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Womanizer Wave Review [The Orgasmic Shower Head]

As a seasoned sex toy expert, I find the Womanizer Wave a game-changer in self-pleasure. This innovative device doubles as a functional shower head and a clitoral stimulator, embodying a bold stride in sexual exploration right within the comfort of your shower. Its design directly invites individuals looking to elevate their self-pleasure routine seamlessly into daily life. The tactile allure of water and targeted clitoral stimulation provide a unique, exhilarating experience.

The Womanizer Wave isn’t just a shower head; it’s a noteworthy leap towards integrating pleasure into the every day, making the pursuit of sexual satisfaction both accessible and enjoyable.

Womanizer Wave Clitoral Stimulator

Review Summary

Having a wealth of experience in testing all kinds of sex toys,I found the Womanizer Wave to be a groundbreaking hybrid of daily utility and sensual pleasure, redefining the boundaries of aquatic self-indulgence. My thorough examination revealed a delightful array of pros and a few cons, demonstrating a significant edge over similar devices in terms of ease of use, innovative design, and the unique aquatic experience it offers. Dive into my comprehensive review to unravel the captivating nuances of Womanizer Wave, as I share personal insights, comparative analysis, and guide you through a wave of newfound pleasure.

According to an Amazon user who already bought the shower head:

This product is an absolute must-have for any user who enjoys masturbation in the shower.

Womanizer Wave Clit Stimulator
Design:4 out of 5 (4.0 / 5)
Comfort:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Power:4 out of 5 (4.0 / 5)
Experience:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Ease of use:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Price:3 out of 5 (3.0 / 5)

Womanizer Wave: first shower head and clitoral water massager by Hansgrohe and Womanizer.

You can buy this clit massager:

How does it feel?

Embarking on the Womanizer Wave adventure has been a one-of-a-kind experience for me as a sex toy aficionado. Imagine a gentle water caress mingled with precise clitoral stimulation – that’s the essence of Womanizer Wave. It’s like having a soft rain shower paired with a rhythmic dance of pleasure, creating a playful yet potent sensation that’s hard to resist.

As the water plays along with the pulsations, it takes you on a smooth ride from a light tease to a satisfying crescendo of pleasure. This unique combo of water and vibrational stimulation is a fresh take in sexual wellness, offering a refreshing and satisfying escapade. Dive deeper into my review to uncover the full spectrum of delightful experiences the Womanizer Wave brings to the table, showcasing its unique stance in the bustling market of sensual delights.

Womanizer Wave How Does It Feel

In terms of sensation, the Womanizer Wave and clit sucker differ mainly in functionality; the Wave combines water stimulation from its shower head feature with air-pulse technology for a versatile experience, while a clit sucker focuses solely on suction stimulation around the clitoris.

As for vibrating sex toys, such as mini bullet vibrators or magic wand massagers, they provide more direct, powerful vibrational stimulation, often more intense than the water stimulation.


  • Two-in-One Fun: The Womanizer Wave is a cool blend of a regular shower head and a clitoral stimulator, making it a handy and fun addition to your shower routine.
  • Water Play: The water-based stimulation is a gentle and refreshing change from the usual, adding a natural touch to your pleasure.
  • Easy to Use: It’s simple to set up and use, so you don’t have to be tech-savvy to start enjoying the Womanizer Wave.
  • Keep it Private: Its sleek design keeps things discreet, allowing for your little secret indulgence.
  • Built to Last: It’s well-made and durable, so you can count on it for many showers to come.
  • Suitable for men: Several users on Reddit commented that the Wave feels good for the stimulation of the testicles and frenulum:

I have done this … Takes patience, but yeah, will work on dudes, too.

commenter said it was great on balls and the frenulum


  • Pricey: It’s on the higher side price-wise, which could be a hurdle if you’re watching your budget.
  • Intensity Could be Higher: If you love really intense vibrations, the water pressure might not hit the spot compared to traditional vibrators.
  • Water Usage: Longer pleasure sessions could see the water bill creeping up, especially if you live where water isn’t cheap. Additionally, it results in excessive water usage, which negatively affects the environment.

Who should buy the Womanizer Wave shower head?

  • Individuals who enjoy water-based self-pleasure; the Womanizer Wave transforms regular showers into sensual escapes.
  • Couples looking to add a splash of adventure to their intimate moments; it’s a fantastic accessory for shared shower experiences.
  • Goes beyond clitoral stimulation, inviting exploration of other erogenous zones, making it a delightful addition for people of all genders.
  • Seamlessly blends the utility of a shower head with erotic stimulation, providing a unique two-in-one experience.

Who should skip the Womanizer Wave?

  • Might not satisfy those seeking intense clitoral stimulation as the intensity is linked to water pressure.
  • Requires a suitable shower setup; its usability and appeal are diminished without a hose setup.

Design and Comfort

The Womanizer Wave showcases a blend of luxurious design and comfort. On unboxing, it presents a sturdy and luxurious packaging, making it a perfect gift. The design is discreet as it resembles a regular shower nozzle unless closely inspected. The Womanizer Wave is crafted with intuitive features like Pleasure Jet Technology, offering three water jet settings: soft, massaging, and pulsating for varying sensations. Its two-in-one usage allows for cleaning and pleasure, crafted without harmful materials like BPA, phthalates, or latex.

Womanizer Wave Specifications

Type2-in-1 Showerhead and Water Massager for Clitoral Stimulation​
MaterialABS Plastic​
Length270 mm (10.63 inches)​
Vibration Patterns3 Water Jet Settings (soft, massaging, pulsating)​
WaterproofYes (implied by design)
DesignSleek, discreet, stylish, with a button and slider for jet/intensity control​
Noise LevelSame as conventional shower heads
Additional FeaturesEcoSmart technology for 60% water reduction​


Although primarily designed for clitoral stimulation, its innovative design invites users to explore other erogenous zones, further enhancing their pleasure journey. However, it’s not intended for vaginal penetration or G-spot stimulation. The focus is on external pleasure, making it a wonderful tool for those exploring a different form of clitoral stimulation.

So, in essence, the Womanizer Wave is all about clitoral stimulation with a splash of creativity, adding a touch of aquatic adventure to your self-love regimen or intimate moments with your partner.


The Womanizer Wave is crafted from ABS plastic, a material known for its strength, durability, and body-safety. ABS plastic is non-toxic, non-porous, and hypoallergenic, making it a safe choice for intimate use. The non-porous nature of ABS plastic ensures that it doesn’t harbor bacteria, making it easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, this material is free from harmful substances such as phthalates, latex, or BPA, further accentuating its safety profile.

Here’s the opinion of an Amazon customer:

Similar to other products from this brand, it lived up to expectations! I’ll leave it at that!

Womanizer Wave Materials


Moreover, the Womanizer Wave design incorporates silicone elements, another highly regarded material in the realm of sexual wellness products due to its body-safe and non-toxic properties. Silicone is also non-porous, hypoallergenic, and free from harmful substances, making it a great companion for your intimate adventures.

In essence, the materials chosen for the Womanizer Wave reflect a high standard of safety and quality, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free experience as you explore the gentle aquatic stimulations it offers.


The Womanizer Wave measures 3.5 in/88 mm in width, 2.8 in/ 3 mm in height, and 10.6 in/270 mm in length. This design denotes a relatively compact size intended to fit comfortably in one’s hand during use. It’s neither big nor small, striking a balance that caters to a broad range of user preferences.

The ergonomic design ensures it’s easy to handle, enhancing the user experience significantly. The dimensions are intended to facilitate easy control and maneuverability during use, ensuring users can achieve desired stimulation with minimal effort.

You can see the difference between the size of a conventional showerhead and the Womanizer Wave in the image below:

Womanizer Wave vs Conventional Shower Head


The shape is crafted to resemble a standard shower head, blending seamlessly into your shower setup while harboring its clandestine function of sensual stimulation. This design choice exudes discretion, keeping your intimate adventures under wraps.

Intensity and vibration patterns

The Womanizer Wave, unlike traditional vibrators, leverages water jet technology to provide stimulation. It offers three distinct water jet settings: soft, massaging, and pulsating, allowing for various sensations to be explored during use​. These settings enable users to tailor the experience to their preferences, whether they desire a gentle caress or a more vigorous water pulse.

Although it doesn’t provide traditional vibration patterns as seen in other vibrators, the different water jet settings introduce a refreshing take on stimulation. This unique approach allows for a range of intensity levels, from a soft, soothing flow to a more pulsating, massaging sensation.

Noise Level

The Womanizer Wave, being a unique water-based stimulator, has a different sound profile compared to traditional vibrators. Its noise level is primarily influenced by the water jet settings in use and the ambient noise of running water. The sound of flowing water naturally masks any operational noise emanating from the device, making it a relatively discreet option.

Behind a closed door, the Womanizer Wave is likely to be even more discreet. The sound of running water in the shower will probably be the predominant noise, making it hard to distinguish any operational sounds from the Womanizer Wave itself.


The Womanizer Wave is priced at €129 on the official manufacturer’s website, and it comes with a 5-year warranty, which is a testament to the quality and durability of the product​1​. This pricing positions the Womanizer Wave as a premium product in the sexual wellness market. The innovative combination of a shower head and clitoral stimulator in one device sets it apart from other products in the market, providing a unique value proposition to consumers. This price includes benefits such as free shipping, discreet packaging, and a 100-day money-back guarantee, making the investment in sexual wellness both safe and rewarding.


The Womanizer Wave showcases durability through its construction from high-quality, body-safe materials like ABS plastic and silicone, known for their longevity. Its waterproof design is crucial given its intended use in water, protecting the device from potential water damage and ensuring it remains functional over time.

Womanizer’s Reputation

Womanizer has a solid reputation in the sex toy industry, marked by several accolades. In 2019, it was recognized as the Best Luxury Product Line and for having the Highest Mainstream Appeal at the EAN Erotix Award, followed by the Best Luxury Brand title at the ETO Awards in 2020. Furthermore, it won the “Best of Best” in the “Product Brand of the Year” category at the German Brand Award in 2021​​. These awards underscore the brand’s commitment to quality and mainstream appeal. Womanizer’s patented Pleasure Air Technology, which provides a unique sensation through air pressure changes for clitoral stimulation without direct contact, further sets it apart in the market.

In addition to product quality, Womanizer is known for its innovative collaborations and initiatives in sexual health research. For instance, in 2020, the brand, in collaboration with Lunette, launched the Menstrubation Study to explore alleviating menstrual pain through masturbation​1​. Also, in 2021, Womanizer invested 250 thousand euros in the “Pleasure Fund” to drive research on female sexual health and sexual pleasure. The brand’s merger with Lovehoney to form the Lovehoney Group in 2021 amplifies its standing in the industry, showing a growth trajectory and a continued focus on delivering high-quality, body-safe products​​.

How to use Womanizer Wave: Step-by-step guide

  • Initially, use the Womanizer Wave as a regular shower nozzle to rinse off.
  • Once you’re ready to explore, ensure the water temperature is comfortable, keeping in mind that genital areas may be more sensitive to temperature than your hands.
  • Remove the shower head from its holder and position it close to your genitals, ensuring the temperature is still comfortable.
  • Explore the three different settings available:
    • Pleasure Whirl: Features three spouts creating a whirling sensation.

Womanizer Wave Pleasure Whirl

    • Pleasure Jet: Closer spouts offer more intense stimulation.

Womanizer Wave Pleasure Jet

    • Powder Rain: Provides dispersed, gentle stimulation akin to mist-like rain.

Womanizer Wave Powder Rain

  • Control the settings using the one button on the spray nozzle. The intensity slider allows for a seamless switch between low to high-intensity water pressure.
  • When done, simply turn off the water to cease operation of the Womanizer Wave​.

My experience with Womanizer Wave

It was one of those days where the exhaustion seeped into my bones, and all I wanted was a release to take the edge off the mounting stress. But the thought of having to muster up the energy to masturbate felt like climbing a mountain. That’s when I thought of giving my Womanizer Wave a try.

As I stepped into the shower, the warm water cascading down my body began to soothe my tense muscles, preparing me for the experience ahead. I switched on the Womanizer Wave, and instantly, the gentle yet firm waves of stimulation began to work their magic. It was incredibly easy to position. The intuitive design allowed me to switch between the modes effortlessly, finding the rhythm that resonated with my body’s cravings.

The sensation was new to me – a tender dance of water and pressure that beckoned the climax to the forefront without any rigorous manual effort. The waves of pleasure built up gradually but surely, washing over me with a gentle insistence that was impossible to resist. And when the orgasm hit, it was deep, thorough, and incredibly satisfying. It was the kind of climax that resonated through my entire body, leaving a blissful calm in its wake. It was a tender yet potent escape that I desperately needed. The ease and depth of the orgasms I experienced were exactly the effortless release I needed to rejuvenate my spirit after an exhausting day.

The only aspect I’d wish to alter isn’t related to the Wave shower head itself, but rather the absence of a bathtub in my home – I envision it would be immensely enjoyable and soothing.

Delivery and unboxing

The Womanizer Wave arrived in a discreet package, which I appreciated for the privacy. Opening the box, I was greeted by the sleek design of the device, sitting snugly in an elegant, easy-to-open packaging. Alongside the device was a user manual, a charging cable, and an extra stimulation head, all tidily arranged. The packaging was a nice touch, hinting at the quality of the product. It was a simple and exciting unboxing experience that got me looking forward to trying it out.

Womanizer Wave Customer Reviews

Based on the snippets and reviews gathered, the Womanizer Wave seems highly regarded among users. Over at Lovehoney, customers have left numerous five-star reviews, praising the effectiveness of the Womanizer Wave both as a sex toy and a shower head​. People have described it as the “best sex toy” they’ve ever had, indicating a high level of satisfaction with the product’s performance. Moreover, a reviewer on Trustpilot shared a positive experience not only with the Womanizer Wave product but also with the brand’s customer service, emphasizing that the Womanizer helped them experience multiple orgasms for the first time.

However, it’s important to note that no product is without its downsides, and individual experiences can vary. Note that there were also mentions of the Wave being a bit on the pricier side, which might be a consideration for potential buyers.

A very happy user on Reddit shares:

The Womanizer Wave boasts an ergonomic design with modes like PleasureJet for intimate pleasure, marking it as a discreet sex toy. However, it struggles in practical tasks like hair rinsing, and is ideal for those willing to use it as a standard shower head to avoid frequent re-installations.

Another curious male user asked the following:

I’m a guy and now I’m wondering if this would work for frenulum stimulation.

Wish list: What could be improved in Womanizer Wave?

  • Price Point: It was mentioned that the Womanizer Wave is on the pricier side. A more competitive price point could make it accessible to a wider range of customers without compromising on the quality and features it offers.
  • Size and Comfort: Some users may find the Womanizer Wave size to be too large or too small for their preferences. Offering different sizes or a more ergonomic design could cater to a wider range of body types and personal comfort levels.
  • Water Consumption: Concerns were raised about excessive water consumption which impacts the environment negatively. It would be ideal to look into design modifications that could reduce water usage while still providing the desired experience.


In conclusion, the Womanizer Wave appears to be a worthy investment for those seeking a unique and multifunctional addition to their collection of intimate gadgets. Its high price point could be justified by the dual functionality and the brand’s reputation for delivering quality products.

The product has garnered appreciation from users, some of whom have described it as the “best sex toy” they’ve ever had. However, it does come with a hefty price tag which might be a point of consideration for potential buyers.

Womanizer Wave Clit Stimulator
Design:4 out of 5 (4.0 / 5)
Comfort:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Power:4 out of 5 (4.0 / 5)
Experience:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Ease of use:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Price:3 out of 5 (3.0 / 5)

Womanizer Wave: first shower head and clitoral water massager by Hansgrohe and Womanizer.

You can buy this clit massager:

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