endless Stimulation

Popping my Domi 2 onto its magnetic USB charger, I was stunned to learn this compact toy boasts a mighty 300-360 minutes of use per full charge. Seriously, that’s like 5-6 hours!

Compared to other wands I’ve owned, most max out around 60-90 minutes if I’m lucky. This kind of playtime flexibility is a total game changer for my sessions, and I’m never worrying about rushing my fun.

I will say the initial full recharge does take quite awhile at 150 minutes – but that’s the tradeoff I guess. And I just plug it in after each use rather than let it fully drain to keep it primed for action!

Photo: the author demonstrates Lovense Domi 2 charging port

Build quality and durability

Sturdy Build For The Long Haul

As soon as I took the Domi 2 out of its classy black box, I could tell Lovense chose quality body-safe silicone and plastic materials built to last. The smooth silicone glides beautifully across my skin while in use.

While fully submerging it in bath water may be risky with the charging inlet, I appreciate that it can at least withstand light splashing to make cleaning seamless. As long as I gently wipe it down with toy cleaner and avoid serious dunks, this wand has held up wonderfully!

I’m diligent about only using water-based lube as well – that’s crucial for preserving the supple silicone without damage over time. Taking basic care guarantees I get the most enjoyment through the years with my Domi 2 wand!


Discreet Delivery But Attachments Cost Extra

I have to give Lovense props for their simple black box with only the product name – it keeps things on the down low, which I appreciate. It would make a nice gift, too!

Opening it up, everything arrived perfectly secure with the charging cable, manuals, etc, neatly packed. I do wish the attachments came standard instead of requiring additional purchases. But easy enough to browse and select my preferences that way I guess!

Photo: My Lovense Domi 2 unboxing experience


Vibration Speeds3 Preset (unlimited through the app)
Vibration Patterns4 Preset (unlimited through the app)
Length9.21 inches
Diameter1.74 inches
MaterialsMedical Grade Silicone and ABS Plastic
Remote ControlsApp
Battery Life300-360 minutes
Charging Time150 minutes
Weight0.6 lbs

How I clean and care for my Domi 2 Bluetooth wand

As a germaphobe with lots of toys in constant rotation, properly cleaning and storing my wands is a must! So of course I gave my Domi 2 vibrator the full once-over treatment before daring to turn it on.

Made Of Quality, Safe Materials

My first impression is taking the Domi 2 out of the box – lush! The smooth silicone head and matte plastic handle feel luxurious and totally non-irritating against my reactive skin. I love that Lovense chose body-safe, nonporous materials built to last through frequent use.

Between the supple silicone that glides beautifully along my bits and the total lack of reaction for my sensitive skin, the quality construction here gets major points in my book!

Rinses Clean With No Fuss

I appreciate that the Domi 2 earns an impressive water resistance rating (IPX6), meaning it can withstand being held under a steady stream of tap water with no problem. Running it under hot, soapy water gives me peace of mind. It is totally clean and ready for next use!

That said, while resistant, I’m still careful not to fully submerge this toy to protect the internal components – light rinsing only!


While effective cleaning proves easy, I do wish Lovense included some type of storage pouch or case standard with purchase. Keeping it in its original box works but doesn’t feel as secure.

I decided to invest in a discreet locking box to keep my Domi 2 safe from debris and hidden away when not playing. Finding the right storage solution definitely took some trial and error – but it was worth it to maximize the longevity of my wand!


The Domi 2 comes in a simple white box, which includes the wand, a USB charging cord, a user manual, and a quick setup guide. However, a storage pouch is not included.

While the lack of a storage pouch was slightly inconvenient, I found a suitable alternative in a lockable storage system to keep the Domi 2 safe and discreet.

A proper storage solution like a lockable box or a dedicated pouch is recommended to keep the toy clean and discreet when unused. Additionally, storing it away from direct sunlight and in a dust-free environment helps maintain its condition.

The Domi 2 wand requires careful handling, particularly in cleaning and storage, to ensure its durability and hygiene. The material quality is excellent, and the water-resistance feature adds convenience in maintenance, but proper storage solutions should be considered for long-term care.

Controls and How to Use

Connecting the app took patience – between clicking links, finding devices, and hoping they sync, I struggled a bit out of the gates. But once that initial pairing sticks, the broad range of vibration options made powering through the setup frustration totally worth it!

Even manually, the well-placed control buttons deliver on enhancing any session once you get the hang of them. But the app unlocks next-level customization – so stick with the connection process!

Photo: Lovense Domi 2 Bluetooth remote-control wand vibrator next to a phone with the Lovense app

Customer reviews and ratings

This mini wand vibrator received an overall rating of 8 out of 10, which reflects its high usability and quality. The design was rated 9/10, highlighting its discreet size and powerful performance despite the smaller head. The price received an 8.5/10, indicating a good balance between cost and features.

The Domi 2 is a robust and versatile vibrator for solo masturbation and partner control, especially for those who enjoy experimenting with different settings and patterns. Its power in such a small size is impressive, making it a top choice for those who prioritize strong, satisfying vibrations.

While the Lovense Domi 2 is a great purchase for tech-savvy users or those seeking a powerful wand with app connectivity, it might not be the best choice for someone looking for a simple, straightforward vibrator. Also, consider the noise level, as it can be louder than some prefer.

Helpful review: “This vibrator will punch you in the face and steal your dog. It will commit tax fraud just for the thrill of it. It will open your third eye so you can watch as it realigns your chakras with its favorite colors. You no longer need an Ouija board to contact the dead. I was doing fine. I had a plug-in Hitachi. I was strong and independent. I was Sandra Bullock in a late-2010’s romcom. I didn’t *need* another wand vibe in my life. But much like Ms. Bullock, I was mistaken. Do you want the power of the aforementioned Hitachi but smaller, easier to clean, wireless, travels well, and doesn’t sound like someone with a custom sound system is driving through your house? Do you want to experience the broad applications of the Lovense app with improved Bluetooth capability and a battery that lasts longer than all of your exes? Well, here you go. I’ll pray for you.” – Emily rated it 5/5, and 8 people found this helpful.

Conservative review: “After loving the Domi 1, I was curious to see how much of an improvement the Domi 2 would be. Sadly, it’s a downgrade overall. The sizing is very similar to the 1 & the buttons for the controls are better here on the 2. But, the real reason to own a Domi is that the POWER & the Domi 2 isn’t as powerful as the Domi 1. I’m assuming mine isn’t defective because it has decent power, just not the “holy sh*t!!!” power that my Domi 1 does. Battery life is improved with this model…so that’s good. But, since the Domi 1 is cheaper & more powerful, stick to the 1!” – LVCcouple rated it 3/5, and 23 people found this helpful.

User review: “Early Xmas gift for the wife. I charged it up and put it in the nice wrap. She entered the bedroom and removed the fully charged toy from the nice satin-looking thing. First time use for wife on one of the lower settings, and it took her 2 minutes flat to climax which she squirted for the first time too. Safe to say she loves it, and it has been getting good use already.” – TJ rated it 5/5, and 9 people found this helpful.

Alternatives comparison

In this gif, I demonstrate the Domi 2 power compared to other wand vibrators I have tested.

I’m always analyzing how new arrivals in my wand lineup compare to my long-standing staples. So I put the Domi 2 head-to-head against my go-to Magic Wand and LELO Smart Wand.

Domi 2 vs Magic Wand: No question, my Magic Wand Rechargeable has yet to meet its vibration match in pure intensity. But I give Domi props for an impressive rumble in a far more compact, ergonomic package. And while my Magic Wand will never need an app, the connectivity, and remote control options, Domi provides prove addicting!

Domi 2 vs LELO Smart Wand: The LELO Smart Wand 2 oozes luxury between sleek shape and smooth power. Comparably, I’d say the Domi 2 stands up sensation-wise, delivering that satisfying broad stimulation. However, LELO loses big by lacking app integration. So Domi wins for high-tech versatility!

Bottom Line – My Wand Criteria:

  • Raw Strength – Magic Wand still reigns supreme
  • Design/Handling – LELO’s ergonomics excel
  • App Connectivity – Domi 2 offers the most interactivity

So, ultimately, determining my top wand really depends on what I prioritize for my needs in the moment! While the Domi 2 can’t beat the Magic Wand’s unrelenting intensity, the convenience of Bluetooth control adds an irreplaceable interactive element when I crave that.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, I give the Lovense Domi 2 Bluetooth vibrator glowing praise as the ultimate compact, high-tech wand that keeps up impressively power-wise while unlocking new possibilities for remote control thrills. For couples, fans of app connectivity, and long-distance lovers, this one delivers big time!

Where to buy: Lovense

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

As a certified sex educator and sex toy reviewer, Amie has spent her career empowering individuals and couples to embrace their sexuality.

With a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality and an ever-growing collection of over 200 vibrators, she's got the knowledge and experience to guide you on your pleasure-seeking journey.

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