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My review of the Tenera 2 air pulse vibrator by Lovense

Verdict: Tenera 2 by Lovense is beautiful and feature-rich but has very poor ‘suction’ and barely noticeable air pulses. It does vibrate around the clit, but who buys a clit sucker for its vibration? I do not recommend it.

I own all Lovense toys and the majority are very good. Lush 3 and Hush 2 are some of my favorites and the best in their categories. They have the best connectivity and the most feature-rich app, and this is what I mostly miss on the ‘clit suckers’ I own. Satisfyer’s connectivity is ok, but the app is quite basic compared to Lovense.

The first Tenera had a very short intensity range, starting from very strong to slightly stronger, and I could not use it even at the lowest speed. That’s why I was looking forward to testing the new Tenera 2.

Tenera 2 compared to other air pulse vibrators from We-Vibe, Womanizer, and Satisfyer.

It has a beautiful color palette and stylish design. The silicone body feels nice to the touch, and its handle has a good grip. That’s why I wanted to like it, especially since I got it for free from Lovense for testing.

This air pulse toy by Lovense has a beautiful design.

But Tenera 2 did not work for me. I was barely able to make a seal with it, and the air pulses were very weak and not stimulating at all. It mostly vibrates around the clit rather than stimulating it with air pressure, like most of the better ‘clit suckers’ I have tested.

Measuring the airflow at the nozzle.

As I mentioned, this toy has a very short intensity range but is on the weaker side. Check the chart below to see how it compares.

A chart with intensity range of the popular air pulse vibrators and how they compare

Tenera 2 is the orange bar, the rest of the air pulse vibrators are in blue and the Pleasure Zone is in red. The Pleasure Zone is the range where most people achieve orgasms with clit suction toys. The metrics are of the airflow, which is measured in feet per minute and corresponds with the intensity of the toy. The wide ‘mouth’ and hard seal make Tenera seem even weaker.

You can see how short its intensity range is compared to the Womanizer Premium 2, We-Vibe Melt, and even the much cheaper Satisfyer Pro 2. The original Tenera also had a short intensity, but it was on the stronger side. That’s why people who enjoyed the strong air blows of the old one will be disappointed by version 2.

Tenera 2 compared to Satisfyer Pro 2 - AAA batteries for scale in their nozzles.

Its nozzle has quite a strange design. It has a large opening area(which probably contributes to the diffuse sensation) but is very shallow, and the canal that leads to the pulsating membrane is narrow. So it will definitely not work for people with large clits.

Tenera's magnetic charger is conveniently placed.

The battery life is more than an hour, better than that of most air pulsators, and it has a convenient magnetic charging port, so no complains here.

 Demonstration of Tenera 2 buttons on the back of the vibrator.

This Lovense toy is IPX7 waterproof, so cleaning it is very easy with just warm water, soap, and a Q-tip for the ‘mouth.’

Its handle is well-gripped, and the control buttons on top are intuitive and easy to push.

But but my main issue with the Tenera 2 by Lovense is not its design or quality, but its suction. Or the lack of it.

Anyway, here are my recommendations on ‘clit suckers’ that work better for me and I can recommend.

I hope you liked the review, and if you have any questions, use the comments section.

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

As a certified sex educator and sex toy reviewer, Amie has spent her career empowering individuals and couples to embrace their sexuality.

With a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality and an ever-growing collection of over 200 vibrators, she's got the knowledge and experience to guide you on your pleasure-seeking journey.

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