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LELO Soraya Beads Review [Size Up Step By Step]

Soraya Vibrating Anal Beads are the newest addition to LELO’s Insignia line. I was excited to try them and share my experience.

Amie Dawson reviewing LELO Soraya Beads Anal Toy

The verdict? They’re a sensation that’s hard to miss. In this LELO Soraya Beads review, I’m sharing why they’re a must-have for your toy collection. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro in anal play, these beads offer something for everyone. Their unique Bow Vibration patterns and smooth cascading design make them stand out.

The vibes start at the base and dance through each bead, creating a rhythmic sensation that’s both thrilling and comfortable.

These beads are gender-neutral and perfect for any kind of play. If you’ve never tried vibrating anal beads or are looking to upgrade, the LELO Anal Beads are your ticket to a new level of pleasure. They’re not just a toy but an adventure in your journey of self-discovery.

Review Summary

In this review, I’ll lay out the pros and cons, highlight the standout features, and discuss the cost and value of the LELO Beads. Plus, I’ll share my experience and summarize what other users say.

How do these Anal Beads feel?

Initially, I had my doubts. Having only dabbled in anal toys on rare occasions, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from something as intense and personal as this. The sensations they provided were a complete revelation.

The Bow Vibration patterns, unique to the LELO Soraya Beads, create a pulsating rhythm that travels from the handle through each bead. This clever design simulates a soft thrusting motion without any actual movement, which is especially great for those like me who aren’t regular users of anal play products.

The beads themselves gradually increase in size, which is a thoughtful feature. The smallest bead offers a gentle introduction, easing you into the experience. As you progress, the sensations build up with each bead, catering to both those new to anal exploration and those with some prior experience.

What sets the Soraya Vibrating Beads apart is the separate motors in each bead, delivering a distinct burst of pleasure from each one. It’s a unique experience, feeling each bead come alive individually.

How do Soraya Beads feel?

The quality of the silicone used in these beads is worth mentioning, too. They are super smooth, making them extremely comfortable to use, no matter how deep you choose to go. Even just inserting them a little way, the sensation is impressive.

From my experience, the vibrations are pleasant—definitely noticeable but not overwhelmingly intense. They’re there and add to the experience, but don’t expect them to be as powerful as a jackhammer.

The versatility of the vibrations is another highlight. You can adjust the intensity to suit your comfort level, easily transitioning between softer and stronger sensations.

The rumbly settings provide a deep, echoing vibration, perfect for a more intense experience. On the other hand, the buzzy settings are lighter and more playful, ideal for teasing and gentle stimulation. This flexibility makes the beads suitable for various preferences, whether you’re exploring solo or with a partner.

LELO Anal Beads
Design:4 out of 5 (4 / 5)
Comfort:5 out of 5 (5 / 5)
Power:3 out of 5 (3 / 5)
Experience:4 out of 5 (4 / 5)
Ease Of Use:5 out of 5 (5 / 5)
Price:3 out of 5 (3 / 5)

The LELO Vibrating Anal Beads excel with their innovative Bow Motion technology and cascade design, delivering a luxurious and uniquely satisfying experience.

You can buy the Soraya Anal Beads from:


  • High-quality silicone
  • Separate motor for each bead
  • Gradual size increase
  • Uses Bow Motion tech that mimics the sensation of thrusting without needing any manual movement
  • Good battery life
  • Fast charging speed
  • Comfort during use
  • 100% waterproof
  • Variety in vibration modes
  • Straightforward controls


  • Expensive
  • Low vibration intensity
  • Handle grip needs improvement
  • No remote or app integration

Who should buy

  • Anal play newbies.
  • Luxury sex toy enthusiasts
  • People into trying out different sensations.
  • Duration Lovers (longer sessions without a recharge)
  • Comfort Seekers (soft and smooth for a gentle experience)

Who should pass

  • Budget-Conscious Buyers
  • If you are after the strongest anal vibes
  • Tech-savvy users looking for app or remote features
  • If you prefer smaller toys

Design, Shape, and Comfort:

Design-wise, these beads are a cut above. The set includes four beads, each gradually increasing size, connected by a smooth silicone casing. The cascading increase is great for easing into the experience, with the smallest bead offering a gentle start. Its smart design makes the beads approachable for beginners while still intriguing for more experienced users.

The beads have a curved handle, which, while ergonomic in some aspects, isn’t universally acclaimed. One issue I found is its curvature. Due to the curved handle, it’s challenging to exert enough force from a flat surface to insert the beads completely. This design aspect makes it difficult to use the beads to their full potential, especially for those who prefer deeper insertion.

In terms of shape, the LELO’s vibrating anal plug is crafted to stimulate effectively. Each bead is shaped to enhance sensation, and their motorized function, featuring the Bow Motion, adds a unique dynamic. This technology allows the beads to massage in unison, creating a thrusting sensation without actual thrusting.

This feature is particularly beneficial for users who are either new to anal play or prefer a more subtle approach.

However, the shape might not be ideal for everyone. My first impression was that they were larger than anticipated. While this isn’t a deal-breaker, it’s something to be mindful of, especially for those new to anal play. The size of the first two beads is small and manageable, allowing beginners to start comfortably.

The last two beads are quite thick. This might be a plus for those experienced in anal play, but it can be intimidating or even uncomfortable for beginners or those who prefer smaller toys.

Soraya Beads Shape

The beads are coated in silky-smooth silicone, which feels luxurious against the skin and makes insertion and use more comfortable. The silicone is also non-porous and hypoallergenic, adding to the overall safety. The design ensures the anal beads remain comfortable during use, not causing any unwelcome or harsh sensations.

Vibration – Quality and Strength

The LELO Soraya Vibrating Anal Beads were quite impressive in several aspects, though there were a few areas where I had higher expectations. The fact that each of the four beads has its motor is a standout feature, though it didn’t simulate a thrusting motion as much as I had anticipated.

It provides a variety of vibrational modes, which, while not as diverse as I had hoped, still offered a decent range of sensations. Adjusting the vibration intensity was subtle, but I appreciated the customization it allowed once I got used to the controls.

The variety between buzzy and rumbly settings was a nice touch, allowing for different experiences depending on my mood.

As for the strength of the vibrations, I found them to be adequate and enjoyable, particularly for those who prefer a more subtle sensation.

Vibration Intensity Range and Patterns

The beads, while not designed to be used as a hands-free vibrator, come with various vibration patterns controlled by a middle button. The most notable is the Bow Vibration pattern, where vibrations start at the handle and work through each bead to the tip, simulating an inward motion. This feature is particularly interesting as it allows a gradual escalation of sensation without actual thrusting.

Each bead vibrates sequentially, which adds a dynamic feel to the overall experience. However, it doesn’t create a thrusting motion, which I found lacking. The patterns vary, with some offering a smooth, rolling vibration and others featuring pausing between each bead’s vibration. This mix of buzzy and rumbly settings is intriguing, and having all beads vibrating simultaneously is a nice touch.

Product specifications

MaterialsBody-safe silicone and ABS plastic
Length9.2 inches
Insertable Length6 inches
Width1.75 inches
Weight5.1 oz
Battery Life120 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Travel LockYes
Storage BagIncluded
Vibration Speeds8
Noise LevelLess than 60 dB
User InterfaceThree-button interface
WarrantyOne-year warranty, extended ten-year available
Additional FeaturesBow Motion for thrusting sensation, Ergonomic handle, Suitable for A-spot and P-spot stimulation.

Build quality and Durability

The LELO Beads are built tough and safe, made for the long haul. They’re not just durable. They are also super safe to use, ticking all the right boxes in safety and build quality.

Plus, they are completely waterproof, so go ahead and take them for a spin in the bath or shower. They’re also made from this top-notch ultra-soft silicone that warms up to your touch, making the whole experience much better.

Ease of Use

The anal beads are pretty user-friendly, but let’s keep it real. They’re designed with a blend of rigidity and flexibility, which makes inserting them a breeze, and trust me, that’s a big deal if you’ve ever dealt with too-floppy anal beads. The silicone is soft and smooth and doesn’t grab dust or hair, making these beads a cinch to clean and comfortable against the skin.

There’s just one little thing – the section between the largest bead and the handle could be slimmer for comfort. Some might find leaving the last bead more comfy, especially for external stimulation.

Size and Portability

The LELO’s vibrating anal plug, measuring 234 x 59 x 46 mm (or 9.2 x 2.3 x 1.8 inches), is on the larger side regarding portability. They’re not exactly your pocket-sized go-to for discreet carrying around. With a length of over 9 inches, they demand a bit more space in your drawer or bag. If you’re looking for something ultra-portable and can be tucked away easily, you might find these beads a bit too bulky.

LELO Beads compared to hand

Noise Level

In my tests, the LELO Soraya Beads proved to be impressively quiet, a real plus for those who value discretion in their play. At their lowest settings, these beads are astonishingly silent (28 dB). Even when cranked up to their loudest, they only reach about 60 dB, roughly the noise level of a normal conversation. This means you can enjoy all the thrills without any loud buzz giving you away. It’s a significant advantage, especially if you’re looking for a toy that won’t draw attention in a shared living situation or prefer your pleasure on the quieter side.

Battery Life and Charging Ease

LELO’s vibrating anal plug offers up to 2 hours of playtime on a full charge. This is pretty decent, giving you enough time for extended sessions without worrying about running out of juice mid-play. However, it’s worth noting that in a test where the beads were used and then left running on their highest vibration setting, the battery lasted 58 minutes, including the time used for play.

Charging Soraya Beads

It takes about 2 hours to charge these beads fully. This is fairly standard for rechargeable sex toys, so nothing out of the ordinary here. It’s convenient enough, especially if you remember to charge them after use. In one test, the beads were recharged using a computer USB3 port, and it took 48 minutes, but this might vary based on the power source​

The actual process of charging the anal stimulator is straightforward.

Now, magnetic chargers have been the talk of the town lately in the world of tech gadgets, including sex toys. They’re touted for their modern, sleek design and supposed convenience. However, the good old-fashioned plug-in chargers still hold their ground quite effectively regarding practicality.

The reason is simple: reliability and efficiency. Plug-in chargers, like the one used for the LELO anal plug, often provide a more stable and consistent charging connection. Unlike magnetic chargers, which can easily disconnect if the device is moved or jostled, plug-in chargers stay firmly in place, ensuring a continuous power flow. This means you’re less likely to find your device unexpectedly uncharged when ready to use it. The downside is cleaning and using the vibrator in wet conditions. Make sure you do not put water in the charging port.

Material, Maintenance, and Storage

  • Material: These beads are made from body-safe silicone and ABS plastic, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience. The silicone finish is incredibly soft, providing a smooth and dry feel, which is great because it doesn’t attract dust or hairs like some silicone products tend to do​
  • Maintenance: Cleaning the anal sex toy is straightforward. Hold them under warm running water to rinse any visible residue, then apply antibacterial soap or a specially formulated toy cleaner. Gently rub each bead to make sure all surfaces are covered, then rinse off any soap residue thoroughly. It’s important to ensure that all cleaning agents are completely washed away.

When cleaning devices with plug-in charging ports, like the LELO Soraya Anal Vibrator, it’s crucial to exercise caution to prevent water from entering the charging port, as this could damage the device if you start charging it before it is completely dry or the least, it will not charge properly.

Soraya Beads DC Charging Port
After cleaning, you can either pat the beads dry with a clean towel or let them air dry naturally. Just avoid using rough or abrasive towels that could scratch their surface​

  • Storage: After making sure your anal plug is completely dry, store them in a cool, dry area. They come with a storage pouch, ideal for keeping them clean and dust-free. Using the pouch also adds an element of discretion, keeping the beads out of sight and in good condition for their next use


The Vibrating Anal Beads are completely waterproof, making them safe and enjoyable to use in the bath or shower. This feature opens up possibilities for different types of play, especially if you’re into experimenting with sensations in water.

Price and Value

The Anal vibrator by LELO comes with a price tag of $229, according to the LELO official website. This price point positions them in the higher bracket of the market, especially when compared to other anal beads available.

Whether they justify their cost depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re seeking a luxury anal sex toy with specific features like their BowMotion technology and the quality associated with the LELO brand, then this price might seem reasonable. However, for those who are either new to anal play or not looking to invest heavily in such toys, the cost could be a deterrent.

It’s important to note that the price reflects not just the physical product but also the brand value and the technology that goes into making these beads. But it’s also fair to say that more budget-friendly options are available if you’re not ready to shell out a significant amount for the anal vibrator.

LELO Anal Beads
Design:4 out of 5 (4 / 5)
Comfort:5 out of 5 (5 / 5)
Power:3 out of 5 (3 / 5)
Experience:4 out of 5 (4 / 5)
Ease Of Use:5 out of 5 (5 / 5)
Price:3 out of 5 (3 / 5)

The LELO Vibrating Anal Beads excel with their innovative Bow Motion technology and cascade design, delivering a luxurious and uniquely satisfying experience.

You can buy LELO’s Beads from:

Brand Reputation

The LELO brand has established itself as a frontrunner in the world of luxury sex toys. LELO is known for combining elegant design with functional innovation, setting high standards in the industry. Their products are often highlighted for their quality and the unique experiences they offer, particularly for those venturing into new areas of pleasure.

However, it’s important to approach their reputation with a balanced view. While LELO is celebrated for its design and technology, its pricing often places it at the higher end of the market. This means that while you might be investing in a high-quality, well-designed product, it also requires a significant financial commitment. This aspect of LELO’s reputation can be a double-edged sword; it speaks to the brand’s commitment to quality and makes its products less accessible to a broader range of users.

Extra Features

  • Bow Motion Technology: This is a unique feature where the beads massage in unison, creating a thrusting sensation without actual thrusting motions. It’s a clever design that could be especially appealing to beginners and experienced users. However, this may not completely substitute the feeling of thrusting for everyone​
  • Stimulation of A-spot and P-spot: The beads are designed to stimulate both the anal spot in women and massage the prostate in men, offering a versatile range of sensual experiences. This feature shows LELO’s commitment to creating products that cater to diverse needs and preferences
  • Cascading Pleasure Design: As you move through the sequence of beads, each one becomes slightly larger, offering a more intense sensation and a deeper level of stimulation. This gradual increase in size not only enhances comfort and ease of use but also caters to a range of preferences and experiences

Customer Reviews and Ratings

LELO Soraya BeadsReview Pie Chart

The analysis of the LELO’s Anal Beads reviews reveals a mix of opinions, with approximately 70% positive and 30% negative feedback. Here’s a breakdown based on the pie chart:

Positive Aspects Highlighted in Reviews:

  1. Quality of Silicone: Many users appreciated the high-quality silicone, noting its soft touch, durability, and odor-free nature after cleaning.
  2. Unique Vibrational Patterns: The individual motors in each bead and the different vibration settings were praised for creating a unique and enjoyable experience.
  3. Build and Packaging Quality: The product’s overall build and the high-end packaging received positive remarks.
  4. Battery Life and Charging: Users were satisfied with the toy’s battery life and charging mechanism.

Analysis of Negative Reviews:

  1. Vibration Strength: Users like Julie Farrell commented, “The engines are all very weak, even if you hit the + sign as far as it can go.” This reflects a dissatisfaction with the intensity of the vibrations, which could be a significant factor for those seeking a more powerful experience.
  2. Price Concerns: The toy cost of $229 was a common concern, with users feeling it did not justify the offered features. As Joe Z noted, “Nothing about it would suggest it should cost 2-3 times the price of comparable toys.”
  3. Design and Usability: The curved handle design and the length of the toy were mentioned as challenging for deeper insertion and overall use. Julie Farrell expressed difficulty with insertion due to the toy’s length and handle design.

Controls and How to Use

  • Control Buttons: There are three buttons to control the beads. The on/off button also toggles through eight different vibration patterns. There’s an increase power button (+) and a decrease power button (-). Additionally, you can lock/unlock the beads by holding down the + and – buttons, a feature that enhances their portability​

Soraya Beads Controls

  • Visibility Issue: A significant downside is that it’s hard to see the buttons while using the beads. This means you need to memorize the button layout to avoid fumbling and killing the mood. This could be a bit of a hassle, especially in the heat of the moment or for those who prefer more intuitive controls​
  • Learning Curve: Getting used to gripping the toy properly and manipulating the controls might take some time. This learning curve can initially be a bit of a hassle, particularly for those who are used to more user-friendly designs or prefer app or remote-controlled toys​
  • Indicator Lights: The buttons light up and flash when the battery is running low, which is helpful to avoid unexpected interruptions. They also indicate when the toy is fully charged, with the flashing light becoming steady once charging is complete. This feature adds a level of convenience to the user experience​
  • Starting with Bow Vibration Pattern: It’s recommended to start with the Bow Vibration pattern, where vibrations begin at the handle and work their way to the tip, creating an inward motion sensation. The middle button controls this pattern and can be a good starting point for beginners​

Delivery, Packaging, and Unboxing Experience

The delivery, packaging, and unboxing experience of LELO’s novel Beads is noteworthy, showcasing LELO’s attention to luxury and detail:

  • Packaging Quality: LELO’s packaging game is strong. The butt plug comes in sleek black and gold packaging, creating an air of luxury right from the start. The box itself is not just visually appealing but also sturdy, adding to the sense of quality. The packaging design effectively showcases the beads, enhancing the unboxing experience and making it feel more like unwrapping an elegant gift rather than just opening a sex toy​
  • Unboxing Experience: Upon opening the package, you’re greeted with the beads neatly embedded in soft black foam reminiscent of a high-end jewelry display. This thoughtful presentation not only protects the beads during shipping but also elevates the overall unboxing experience, making it feel special and premium​
  • Included Items: Alongside the anal vibrator, the package includes a sachet of LELO’s Magic Touch Personal Moisturizer, a black drawstring storage pouch, a USB charger cord, and an operating manual. These additional items add value to the purchase and ensure you have everything needed to use the beads immediately. The inclusion of the storage pouch, in particular, is a practical touch, allowing for discreet and safe storage of the beads when not in use​
  • Gender-Neutral Design: The design of the vibrating anal plug and its packaging is gender-neutral, making them an inclusive and considerate gift option for anyone interested in exploring anal play, regardless of gender​

Online Availability and Purchase Experience

  • Online Availability: LELO’s Anal Beads are readily available for purchase from various online sex toy retailers. This wide availability ensures that potential buyers have multiple options, making finding and purchasing the beads convenient.
  • Professional Handling of Post-Purchase Issues: One of the advantages of buying from an established online retailer, especially for a product like the LELO Soraya Beads, is the assurance of professional handling of post-purchase issues. This can include customer service inquiries, warranty claims, or any other concerns that might arise after purchase

Return Policy and Warranty

This vibrating anal toy comes with a solid warranty setup, but let’s break it down without any sugar coating:

  1. 2-Year Warranty: You’re covered for two years post-purchase when you buy the product. LELO’s got your back if any issues pop up during this time. You can file a claim and get a free replacement. But remember, hold on to your receipt – that’s your golden ticket for making a claim.
  2. 10-Year Quality Guarantee: This is where it gets interesting. After your initial 2-year warranty wraps up, you’re not left hanging. LELO extends a 10-year warranty. Yes, you read that right – ten years! This is a long-term commitment to ensure the quality of your product. However, this might not mean a decade of free replacements. It’s more of a quality guarantee, which is a big plus, but you should check the fine print to understand what’s covered in this period.


  • What is the Correct Way to Use Anal Beads?
    • Insert them slowly and gently, using plenty of lubricant, and remove them at the point of climax for enhanced sensation.
  • How Do You Prepare for Using Anal Beads?
  • Can All Genders Use Anal Beads?
    • Yes, anal beads can be enjoyed by people of any gender, offering unique stimulation.
  • How Do You Clean Anal Beads After Use?
    • Wash them with warm water and antibacterial soap, or use a specialized toy cleaner.
  • What Type of Lubricant Should You Use with Anal Beads?
    • Always opt for a water-based lubricant, as it’s safe for all types of anal beads and doesn’t degrade the material.
  • How Can You Ensure Safety While Using Anal Beads?
    • Never force the beads, listen to your body, and ensure they have a flared base to prevent them from going too deep.
  • Can Anal Beads Be Used During Solo Play?
    • Anal beads are great for solo exploration and can enhance masturbation.
  • Are There Different Sizes of Anal Beads?
    • They come in various sizes and numbers of beads, suitable for different experience levels.
  • How Often Can You Safely Use Anal Beads?
    • Using them as often as possible is safe, but always give your body time to recover if you feel discomfort.
  • Can Anal Beads Help in Preparing for Anal Sex?
    • Yes, they can help relax and gently stretch the anal muscles, making anal sex more comfortable.


Wrapping up, the LELO Anal Beads stand out as a top-tier choice in the world of anal toys. Blending luxury with innovative features, they deliver an unmatched experience. Their Bow Vibration patterns and individual motor-driven beads create a unique and captivating sensation catering to all experience levels.

The high-grade silicone and waterproof build and the carefully graduated bead sizes ensure comfortable and adaptable use for varied preferences. The subtle vibration intensity is perfect for those who enjoy a softer, more nuanced experience. While not an app-controlled vibrator, their straightforward operation is a refreshing change for many.

The ergonomically designed curved handle does require some getting used to, especially for deeper use, but it’s a small trade-off for the overall quality. At $229, the vibrating anal plug is an investment that pays off with its durability and exceptional features. They are, without a doubt, a valuable and luxurious addition to any collection, well worth considering for anyone looking to elevate their pleasure experience.

I hope my LELO Soraya Beads review was helpful and you can decide if this is the right toy to fit your needs and budget. If you have any additional questions, please comment under the article.

LELO Anal Beads
Design:4 out of 5 (4 / 5)
Comfort:5 out of 5 (5 / 5)
Power:3 out of 5 (3 / 5)
Experience:4 out of 5 (4 / 5)
Ease Of Use:5 out of 5 (5 / 5)
Price:3 out of 5 (3 / 5)

The LELO Vibrating Anal Beads excel with their innovative Bow Motion technology and cascade design, delivering a luxurious and uniquely satisfying experience.

You can buy the Soraya Vibrating Anal Plug from:

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Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

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