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My review of Womanizer Next [Test & Comparison to 20+ Clit Suckers]

The Womanizer Next is a game-changer in the world of clitoral stimulation. With its revolutionary 3D Pleasure Air Technology, Climax Control, and wide intensity range, it delivers the most realistic and customizable sucking sensation of any toy I’ve tested. If you’re looking to take your orgasms to the next level, the Womanizer Next is the perfect choice.

Review Summary

In this comprehensive Womanizer Next review, I cover:

  • Recommendations: Who should buy the Womanizer Next and who might prefer other options
  • Test Results: Detailed analysis of the toy’s performance in key areas like orgasm quality, motor power, intensity range, and more
  • How to Use: A guide to the Womanizer Next’s controls, features, and care instructions
  • Customer Reviews: An overview of feedback from other users
  • Wish List: Potential improvements for future versions
Womanizer Next - clit suction stimulator for the more sensitive anatomies
Orgasm Quality:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)
Motor Power:4 out of 5 (4.0 / 5)
Intensity Range:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Pulse Frequency:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)
Nozzle Comfort:4 out of 5 (4.0 / 5)
Value:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)
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In the video demo, I have made below, you can see how Next (in the bottom left corner) pulls in and out the silicone sheet. These slow-paced motions, with the pulses at very low frequencies but with nice pressure and depth, are the reason Next is the toy with the closest sensation of sucking from a toy, and not the normal tapping/buzzing feeling. The whole sensation is more wavy, and it stimulates and massages the entire sensitive area around the clit.

In the video above, the pulses at the lowest intensity levels of We-Vibe Melt, Womanizer Premium 2, Satisfyer Curvy 3+, and Womanizer Next.

What is unique and revolutionary about the Womanizer Next is its motor. With the new Climax Control feature and the 3D Air Pleasure Technology, you can adjust the depth of the airwaves at each intensity level. This means you can have 3 different pressure levels on each pulse frequency. This makes the Next the most customizable clit sucker that ranges from the most gentle of all the toys tested to one of the most power full. You can have 42 variations of pulse frequency (or airflow) and pressure (or depth of the waves).

The Next is one of the best suction vibrators, but I do not think it is for everyone (more on this in the recommendations section).

But buying a $200+ toy purely on reviews is hard because every person’s sexual response is different.

I tested the Next side-by-side against over 20 air pulse stimulators, evaluating key performance metrics like airflow, motor capacity, wave pressure, pulse frequency, and nozzle softness and dimensions. These metrics directly correlate with the perceived feeling and pleasure.

Womanizer Next compared to other clit sucking vibrators
Womanizer Next (second to the left, top row) compared to other clit sucking vibrators

I also tried them all to evaluate their orgasmic potential – for science.

Recommendations on Womanizer Next

Based on my testing of over 20 models, the Womanizer Next is one of the top 3 clitoral suction toys, along with the We-Vibe Melt and Womanizer Premium 2 – both also excellent models.

It delivers the most pronounced suction sensation of the air pulse vibrators I’ve tried. Its pulses feel more wavy and gradual – almost fluttering. In use, it creates a whirlpool-like sensation. For those who enjoy that gradual buildup, the Next does it best. However, if you prefer sharper, tap-like pulses you can distinguish, I’d recommend the Premium 2.

Womanizer Next compared to Womanizer Premium 2
Womanizer Next (right) compared to Womanizer Premium 2 (left), the benchmark for air pulse vibrator

The Next also has the highest intensity range on par with the Premium 2. But it is towards the lowest end. For example, if Next starts at 1 and ends at 8 on a 1 -10 scale, Premium 2 begins at 2 and ends at 9. If you are in the range of moderately sensitive to very sensitive, Next is the best. If you enjoy more powerful and distinctive pulses, go for the Premium 2. And for the power queens requiring the most intense stimulation on the border of throbbing, I’d recommend the Sona 2 Cruise.

It is also the quietest of the air pulse stimulators. If discretion is a priority, this is the best suction toy.

If you want a clit sucker to use in penetrative sex, there are better options. It is comfortable to hold but is bulkier and gets in the way. I recommend the We-Vibe Melt for a couple’s play due to its sleeker and slimmer silhouette.

If price is a factor, this toy is on the expensive side. Melt does not have the features or intensity range but also delivers great orgasms at a more affordable price. And if you are looking for the cheapest option, this is Satisfyer Curvy 3+. It lacks the intensities and the orgasm quality of the premium models, and it will only work for the more gentle to moderate sensitive users, but for its price, it offers decent orgasms.

The results of my Womanizer Next testing for this review

Here are the tests I have performed on Womanizer Next. All the scores are relative to the best-performing toy in the category.

How It Feels

Orgasm Rating:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)

Of the air pulse vibrators tested, the Womanizer Next provides the sensation most akin to sucking. At the lowest settings, the pulses have a very low frequency. It gently pulled at my skin in gradual waves, similar to oral stimulation. This pleasant wave sensation occurs at speeds 1-7. At speeds 7-14, the intensity builds substantially into one continuous powerful sucking wave. Personally, the lack of distinction between pulses can become irritating over time. However, the low pulse frequency remains, translating to deep and rumbly waves of stimulation.

In comparison to the other 2 most orgasmic clit suckers, the low speeds are very similar to the gentle purr of the Melt, but with much more expressed sucking to them. And while they both feel like one giant wave on the higher intensities, the Melt gets buzzy towards the end, while Next feels deeper. And with Premium 2, you can feel the distinctive taps of the pulses at higher intensities, which I prefer.

The sensations range from a gentle tease to an extremely intense sucking, allowing users to customize and control the experience to their exact comfort and pleasure levels. The climax control feature also allows adjusting the depth and intensity of the air pulses, adding another customization level.

Compared to the other clit suction toys tested, it is in my top 3 for the quality of the orgasm I get from it. I still get slightly better orgasms from We-Vibe Melt because of its ultra-comfortable nozzle design. I prefer Premium 2 on the higher intensities because I like the feeling of the separate pulses. Still, on its low to mid settings, Next felt amazing and the closest sensation to real sucking I got from an air-pressure vibrator.


Design Rating:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)

womanizer next design

It is very well designed. I have the sage version, and it’s beautiful and luxurious yet practical and ergonomic, holding a very classy look. It looks, feels, and sounds incredibly high quality. I have the sage color and two tones throughout the toy, split by silver detailing.

Its body and head are premium, silky silicone that is appealing and very smooth to the touch. The silicone is body-safe and free from phthalates, BPA, or latex.

It’s got a little more weight than expected. At 5.6 oz / 160 g, it is the heaviest of the toys tested; for comparison, the Womanizer’s Starlet 3 and Liberty are around 3 oz. But it is not heavy, the extra weight makes it feel well made, solid and high quality.

The Next fits very well within the hand, providing enough surface area for comfortable use and ease of access in whatever position you choose. The control buttons are well-placed and easy to access.

However, it is bigger compared with the most suction toys I own. It is even larger than the Premium 2, which is pretty chunky, and this means it does get in the way during sex or when combined with other sex toys. The good side is that I can squeeze it between my legs and go hands-free if I feel like it.

Overall, I am impressed with the look and feel of the toy. It does not get full 5 stars only because of its bulkier silhouette, which does not work well in all situations.

Intensity Range

Intensity Range Rating:5 out of 5 (5 / 5)

The intensity range is impressive. It is the widest of the clit suckers tested and on par with the Premium 2. If you require calming, gentle sucking or the full-blown, knock your clit off settings, it has them. The Climax Control feature makes the range of sensations even wider because you can enjoy each of the 14 levels on 3 different depths, directly affecting the perceived pulse intensity.

It starts with a very gentle, almost undetectable purr that is perfect for the most sensitive users and gradually builds up the speed to one of the most powerful clit suckers. Only Premium 2 is stronger in my normalized intensity scale, which does not include the LELO Sona 2 Cruise and the Rose Toy, which I only recommend for the power queens.

Clit suckers intensity chart

I like the first 7 speeds the best as they give me this munching away feel that is very close to oral, and it builds up the orgasms to the next level. The higher speeds keep their wave depth but feel like one giant wave that does not end, which can irritate me at the last 2-3 speeds. That is why if you are more of a power seeker, but in a moderate way, Premium 2 will be a better fit at the higher speeds.

Motor Power

Motor Power Rating:4 out of 5 (4 / 5)

The motor is powerful and balanced, falling into the upper-middle-range compared to other clitoral suction toys tested. Using a professional anemometer to measure airflow, it scored 50 FPM (feet per minute, an air velocity measurement near the nozzle). In comparison, most Satisfyer models reach a maximum of 30 FPM. The Premium 2 is slightly ahead at 65 FPM. For reference, 10-40 FPM aligns with most people’s preferred intensity range for achieving orgasm.

The motor also delivers decent airflow volume at 0.064 CFM (cubic feet per minute), indicating its motor capacity for moving air through the nozzle.

measuring airflow from the nozzle
Measuring the airflow at the nozzle

Air pulse toys create unique clitoral sensations through focused air bursts. Key motor measurements help quantify power and design performance differences translating to perceived intensity.

CFM (cubic feet per minute) indicates the total airflow volume circulated. Higher CFM enables wider pulsation spread over more surface area. This can lend a deeper, immersive vibration feeling.

Pressure (PSI) measures each pulse’s compressive force – its subjective “punch” upon impact. So, while CFM conveys overall stimulation potential, PSI better represents tactile intensity.

Pulse Frequency

Pulse Frequency Rating:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)

The skin and body tissues have innate resonant frequencies they best respond to, often in the 10-100 Hz range. A lower vibration tempo hits the resonant sweet spot better. With the lower frequency, the skin has more time to respond and avoids the nerve adaptation to the pulsations. That’s why a lower pulse per second count feels less intense but more pleasurable.

The Womanizer Next has some of the lowest wave frequencies on the lower intensity levels at around 10 Hz. The only model that is close is Satisfyer Curvy 3+, while models like Womanizer Liberty and LELO Sona 2 are at 200+ Hz on their lower speeds.

measuring pulse frequency
Measuring pulse frequency

It keeps the lower pulses at most speeds. On higher settings, around 9 to 11, it gets buzzier but is still within a reasonable range of 200 Hz. The most intensive speeds become more rumbly again at around 120 Hz.

Overall, the motor is very balanced and has some of the lower frequency vibrations of all the models tested over all its speeds. Only Premium 2 had a better pulse tempo over its range of intensities.

Nozzle Design

Nozzle Design Rating:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)

It comes with 2 different nozzles (or heads/mouths) to fit different anatomies better. Both are made of relatively soft silicone and feel comfortable. They are around 35 A on the Shore A scale and are in the golden middle. (I used a durometer to measure it). For comparison, the Satisfyer Triangle has the softest ‘mouth’ at 17.5 A and the Satisfyer Penguin the hardest at 50 A. Both extremes do not feel great because the softness transfers to the perceived intensity. Being too soft lowers the impact of the pulses while being too hard feels abusive and uncomfortable.

nozzle design

Both its heads have rounded edges that gently transfer the waves’ pressure to the skin and the nerves around it. Their depth and area are well calculated to work with the motor for the most pleasurable sensations.

Overall, the nozzle is the second most comfortable of all the tested clit suckers (only We-Vibe Melt’s mouth is better), and the comfort is similar to the Womanizer Premium 2.

It is worth mentioning that the heads (nozzles) of other Womanizer models are not interchangeable with the Next. In the photo I took below, you can see the difference in the design. Next has a more shallow head, but with a wider diameter.

Nozzle design comparison of Womanizer Next, Premium 2 and Starlet
Womanizers Starlet and Premium 2 can switch heads, but Next won’t fit.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use Rating:5 out of 5 (5 / 5)

There are 5 buttons, which are very intuitive and placed well. They are tactile and fairly large, around 0.4 in (1 cm) in diameter; they are easy to push and have quick response. What I love about the controls is that they are very straightforward. There is one separate button that turns it on and off, there are + and – buttons for the intensity adjustments, and the Climax Control and Autopilot have different buttons. This way, you know exactly what you are doing when pushing each button and what to expect will happen.

Womanizer Next buttons
Button placement

The detachable head and the premium silicone make it easy and fast to clean and dry.

Battery and Charging

Battery Rating:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)

Charging uses a magnetic USB cable that connects more securely than the Premium 2s. A full recharge takes approximately 2 hours. A handy LED indicator below the Climax Control button flashes during charging and glows steadily when complete, avoiding any doubt on status. I appreciate the indicator, as I sometimes lose track of charge progress on toys lacking this feedback.

All accessories with charging USB cable

I then ran the toy to the test. I turned off the Smart Silence feature and let it work in increments of 20 minutes on its max intensity. It has around 2 hours of battery, but the pulsations get weaker towards the end of the battery life, especially at higher speeds.

The video above shows the magnetic charger’s strong connection to the charging port—a weak point of the Premium 2.

The battery is one of the best of the air pulsators tested, except for the Premium 2. It also has a very good play-to-charge ratio. And its Smart Silence feature helps preserve the battery life because the sucker only works when doing its job.

Noise Level

Noise Rating:5 out of 5 (5 / 5)

Next is the quietest clit sucker of all tested. It is barely audible when it works on its lower settings, even with the Smart Silence off. After level 7, it gets noisy, but if you turn the Smart Silence on and it only works when attached to the body, it is very hushed and can not be heard on a closed door, even at the very highest level when it sucks at the body. The lowest intensity level is 30 dB at a 1-foot distance, compared to a whisper in the library.

Just make sure not to touch the nozzle while the toy is not in contact with your body because this will activate it, and it will start making noises.

Womanizer Next noise level at the most powerful intensity when next to the body
Noise level at the most powerful intensity when attached to the body


Durability rating:5 out of 5 (5 / 5)

The manufacturer claims an IPX7 waterproof rating. I tested it by turning the Smart Silence off and letting it work in a water bowl for 10 minutes. It passed the test with no issues. It has a very high-quality build and feel and has a 5-year warranty.

Delivery and unboxing

Unboxing Rating:5 out of 5 (5 / 5)

The stimulator arrived in a plain cardboard box with no labeling to indicate the sender – very discreet, especially if you have noisy neighbors or live with others. Opening the package, the box has an eye-catching, sexy aesthetic that screams Womanizer branding. As always, their packaging impresses.

Womanizer Next box and accessories
Box and accessories

The box features colored accents matching the toy, with eye-catching gold details. While presenting ample information, the packaging remains clean and easy to follow. A ribbon tab allows sliding the inner box from its sleeve, revealing the toy inside, covered by a hygienic sheet. Hygiene seals adorn the packaging. There is another smaller box holding a user guide and safety pamphlet, an extra nozzle, a USB charging cable, and a handy storage bag – though the outer box also works great for storage.

The packaging follows eco-friendly standards, using recyclable and minimal plastic materials. Even the included storage bag shuns polyester for more sustainable cotton. It displays the cheeky branding text “Go love yourself” – a fun finishing touch.

Cleaning, Maintenance, and Storage

Upkeep Rating:5 out of 5 (5 / 5)

As a silicone, IPX7 waterproof model, cleaning is a breeze. I wash the main body separately from the head using warm water and soap, then rinse away any residual moisture in the head. The silicone is very high quality and dries fast. When it dries, I put it in the storage bag so it does not attract lint and is ready to be used again.

The cleaning and maintenance of this toy is a breeze.


Value Rating:4.5 out of 5 (4.5 / 5)

One of the most expensive clit suction toys I have tested at around $200. However, its quality build, orgasmic potential, intensity range, customization, and quality make it well worth the price.

Womanizer brand reputation

Womanizer is a German brand that pioneered air pulse vibrators 10 years ago with their ‘air pleasure’ technology. Several iconic models, like the Premium, have established their reputation for thoughtful design, engineering, and build quality. The generous 5-year warranty offered on all Womanizers further supports this.

How to use Womanizer Next

Product specification

  • Colors: Black, Dark Purple, Sage
  • Waterproof: IPX 7
  • Run Time: 120 min
  • Charge Time: 120 min
  • Head Material: Body-safe silicone
  • Materials: Body-safe silicone
  • Weight: 165g
  • Dimensions: L 17.1 x W 5.4 x H 5.7​
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty


The controls are very intuitive and easy to use. At the bottom of the handle is the on/off button. Below the silver element is the Climax Control button that controls the depth of the air waves. Under it, an LED indicator shows you at which depth level the toy is currently running.

Womanizer Next buttons
Button placement on top of the toy

Then, in the middle of the back are the + and – buttons. They are ergonomic, tactile, easy to push, and quick to respond. What they do is increase or decrease the intensity levels.

If you hold the – button while the toy is working, it activates the Afterglow function. Holding the + and – buttons together and pressing them turns the Smart Silence feature on and off.

The button on the front of the toy, at the bottom of the handle, activates or stops the Autopilot.


Several special features enhance the experience.

Smart Silence – I love this feature because it makes the sucker virtually silent because it only works when it touches the skin. It also saves a lot on the battery life because you only use it when needed at the right spot.

Climax Control – This is an exciting new feature that only Next has. It allows you to control the depth of the air waves at three levels, which offers even more nuanced sensations. I also use it to build up my orgasms and, when I climax, to reduce the depth of the wave to a level that just lightly pets my clit.

Afterglow – this feature allows you to get back to the lowest suction speed after you orgasm by pressing and holding the – button. However, this level is too low for me, and I prefer to use the Climax Control button instead.


Use lubricant. And lots of it. Because this toy’s suction is strong, since the toy is silicone, use only water-based lubricant. The lubricant is the reason I do not recommend using clit suction toys under the shower or bath because it washes away the lube, and especially in the highest setting, the sensation can get too intense, even numbing and hurting.


Here is a link to the official manual, and I have saved it in PDF here in case the web page is inaccessible.

Customer Reviews on Womanizer Next

The toy is relatively new (launched in January 2024) and is early for analyzing customer reviews. I prefer to do that 6 months after the launch of a toy so I can analyze and comment on the negative reviews and if they hold merit. Currently, most reviews I found are rave reviews.

Here are some stats and reviews from testers on the Womanizers internal testing program.

  • Stats/Data:

    “94% of Next testers achieved orgasm when using the toy, and a staggering 80% reported multiple orgasms as a result of the gentler stimulation.” “70% reported more intense orgasms and 64% more special orgasms.”

  • Tester Quotes:

    “Sometimes it doesn’t feel like a machine; it’s very natural and intense.”

Wish List

Next is almost perfect, but for the Next 2.0 version, I’ll be happy to see a nozzle similar to the one We-Vibe Melt with wider, more oval, and thinner and softer walls. And if the motor could keep the wavy feeling from the first half of the intensity range to the maximum, that would be amazing. Its shape is good for hands-free stimulation, but having an app like a remote control vibrator would be great. And I miss the battery indicator Premium 2 has. Now, it is replaced by the Climax Control indicator, and I can only know the battery life if I connect the toy to a charger.

My final thoughts on Womanizer Next: is it worth it?

Womanizer Next proves its premium status and is currently in my top 3 of the best clit suckers. It provides the most expressed suction feeling; it is the most customizable of the clit suction toys I have tested, keeps pleasurable low-frequency pulses, and has a great intensity range.

I think its high price is justified based on the quality orgasms it provides, its features, and its quality build.

Womanizer Next - clit sucker for the more sensitive anatomies

Despite a couple of minor drawbacks, if budget is no concern, you tend towards mid-to-high sensitivity, and you want to experience that pleasurable suction sensation, Next is the best clit sucker for you.

You can buy this product from:

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

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