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How to use LELO Tiani 3 (Instructions + Manual)

Getting started

Make sure your Tiani 3 vibrator is charged and closely tight. Make sure the batteries are in the remote control. If you are unsure how to do that, I have explained it in the How to Charge LELO Tiani 3 article.

lelo tiani 3 experience

  1. Begin by inserting the smaller arm into your vagina and positioning the larger arm externally on your clitoris. Do that before your partner penetrates you if you are using it for couples play.
  2. Experiment with different positions, though many find the missionary position most straightforward and enjoyable.
  3. The toy is ok for solo sessions or with a partner. Feel free to mix it up and pair it with another favorite G-spot vibrating toy for enhanced pleasure.

How to use the manual controls

Note: the ((·)) button I refer to is the one you can see on the top of the vibrator.

  • First, click the ((·)) button on the vibrator to turn it on. Do not turn the remote on. Press the ((·))  again to turn on the vibrations.
  • Continue pressing the ((·)) button to loop through the eight pre-programmed vibration patterns, all set to 100% power.
    To change the intensity, switch on the remote by pressing the +/– button to increase/decrease the intensity.
  • If you find the vibrations of the remote too noisy or unnecessary, you can stop them by pushing the middle button of the remote for 5 seconds.
  • To turn off the massager, press the ((·)) button for about 3 seconds or the – button on the remote for about 3 seconds.

How to use Lelo Tiani 3 remote control

tiani 3 remote control

  • Press the + button on the remote to increase the vibration intensity of your vibrator.
  • Press the center button to change the vibration mode. Once you have cycled through the 8 pre-programmed modes, your remote controlled vibrator will return to SenseMotion™ mode 1.
  • Press the – button to decrease vibration intensity.
  • Hold down the – button down for around 3 seconds to turn off the remote.
  • Hold down the + and – buttons simultaneously for around 3 seconds to lock the control interface and prevent accidental activation. Always lock before travel. To unlock, hold down + and – again.

When only the remote is turned off, your vibrator will go into standby, remaining receptive to signal for 1 hour before turning itself off completely.

SenseMotion Technology

The Lelo Tiani 3 is also a part of Lelo’s SenseMotion family, which means you can control your sex toy without pressing any of the buttons.
To begin, press the + button on the remote control after a few seconds, the wireless connection will be activated; it will be ready when the lights on both the massager and the remote turn on.

Using SenseMotion mode 1

The SenseMotion feature on the hands-free vibrator is initially set to mode 1 by default. You can control the intensity of the vibrations by tilting your remote. The vibrations are gentler when you’re holding it horizontally, but they get increasingly intense as you start to tilt it. When you or your partner holds the remote vertically, the vibrations are at their highest intensity.

For most women, the vibration strength is enough to deliver an orgasm in less than 5 minutes when used solo. As for couples’ play, it appears that more time is required for both partners until they find the perfect pace that will bring an orgasm.

Using SenseMotion mode 2

In mode 2, the remote can move in any direction; the faster you move, the stronger the vibrations become.
Press the center button while in mode 1 to activate this mode.

How to stop the Tiani 3 remote control from vibrating

To TURN OFF the remote’s vibrations, press and hold the button (in the middle of the remote) for 5 seconds. SenseMotion™ modes will work normally, but the remote will flash rather than vibrate. To reactivate vibrations in the remote, hold again for 5 seconds. A memory function will remember whether you wish to turn off/on vibrations for future use.

How to use the Tiani 3 for solo or couple play

You’ll need to bend the flexible tail to a 90-degree angle. Then, insert the wider arm into your vagina while resting the thinner arm over your clitoris until the Tiani 3 is comfortably in place. Make sure to get nice and wet before getting down to business so that the insertion of this toy goes smoothly! You can either use water-based lube or your lubrication.

The Tianin3 is a sleek and sexy wireless vibrator that can be used either solo or with a partner. The exterior of the wearable vibrator feels silky smooth on your skin, and it’s also flexible, so you’ll have no trouble maneuvering it to whatever spot you want.

Once it’s in place, have your partner enter you while he feels the pleasurable vibrations inside of you! He’ll immediately start enjoying the pulsations inside your vagina as well. The size of Tiani 3 will make your experience more fulfilling yet not intrusive. His entire penis length will be stimulated as he penetrates your vagina. He’ll feel more friction, resulting in more pleasure.

You can experiment with the 8 vibration modes and enjoy an exciting and sensual experience every time.

Ideas on using LELO Tiani 3 for enhanced pleasure

  1. Solo Play: Before diving into partnered fun, familiarize yourself with TIANI 3 solo. Explore its vibration modes by placing it over your clitoris. For a hands-free experience, insert the smaller arm and let the larger arm stimulate your clitoris. Remember, it’s waterproof – perfect for extra fun during a relaxing bath.
  2. Enhancing Foreplay: Introduce TIANI 3 during foreplay to heighten arousal. Insert it and hand over control to your partner while cuddling or kissing, letting them tease you with the vibrations.
  3. Experiment with Edging: Enjoy the thrill of edging. Let your partner control the TIANI 3, bringing you close to climax and then slowing down, intensifying your experience.
  4. Missionary Position: Try the missionary position with TIANI 3 for added stimulation. Insert the toy before penetration for comfort and enjoy the shared vibrations.
  5. Build Intimacy in Different Positions: Beyond missionary, the Lotus position offers intimacy and shared pleasure with TIANI 3. Experiment with various positions and toy placements for varied sensations.
  6. Anal Play: TIANI 3 also enhances anal play. Position the toy with the smaller arm inserted vaginally and the larger arm on your clitoris, then engage in rear-entry positions for dual stimulation.
  7. BDSM and Roleplay: Utilize TIANI 3 in BDSM scenarios. Let your partner insert it and control the vibrations, or combine it with other toys and restraints for a diverse and intense play session.

LELO Tiani 3 manual

Here is a downloadable PDF of the official LELO Tiani 3 manual.

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

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