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How To Find and Stimulate your Prostate

The prostate gland is located in the center of the pelvis and contains seminal fluid, which is excreted when a man ejaculates. While you can’t actively stimulate the prostate, you can stimulate it indirectly by anal massage and external perineum stimulation.

Some men have swollen prostates as a result of medical conditions or drug abuse, which may cause pain and discomfort. For many men, though, it is a fantastic sex organ that offers intense sexual gratification. Some people have started naming the prostate the male G-spot, which isn’t entirely true. Others have begun to refer to it as the P-spot, which is the modern way to say it.

Time Needed: Take it slowly at first, maybe giving yourself an hour to explore and experiment.

Take a quick shower and relax.

When it comes to anal play, many men have a few problems with the very idea of exploration. Taking a warm shower or bath, or watching an adult movie will help you relax. The bath or shower is also a perfect place to start investigating.

You won’t find anything in the rectum because feces just pass through it on their way out of the body.
If you’re worried about getting a bowel movement during prostate stimulation, make sure you use the restroom prior to self-exploring.

Trim your nails and file away any rough edges.

The lining of the anus is extremely delicate and can be easily torn. If you’re going to play with anal sex toys, make sure they’re not dangerous and are specially intended for anal penetration.

Latex gloves are also a good option.

They’re a perfect way to cope with hangnails and minor cuts on your fingers, and they even act as a buffer between you and your bodily fluids if you’re concerned about cleanliness.

Get aroused.

Since the prostate swells when stimulated, it’s easier to find it when you’re turned on, so watch an adult film, masturbate, fantasize…whatever gets you in the mood.

Get comfy and relax.

If you’re on your own, find a position that you’re most relaxed in and that gives you access to your bum. Squatting or lying on your side are two great options. Sitting in a comfortable chair or lying on your back with your legs in the air might also help.

Find the position that you’ll enjoy for a long time. Pillows are a great way to make yourself more relaxed and to provide additional comfort.

Begin by massaging your anus and perineum from outside in.

The penetration phase of anal play should never be rushed. Begin by massaging the outside of your body. Most men find massaging the perineum, which is located between the testicles and above the anus, to be very soothing and pleasurable.

Massage your anus in a circular, rhythmic motion.

Without inserting your finger inside, softly press on the anus as if you were pushing a button. This will aid in the relaxation of the anal sphincter.

Find your P-spot.

Around two inches in and toward your abdomen, you should be able to feel your prostate. It’s usually shaped like a walnut.

Some men will feel when they are touching it because the texture is different, while others will not manage to distinguish it that easily.

It might be more convenient to have someone else locate it for you (if you have someone you can trust about this!).

Experiment with various types of touch.

You should play with what feels good once you’ve found the prostate. Applying a lubricant to your fingers or anal vibrator is much simpler and more convenient.

Some men prefer the sensation of constant pressure or pressing on the prostate, while others prefer stimulation or on-off pressure.

You should also try squeezing your PC muscle to see how the sensation of prostate stimulation shifts.

Adding a prostate massager is a good idea.

Anal sex toys, especially P-spot massagers can be a fun way to get a feel for how prostate stimulation feels. Prostate stimulation toys are often equipped with a slight curve. Some toys vibrate, which is a totally different feeling that some guys like while others dislike. If you’re going to use a vibrator, make sure it has a variable speed setting so you can start slowly if necessary.

Butt plugs are another good option.

Butt plugs are anal toys that are meant to be inserted and remain in the anus. Some guys will insert a butt plug and then engage in various forms of sexual activity (either masturbation or have sex with their partners).
Many people say that wearing a butt plug (which offers mild yet continuous prostate stimulation) improves the quality of their orgasms. Most butt plugs don’t vibrate, but there a few more advanced models that provide that feature as well.


At first, any form of anal penetration can be very painful. As you play, remember to take deep breaths. Try to time the breathing to match the intensity of the orgasm.

Please take your time. Don’t rush it, and if you start to feel uneasy, take a break or stop exploring for the time being.

If you wish, you can prepare for prostate stimulation with various types of sex toys as well:


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