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Sex Toys Myths & Facts

Myth #1: Sex toys are only for those who have a bad or non-existent sex life, or so the popular opinion goes

Facts about sex toys: anyone and everyone you can think of is the type of person who uses sex toys either for masturbation or for adding more excitement into the usual sexual routine.

In fact, according to data on vibrator use, those who have sex are more likely to use sex toys than those who do not, and between 20 and 30 percent of the population has used sex toys at least once in their lives.

Sex toys are neither a crutch nor a cure-all, but an addition to one’s sexual repertoire.

Myth #2: Sex toys provoke irreversible addictions

A simple fact about sex toys: Addiction implies harm, and the use of sex toys (as long as they are used properly) is not dangerous in its nature.

Although people can get used to using sex toys and even begin to rely on them, there is no such thing as “sex toy addiction” and anyone can easily return to usual masturbation or partner sex without using sex toys.

A common feature of those who claim that vibrator addiction is real is their belief that any use of a sex toy is excessive use of sex toys.

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Myth #3: If a woman owns a sex toy, she no longer needs a man and is not interested in maintaining a sexual relationship

Sex toys are not a substitute for human interaction. There are no services that a sex toy provides, such as breakfast, cuddling, or expressing how much a person means to you.

Manipulating sex toys can be intimidating for many guys because they have been taught from a young age that the most important thing about them is what is between their legs. Most men feel anxious about their sexual significance because of these myths about male sexuality that have been instilled in them from childhood.

Moreover, it is important to realize that there are many women who do not want a man in the first place, and a sex toy will not make a difference in their decision.

Myth #4: Men only use sex toys when they can not be involved in a “real” sexual intercouse

Fact about sex toys: the stereotypical image of a man with a sex toy is the guy in the raincoat who buys an automatic masturbator and stays in his basement watching porn while masturbating.
When it comes to men and sex toys, the reality is that millions of them use them, according to a survey that found 21 percent of respondents used them both in romantic relationships and when they were single.

The most effective approach for a man to become a better lover is to have a greater understanding of his own sexual response. Masturbation, with or without sex toys, is essential to achieving this goal, as is learning to manage ejaculation. Using sex toys does not mean that a man is a loser; rather, it shows that he is intelligent enough to be interested in his own sexuality and therefore more likely to be successful in bed.

Myth #5: Adult toys make sexual intercourse feel less natural

Most of us were taught many lies about sex as children, one of which is that “natural sex” only refers to one type of sexual experience.

Drawn with pencil and paper, does it look less “natural”? Painted with your own blood, instead of paints, does it look more “natural”? It does not.

However, when we use tools and toys to alter the experience, sex becomes less “natural.”

We use sex toys because they are as natural as the people who use them, and they are entertaining not because they use batteries but because we are the ones using them.

Myth #6: There are only two kinds of sex toys: excellent sex toys and useless sex toys

Fact about sex toys: with the exception of a few sex toys that are clearly dangerous, there is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” sex toy in general. What you do with your sex toys is entirely up to you. A vibrator that is too strong, too heavy, or too uncomfortable for one person may be excellent for another.

It’s possible that for one person, a dildo that feels sticky and looks weird is the perfect shape, size, and texture for another.

However, most sex toys will be wonderful for some people while being terrible for others. The key is to choose the sex toy that is right for you.

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Myth #7: The higher price of a sex toy is the ultimate indicator for higher quality.

A fun fact about sex toys states that a $6 vibrator can give you more pleasure than a $300 vibrator.
Higher priced sex toys should last longer, be made of better materials, and may come from giant manufacturers, but they will not necessarily feel better or give you more pleasure.

In reality, when it comes to male sex toys, it’s similar to most other commercially available things in that the cheapest ones will do the job, and most of the time that’s the ultimate goal.

Myth #8: Adult toys are often considered kinky.

It’s true that terms like “kinky” and “normal” are purely relative, and while they can dictate what you are comfortable with (or doing) in public, the sooner you realize that everyone is “kinky” behind closed doors, the happier and less stressful your sex life will be.

Using sex toys does not make you “kinky,” and using sex toys says nothing about the kind of person you are, other than the fact that you are the kind of person who considers himself deserving sexual pleasure.

And such type of self-appreciation deserves the respect of any social circle.

Myth #9: Sex toys are dangerous for your overall health

Those who would prefer that we don’t use sex toys at all come up with a number of explanations as to why they are unhealthy for us. Their use can make you addicted and make it difficult to have “real sex”. As a starting point, “real sex” refers to any kind of sex you are experiencing or considering.
There is also no evidence that sex toys can cause or exacerbate sexual sensitivity or hurt your genitals in any way.

Of course, there is a risk of poking yourself in the eye if you do not use your sex toy properly, but the same goes for your can opener, and no one is asking you to throw it away.

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

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