Tenga Flip Orb Review (Orange Crash strong version tested)

Way back when I tried out a couple of Tenga’s original Flip Holes, and they blew me away. It was a fantastic idea to make the traditional masturbator design open up like a book for easy cleaning and lubrication. Now, with the Flip Orbs, it looks like we’re taking things to the next level.

tenga flip orb orange

The Flip Orb is the first male masturbator in the Tenga’s flip series with an hourglass shape and a cap in the place of slide arms for holding the toy when closed. It comes in Blue Rush and Orange Crush variants (standard and strong) to give you options. However, this review is mainly about the Orange Crash Strong Flip Orb.

If you love flying solo or want to spice up the play with your partner, then the Flip Orb Masturbator by Tenga is here to give you the finest and the most intense orgasms. Are you curious to learn more about this fantastic sex toy? Here is an honest review of the product and its comparison with the other masturbators in the Tenga Flip Orb series.

Tenga Flip Orb Review Summary

This review will show how Flip Orb feels, its design features, specs, pros and cons, who should buy it, who shouldn’t, and other essential aspects of the device. Read on!

Feel:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)
Price:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Material and Design:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)
Durability:4 out of 5 (4.0 / 5)

Tenga Flip Orb is a well-designed, soft, easy-to-clean manual masturbator that feels great.

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How It Feels

The Flip Orb feels more than pleasurable. Its sleeve material is TPE elastomer, which is sleek and soft. The orb-padded texture on the inside and the actual orange orbs, which are firmer, will caress your penis to give you the experience of a real vagina. If you’ve ever wished you could ‘feel’ the texture of your masturbators more, this might be just what you need.

The stroker is 100% waterproof, so I warmed it up with water before I used it, so the experience was even more genuine.


  • Easy to use and maintain, given its grip and flip design
  • Lighter option compared to the Flip Zero, making it ideal for men who take long to go off
  • Body safe and hypoallergenic
  • Easy to control the sensations using the featured pressure pads
  • 100% waterproof and can be warmed with water
  • Good price


  • The device can be noisy, especially when the air goes out
  • The locking cap pops open during use
  • No storage case


Who Should Buy It?

  • You want to massage your penis with intense stimulations from a combo of bounding orbs and countless enveloping nubs
  • You love toys with controllable sensations
  • You like a pocket pussy that fits you snugly and is easy to clean
  • Your penis can comfortably fit in the insertion width of 1.38 inches or a girth under 5.5 inches
  • your penis is not very sensitive

Who Should Pass?

  • Your penis width exceeds 1.38 inches or above 5.5 inches girth
  • Your penis is longer than 5.51 inches, and you need a device that will cover it entirely
  • You prefer stimulating yourself through vibrations rather than manual stroking.
  • You have sensitive, damaged, or otherwise abnormal penile skin.

Design and Materials

The Tenga Flip Orb OC is a well-designed toy if you are under average size guy. It is like Flip Zero, made for smaller penises. The Flip Orb has a curvier design than its predecessor, the Flip Zero – but it still functions similarly. The significant difference is the added texture inside the sleeve; it’s got your traditional TPE textured canal, and then they’ve added solid ‘bumps’ to create a unique twist of firmness and softness.


The device features ABS plastic, Polycarbonate, and Elastomer construction which are durable, comfortable, and body-safe.

The sleeve

The sleeve is made of soft TPE, and the firm balls are covered in elastomer that provides friction. The Orange Crash version has orbs positioned to surround your shaft as you slip in. An orb can give some serious frenulum massage at the opening if used correctly. The sleeve has small round balls all around – a much simpler texture than the standard Flip Hole models.


Flip-Open Design

The Flip Orb’s design is eye-catching. Its white plastic panels are broken up by colorful rings, giving it a relaxed, playful feel. It comes in two pieces – the body and an end cap that removes dust and dirt when unused. A different feature from the Flip Holes is how the Flip Orb opens – it’s hinged on the opposite end, so once you take off the end cap, it clips over the top to keep it shut. The device’s flip-open function does cleaning and applying the lubricant a breeze.

Stimulating Orbs (Texture Inside)

In the interior section, the device features firm and flexible orbs covered in a soft elastomer that delivers rippling stimulation to your shaft.

Pressure Pads

The exterior section of the device offers you soft pressure pads to regulate the sucking pressure and the sensations. Those also work great to push the orbs on your penis for better friction, again if your penis girth is under average.


The Crash features an hourglass shape with a cap for holding it when closed. This shape allows you to squeeze sensationally with your hands for a thrilling sexual experience.


  • Materials: ABS / PC / Elastomer
  • Dimension: (D × W × H): 2.80 × 3.39 × 7.01 inches
  • Insertion Length: 5.51 inches
  • Insertion Width: 1.38 inches
  • Weight (lbs): 0.87

How to use the Tenga Flip Orb series

  1. Remove the cap by pulling it away from the Flip Orb.
  2. Squeeze the side rails, so the masturbator opens up.
  3. Thoroughly lubricate the inside of the stroker with about 10ml of water-based lube. Then close it and lubricate the insertion point as well.
  4. Replace the cap on the opposite side of the masturbator until it clicks into place. The rails should be inside the cap. This ensures that the Flip Orb will not open while using it.
  5. You can change the pressure using the Pressure pads.

My Experience

Before I encountered the Orange Crash, I had used a couple of Fleshlight products and Flip Zero. Generally, the Fleshlight toys were great, but I didn’t particularly appreciate how they let the semen ooze all over my dick and pubic hair.

On the other hand, Flip Zero got the job done but felt a bit saggy for my medium-sized penis. I had to look for something that would give a tight fit and a gentle but intense orgasm. So I decided to go with the Tenga Flip Orb orange crush.


The reviewers’ testimonials moved me, so I ordered mine from the manufacturer’s website. I received my order two days after placing the order.

The device’s first good impression was its discreet packaging. I wanted to save time, so I picked the toy and the sample lube that came with the package to test the stroker for the first time.

I loved the way the Flip Orb OC felt snug to my penis. The cap stayed in place, and the shape contoured well to my hands. And the soft padded orbs combined with the lube simulated a real pussy during the pleasurable moves.

The interior’s texture is lovely too. The soft TPE brushes over your penis in gentle, massaging waves. You don’t get that tickly pin-point stimulation you’d find with a nubby toy, but the soft ridges are like a comforting hug around your penis – and it feels fantastic!

As you thrust with the toy, you’ll feel more and more stimulation. You can customize how much you feel by squeezing those panels that pop out – giving different areas or times a firmer/tighter sensation. From the texture to the beads knocking your penis back and forth, it’s a great combo.


I could easily control the pressure and the sensations, and pleasurable moves combined with the tight ‘pussy’ left me exploding with orgasm.

Though I exploded heavily, the cum neither spread over my penis nor the pubic area. I can’t miss a day without it. It’s worth your money and time.

Sure, you can give yourself a quick session, and it’ll feel great, but why not take your time and enjoy the different sensations you can get? The orgasm at the end will be even better! This toy is worth taking some time with.

Tenga Flip Orb OC alternatives

Flip Orb Orange Crash Vs. Flip Orb Blue Rush

As mentioned earlier, the Flip Orb comes in blue and orange variants. This section compares the two options to give you a clear-cut understanding of each.

Choosing between the Orange Crush and Blue Rush was a tough one for me – they both had different textures and different bead placements. The Orange Crush had lots of little nubs and nodules inside, which I love, with five beads arranged like dots on a dice.

Flip Orb Blue Rush standard

It reminded me of someone with two frenum piercings. The Blue Rush had ribbed waves, and its beads were staggered in an alternating pattern – three on the left and two on the right. In the end, it was the bead placement that won me over since I thought those would be more noticeable.

The Orange Crash stimulates your penis through bounding orbs covered in soft, flexible nubs.

Flip Orb Orange Crash

The Flip Orb strong edition combines firmer material with dynamic edges and more robust orbs to give you stronger sensations.

On the other hand, the Tenga Flip Orb Blue Rush stimulates your penis using bounding orbs within rows of wavy ribs.

Flip Orb Blue Rush strong

It has a strong edition that combines undulating waves with more intensive texture on the sleeve and firmer orbs to give you intense sensations.

Flip Orb Orange Crash strong

I have used the two variants, and it was hard to tell their sensations’ differences. The two gave me a potent quality cum.

Flip Orb vs. Flip Zero

The difference between these two masturbators is that they are made for different sizes of penises. While the maximum entrance width of Flip Orb is only 1.38 inches, Flip Zero is 2 inches. Also, the texture on the Orb with those orbs inside is firmer and made for more insensitive penises where you can push with the pressure pads and rub them on your penis. It creates better friction and a more intense sensation than Zero (if you are below average in circumference). Otherwise, the material, the easy cleaning, the easy lubing, and the flip-open design are about the same.

Flip Orb vs Fleshlight masturbators

Like the other toys in Tenga’s flip series, the Flip Orb opens up to make drying and lubing easier. My main issue with the Fleshlight Classic was that it took forever to dry after being cleaned – but the Flip Orb dries super quickly and doesn’t need powdering as the Fleshlight does.

I like how fleshlights feel on the inside and the softness of the material. But the TPE on the flip series feels about the same. For me, cleaning and drying the TPE properly is very important because it is porous, and after use, it can host bacteria and mold, which can lead to infections. Not a good experience. I would go with the Tenga flip series for reusable masturbators.

Cleaning and Storing

After using the Flip Orb, you need to cleanse off any residual oils, semen, and other fluids. To clean

  • Flip the orb open and then rinse it in the sink
  • Use a mild cleaning soap and your fingers to clean off the texture around the balls very well since TPE is porous. Wash it very well to avoid growing bacteria
  • Dry it with a dry cloth
  • Allow the device to dry completely in the air before storing it. You can use the cap to support the flip orb while open.
  • Replace the cap and keep the device in a cool, dry, and dark place devoid of dust

Since the Flip Orb has no storage case, I suggest you wrap it up in plastic or a plastic bag for storage because the TPE on the outside attracts dust that gets in it and is tough to remove.

Conclusion on Flip Orb Review

The Tenga’s Orange Crash is a very well-priced manual masturbator that also feels pleasurable. It is light, waterproof, and has no moving parts or batteries, so it is excellent for a travel toy. This is only if your penis is under average in girth (like 5.5 inches or less). If you are above average, look into the Flip Zero standard model, and if you are not very sensitive and like vibrations, go for the Flip Zero EV.

Feel:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)
Price:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Material and Design:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)
Durability:4 out of 5 (4.0 / 5)

Tenga Flip Orb is a well-designed, soft, easy-to-clean manual masturbator that feels great.

You can buy this stroker from:

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