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My review of Lush 3 egg vibe by Lovense (after 2 years of testing)

The Lush 3 is a popular Bluetooth-enabled wearable G-spot vibrator that can be controlled remotely by a partner anywhere in the world through an app. It delivers strong rumbling vibrations intended for intense G-spot stimulation. The Lush 3 is not as loud as some other wearables, so it can be used for some public play, though it may still be too loud for very quiet public settings, depending on the vibration intensity.

I was thrilled to test out the Lush 3 egg vibrator. I wanted to see how it compared to my trusty Lush 2.

Amie Dawson PhD reviewing Lovense Lush 3
Amie Dawson with Lush 3 by Lovense

Right away, I noticed design upgrades on the Lush 3 – the antenna is now a curved “C” shape that hugs close to the body for more comfort and discretion.

Lovense Lush 3 Review
Power:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)
Noise:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)
Material:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Design/Size:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Experience:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)
Price:4 out of 5 (4.0 / 5)
Controls:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
App:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)

The most powerful yet discreet app-controlled G-spot egg vibrator. Super reliable control from an unlimited distance

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My Experience with the Lush 3

I put the Lush 3 through extensive solo testing and coupled playtime with my husband. The Lush 3’s vibration power and pattern options are superb. I rate its intensity an 8 out of 10 – not as deep and rumbly as the We-Vibe Jive vibrators or as hardcore as the wand-style vibrator Lovense Domi 2, but with plenty of power for a wearable G-spot vibrator.

The bulbous shape targets the G-spot well, but given the internal-only stimulation, it works best for those who enjoy G-spot stimulation even without simultaneous clitoral stimulation. It can certainly still be combined with separate clitoral toys, though for dual stimulation. As a wearable, it excels more at getting you aroused throughout the day or keeping you on edge rather than necessarily getting you to orgasm by itself. The connection and app control tend to be smooth and stable during use.

This Bluetooth-enabled device allows for long-distance play, letting you or your partner control the vibrations from anywhere with a smartphone. Its standout feature? The G-spot stimulation. It’s more intense than other wearables, and the app connectivity is impressively stable, whether in the same room or miles apart.

But let’s talk specifics. The Lush 3 is a power beast, packing a punch with its wider bulb and hard point focused on G-spot pressure. It’s more powerful than the Jive, which has a slimmer build and milder rumble. The app’s reliability also beats We-Vibe’s offering, making long-distance connections less of a headache.

The Lush 3 doesn’t have any external clitoral stimulation, which I need to climax. The tail rests against that area but produces subtle vibrations only. So I still require direct clit stim from a bullet vibrator or my hands to orgasm when using the Lush 3 internally.

For those into the nitty-gritty of design, the Lush 3 sports a stronger battery connector and a fixed tail, adding to its wearability. However, don’t expect dildo-like thrusting — it’s a vibrator focusing on steady, intense G-spot pleasure. And if you’re not big on internal vibes alone, consider pairing it with something like the Lovense Ferri for that extra clitoral stimulation.

My husband loved playing with the real-time vibration controls in the Lovense app during foreplay. He had fun slowly increasing the intensity, then dropping it low right when I was getting close to coming as a form of orgasm denial teasing. We enjoyed some exciting public play with the Lush 3 thanks to its quietness. Even in higher settings, ambient restaurant noise drowned out its rumbles.

Now, for the real talk about public play. It’s perfect for a loud environment but might be too noticeable in quieter settings. Inside the bedroom, it’s a bit tricky for clitoral stimulation, being primarily an internal toy. It’s also a tad louder than its cousin, the Dolce, but less likely to slip out, making it easier to wear.

Lush 3 Control Options

I did experience occasional connectivity drops with the annoying app, especially when my phone locked. But the Bluetooth connection was quickly re-established, so it wasn’t a huge hassle. The Lush 3’s battery life is impressive, lasting hours longer than my previous Ella Neo egg vibrator.

In terms of user experience, it’s a mixed bag. It can be a blast to use with a partner, offering that tantalizing edge of public play. But it might not be everyone’s cup of tea for solo sessions, especially if you’re looking for more direct clitoral action. The setup can be a bit tedious, but once you’re past that, it’s smooth sailing.

Compared to the Lovense Ferri magnetic panty vibe, I prefer the Ferri for pure external clit stimulation. The We-Vibe Chorus wearable vibrator is better for simultaneous internal and external stimulation during sex. But for discreet public vibration play and teasing foreplay focused internally on my G-spot area, the Lush 3 is now my go-to vibrator.

Lovense Lush 3 App Remote Control Options

I can’t recommend the Lush 3 as a solo sex toy if you require clit stimulation to climax. But for couples’ foreplay and adventurous public play, it’s a plaisir that always leaves me eager for more! Based on my extensive hands-on testing, I give the Lush 3 a well-deserved 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to all vag-owners.

While the Lush 3 delivers wonderfully strong G-spot vibrations, it does not provide thrusting stimulation like a dildo, nor is it optimized for clitoral stimulation like some other wearables. So, manage expectations accordingly based on your preferences. But for discreet public play and remote-controlled G-spot stimulation, the Lush 3 is arguably the top choice among Bluetooth wearable vibrators.


  • Strongest wearable vibe
  • Precise G-spot stimulation with a design that hugs the curves
  • Wearable and discreet for secret thrills in public spaces
  • Robust and varied vibration settings for personalized pleasure
  • App control for long-distance play,
  • Good app connectivity
  • Durable, body-safe silicone and improved battery life
  • Multifunctional as a Kegel trainer with added clitoral stimulation feature
  • Waterproof for adventurous play and easy cleaning


  • Lack of clitoral stimulation for those who prefer dual action
  • Doesn’t stroke or apply pressure for intense G-spot stimulation
  • Limited color options with only pink available
  • Potential Bluetooth name visibility issues during public play
  • Some reports of durability concerns with Lovense products
  • The music synchronization feature may experience glitches
Lovense Vulse vs Lovense Lush 3
Lush 3 and Vulse

Who Should Buy It:

  • Those in long-distance relationships looking to maintain a spark
  • If you enjoy G-spot stimulation and are looking for a strong, wearable vibrator
  • Tech-savvy users who appreciate app-enabled devices for personalized experiences
  • If you value discretion in your vibrators for public play or living with others

Who Should Pass:

  • If you are after clitoral or dual (clit and g-spot) stimulation
  • If you do not like pink toys
  • If you are on a budget

The important aspects of Lush 3 at a glance

Battery Life

The Lush 3 boasts impressive battery life, a crucial feature for uninterrupted and extended play. Here’s a detailed look at its battery performance:

  • Battery Duration on Maximum Power: When used continuously on maximum power, the Lush 3’s battery can last a little over 2 hours. This endurance is remarkable, considering the intensity of vibrations at this level.
  • Extended Battery Life on Lower Settings: If you opt for lower power settings, the battery life of the Lush 3 can be significantly extended. This flexibility allows for longer use periods, accommodating extended sessions or multiple uses without the need for frequent recharging.
  • Battery-to-Power Ratio: Despite some other toys outlasting the Lush 3, it’s important to note that these toys often operate at much lower power levels. Therefore, the Lush 3 offers an efficient battery-to-power ratio, providing strong vibrations for a considerable amount of time.

Lovense Lush 3 review package

Vibration Characteristics

Understanding the vibration characteristics of the Lush 3 can help users gauge if it aligns with their preferences:

  • Vibration Power Range: The Lush 3 has a vibration power range of 4.5 to 7 on a scale of 10. This range demonstrates its ability to deliver moderately strong to intense vibrations, catering to a wide array of preferences.
  • Rumble Quality: The Lush 3 offers a balance between rumbly and buzzy vibrations. Its lower levels are more rumbly, providing a deeper sensation, while higher power settings tend to be buzzier.
  • Noise Level When Inserted: In terms of discretion, the Lush 3 performs well. Its noise level is around 35 dB when inserted, even at higher settings. This low decibel range makes it suitable for discreet use in various settings.

Lovense Lush 3 Intensity Levels

Use in Different Scenarios

The Lush 3’s versatility is highlighted in its effectiveness across different scenarios:

  • Foreplay and Public Play: The device excels in scenarios involving foreplay and public play. Its remote control feature adds an element of surprise and excitement, enhancing the overall experience. In public settings, its quiet operation ensures discretion, making it a fun and adventurous option for couples.
  • Limitations in Solo Use: While the Lush 3 is effective in partnered play, it has some limitations when used solo. The primary limitation is its inability to provide thrusting stimulation, which is an essential aspect for many users in solo sessions. It’s designed more for stationary internal stimulation, focusing on the G-spot without the dynamic movement associated with thrusting toys.

User Experience and Comfort

When it comes to the Lush 3, user experience and comfort are paramount. Let’s delve into these aspects:

  • Size and Pressure: The Lush 3 is designed to apply a noticeable amount of pressure against the vaginal walls, offering a fulfilling sensation. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who enjoy a sense of fullness and pressure, especially on the G-spot. Its size is significant enough to provide a satisfying and noticeable presence, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Comfort for Different Users: Comfort levels with the Lush 3 can vary. For individuals who prefer external stimulation or have a tighter anatomy, the size of the Lush 3 might feel slightly overwhelming. In contrast, many users appreciate the ‘full’ feeling it provides. This makes it essential to consider your personal preferences and comfort level with internal toys when choosing the Lush 3.
  • Comparison with Other Models: In comparison to other egg vibrators like the Lovehoney Desire Egg and Lelo Lyla, which are smaller in size, the Lush 3 offers a mid-level comfort. This is due to its ability to provide a stretch, catering to users who seek that sensation.
Lovense Lush 3 vs Lelo Lyla 2 shape and size
Lush 3 and Lelo Lyla 2

Noise Level

The noise level of the Lush 3 is a crucial factor, especially for those interested in discreet or public play:

  • Performance in Cars: In a moving car, the ambient noise of the engine and the road is typically enough to mask the sound of the Lush 3. At traffic lights, when the car is stationary, the sound may become more noticeable. However, overall, it’s discreet enough for such settings.
  • Quiet Restaurants: Tests in quiet restaurants, particularly on wooden chairs that amplify sound, have shown that the Lush 3 remains very discreet. Even at its highest power levels, the device did not produce noticeable noise, ensuring privacy and discretion.
  • Performance in a Silent House: In a completely silent environment, such as a house, the noise from the Lush 3 can be audible. At distances up to 10 feet away, the sound can be detected, especially at higher power settings.
  • When outside, it can be pretty loud at around 55 dB, but when inserted in the vagina, Lush 3 vibrations get absorbed by the body, and it gets hushed at around 35 dB. One of the quietest wearable vibrators for public use you can get.


Connectivity is a standout feature of the Lush 3, particularly when compared to its competitors:

  • Reliable Connection: Compared to other app-controlled toys like the We-Vibe Jive and OhMiBod Esca 2, the Lush 3 boasts superior connectivity. This reliable connection is crucial for uninterrupted play, especially during long-distance control scenarios.
  • Stable App Control: Users have found the Lovense toys to maintain a more stable connection with their app than other brands. This feature is highly valued as it minimizes the frustration of reconnecting devices and ensures a smoother, more enjoyable experience.
  • Importance for Remote Play: The reliable connectivity of the Lush 3 makes it an excellent choice for those engaging in remote play. Whether it’s long-distance relationship dynamics or playful remote control in public settings, the dependable connectivity of the Lush 3 enhances the overall experience.

App Features

The Lush 3’s app is a standout feature in the world of app-controlled vibrators, enhancing the overall user experience significantly. Let’s dive into what makes this app so special:

  • Custom Intensity Control and Pattern Creation: The app allows users to personalize their experience to a remarkable degree. With the ability to adjust intensity levels and create custom vibration patterns, it offers an interactive and unique experience. This feature is particularly useful for those who know exactly what they like or are keen to explore various stimulation types.
  • Long-Distance Capabilities: One of the most exciting features is the app’s capacity for long-distance control. This means your partner can control the Lush 3 from anywhere in the world, provided they have an internet connection. It’s a game-changer for long-distance relationships, adding an intimate and interactive dimension to digital communication.
  • Large Library of User-Created Patterns: The app also boasts a vast library of vibration patterns created by other Lovense users. This community aspect allows you to explore and try patterns that others have found enjoyable, widening the scope of experiences beyond your personal preferences.
  • Music Sync Feature: Previously, the app allowed syncing with free music from platforms like Spotify. However, this feature has been modified. Now, you can only sync the vibrator’s vibrations to your purchased music. This change slightly limits the versatility of the music synchronization feature but still offers a rhythmic and immersive experience.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintaining the Lush 3 is straightforward, ensuring hygienic use and longevity of the device:

  • Material: The Lush 3 is made from functionally nonporous, body-safe silicone. This material is highly regarded for its hygiene qualities, as it doesn’t harbor bacteria and is easy to clean.
  • Easy Cleaning Process: To clean the Lush 3, simply apply regular hand soap and wash it under running water. The simplicity of this process makes it easy to ensure the device is always ready and safe for use.
  • Magnetic Rechargeable Feature: Unlike its predecessor, the Lush 3 is magnetically rechargeable, offering a more convenient charging method. This feature enhances the ease of use and reduces the hassle of powering the device.
  • Waterproof Capabilities: The Lush 3 is IPX7 waterproof rated, meaning it can be submerged in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. This makes it easy to clean and opens up possibilities for aquatic play, adding versatility to where and how you can enjoy the device.

Lush 3 by Lovense: Specifications

Product NameLush 3
TypeWearable Egg Vibrator
Primary UseG-spot Stimulation
MaterialBody-safe Silicone, ABS
Waterproof RatingIPX7 (Submersible in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes)
Vibration PowerAmong the most powerful wearable vibrators, strong G-spot focus
Vibration Patterns7 built-in patterns; 4 preset vibration patterns adjustable in speed; Unlimited with the app
Noise LevelAround 40dB on maximum speed, quieter when inserted
ConnectivityBluetooth with upgraded antenna and PCB for stable connection
ControlApp-controlled (remote control not specified)
Battery Life300 minutes (5 hours)
Charging Time85 minutes
SizeInsertable diameter: 1.5 inches; Insertable length: 3 inches
ColorHot Pink
CompatibilitySuitable for solo, couple, and public play
Special FeaturesSync with sounds or songs; ideal for discreet public play; compatible with tips-controlled apps for camgirls
Other RemarksRecommended to use with water-based lubricant only; avoid storing in extreme temperatures


Customer reviews

Lush 3 is one of the best-sellers on Amazon and has more than 2000 ratings. 70% are 4 and 5 stars, but about 30% of the buyers found the experience with this egg vibrator unsatisfactory. I have browsed through the reviews and found those that most people found helpful. The positive reviews are self-explanatory, but I will leave my comments on the negative reviews.

User Review 1 (T.Antoinette): “Its powerful vibrations are simply incredible. The battery life is exceptional, offering extended pleasure. The sleek design adds a luxurious feel, making this petite egg a go-to for self-play or foreplay. The music feature, syncing vibrations with your favorite song, elevates the experience to a new level. Customizable vibrations and remote partner engagement are huge pluses. The only downsides are its size, which may be large for some, and occasional delays in remote response. However, these are minor compared to the overall quality. This lovense toy is a worthwhile investment for an extraordinary experience.” – Rated 5/5 by T.Antoinette, helpful to 75 people.

User Review 2 (Chippo): “This love egg exceeded my expectations, turning skepticism into awe. Its discreet design, softness, and quiet operation make it an ideal toy. The size is perfect, and the vibrating stem is a brilliant feature. The range of vibration strengths caters to every preference, and phone control adds a modern twist. The ability to sync with music and create custom patterns is thrilling. It’s also great for long-distance intimacy. While a bit pricey, the Lush 3 is an outstanding investment in pleasure.” – Rated 5/5 by Chippo, helpful to 66 people.

User Review 3 (KJ2066): “Purchasing this vibrating egg by Lovense for my wife was a decision that brought immense joy. It transformed her curiosity into exhilaration. As a giver of pleasure, I appreciate how the Lush 3 enhances her experience when I’m away. The creators at Lovense have crafted an amazing product that adds significant value to our intimate moments.” – Rated 5/5 by KJ2066, helpful to 37 people.

User Review 4 (Blake): “With the Lush 3, my partner has found a new favorite, even more than me! It’s a testament to the device’s effectiveness and appeal.” – Rated 4/5 by Blake, helpful to 34 people.

User Review 5 (Tanner Val): “The Lush 3 goes above and beyond in delivering mutual pleasure for me and my wife. Its only drawback is the lack of a smaller vibrator for additional stimulation and a wish for extended range. Its size might be a consideration for some. Nonetheless, the Lush 3 is an impressive device for enhanced intimacy.” – Rated 5/5 by Tanner Val, helpful to 30 people.

User Review 6 (Zack): “After buying this egg vibe for my girlfriend, our expectations were high. While the packaging and initial setup were great, the vibration focus on the larger part was less effective for us. The tail’s positioning was problematic, and overall, it didn’t meet our expectations for stimulation. Everyone’s experience varies, but for us, the Lush 3 didn’t deliver as hoped.” – Rated 2/5 by Zack, helpful to 26 people.

From Zacks’s review, I get that they hoped the tail would deliver clitoral stimulation. It does not. Or if it does, it is barely noticeable. If you are after clitoral stimulation and you want a wearable toy, check the Ferri or the other vibrating panties. If you are after dual stimulation and want a wearable vibrator, check my Lovense Dolce review.

User Review 7 (RDV): “My experience with the Lush 3 has been frustrating due to connectivity issues and customer service challenges. Despite its initial effectiveness, technical difficulties have diminished its usability. The customer support’s circular communication has been disheartening. These issues have impacted my view of the Lush 3 and the brand.” – Rated 3/5 by RDV, helpful to 25 people.

I agree with RDV; the Lovense customer support is not on the Lovehoney, We-Vibe, or Good Vibrations level. I love the Lovense vibes and their app, but if something breaks, talking with their customer support is not the best experience.

User Review 8 (Shy_college_girl): “As a fan of Lovense toys, including the Lush 3, I’ve had a mixed experience. Their warranty process needs improvement, but the customer service was commendable. The Lush 3, after overcoming initial bugs, now offers reliable connectivity and magnetic charging, enhancing its usability. It’s a recommendable option for interactive experiences.” – Rated 4/5 by Shy_college_girl, helpful to 20 people.

Lush 3 Alternatives

Compared to the We-Vibe Jive, the Lush 3 has stronger vibrations, while the Jive has deeper rumbly vibrations that some prefer. The Jive is slimmer, which may be more comfortable for some.

Compared to the Lovense Ferri, the Ferri is better optimized for clitoral stimulation as a wearable panty vibe, while the Lush 3 is focused more on internal G-spot stimulation. The Ferri doesn’t provide thrusting stimulation either, though.

Compared to the Lovense Nora, the Nora is a rabbit vibrator, so it provides dual stimulation to both the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. The Lush 3 is just internal. The Nora may be trickier to wear out around town, though.

Compared to the We-Vibe Sync 2, the Sync 2 provides stimulation to both G-spot and clit like the Nora. However, the Lush 3 again has stronger, rumbly vibrations than the Sync 2.

Compared to the Lovense Dolce, the Dolce has stronger motors but is louder, while the Lush 3 is a bit quieter for public wear. The Dolce also combines internal and external stimulation.

If you are looking at Lush 3 as anal vibrator or for prostate massage – Do not! It does not have a flared base and can get sucked in your ass. For anal vibrations, get the Hush 2, and for prostate massager – Edge 2.

So, in summary – the Lush 3 stands out from other wearables primarily in its strong rumbling vibrations for intensive G-spot stimulation while being relatively quiet for public discretion. But there are tradeoffs between rabbits and clit-focused wearables.

Lush 3 vs. Lush 2, and is it worth upgrading

  • G-spot Stimulation: The Lush 3 offers slightly better G-spot stimulation, but this improvement is subtle. It might not be compelling enough to justify an upgrade if you already own the Lush 2​
  • Sound: The Lush 3 is quieter in lower settings due to deeper rumbliness. However, once inserted, there’s not much difference in sound levels between Lush 2 and Lush 3. Both models are quiet enough to wear in public settings with some background noise​
  • Connectivity: Lovense has improved connectivity in the Lush 3. If you experienced issues with the Lush 2, the Lush 3’s updated technology might resolve these problems. However, if you didn’t have issues with Lush 2, this might not be a significant upgrade factor​
  • Comfort and Design: The Lush 3 features a more comfortable and form-fitting antenna than the Lush 2. This design improvement helps the toy stay in place better and makes it less noticeable and rigid, enhancing comfort significantly. If the antenna design of the Lush 2 was uncomfortable for you, upgrading to Lush 3 for its comfort could be worthwhile​
  • Battery Life: The Lush 3 claims a longer battery life of up to five hours, compared to the three hours of the Lush 2. This extended battery life could be a deciding factor if you need longer usage times, especially for longer public play sessions​
  • Vibration Quality: The Lush 3 offers more rumbly vibrations at lower power levels, but both the Lush 2 and Lush 3 tend to get buzzier at higher power levels. If you value rumbly vibrations, this could be a point to consider, but remember that it’s mainly applicable to lower settings​

Conclusion on Upgrading

Upgrading from the Lush 2 to the Lush 3 might be worth it if:

  • You find the antenna on the Lush 2 uncomfortable.
  • You experienced connectivity issues with Lush 2.
  • You desire longer battery life for extended use.
  • You prefer rumbly vibrations at lower settings.

However, if these factors are not major concerns for you, and you are satisfied with the performance of the Lush 2, then the need to upgrade may not be as compelling. The main worthwhile improvement in the Lush 3, as noted in the comparison, is better comfort due to the redesigned antenna

Lovense Lush 3 final thoughts

Lush 3 takes my personal award for the best remote control vibrator. With its intuitive app control, ergonomic design, and discreet public play capabilities, it’s clear this device is more than just a G-spot vibrator – it’s a statement of empowerment and pleasure.

Yet, no tech is without its quirks, and the Lush 3 is no exception. While it champions connectivity and battery life, the search for perfection in clitoral stimulation continues. If you’re sitting on the fence about upgrading or diving into the Lovense world, remember that exploration is the heart of pleasure.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Lush 3 egg vibrator by Lovense, and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

As a certified sex educator and sex toy reviewer, Amie has spent her career empowering individuals and couples to embrace their sexuality.

With a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality and an ever-growing collection of over 200 vibrators, she's got the knowledge and experience to guide you on your pleasure-seeking journey.

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