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Lovense Dolce (Previously Quake) Review

Dolce is a remote-control dual vibrator and the latest addition to the Lovense sex toy line. It has two adjustable arms that stay exactly in the position you set them and perfectly fit most body shapes.

In this review, I want to show you how powerful Lovense Dolce is. It has two separate motors in each arm that you can control separately. The insertable vaginal arm is just as powerful as the Lush 3 (considered one of the most powerful insertable vibrators). The clitoral arm is so strong that it can give you an orgasm in a few seconds in mid-range settings. Dolce by Lovense provides fulfilling, blended orgasms that you can enjoy solo or be controlled by your partner.

Speaking of partners, Dolce can be controlled from iOS, Android, Mac, or PC devices from all over the world. This makes it a perfect sexy addition to your long-distance relationship. The Lovense app allows you to play with unlimited patterns, adjust the strength of the vibrations, sync it to music or your lover’s speech. The app is also very stable, so there are no constant interruptions like other apps I have used.

Dolce is like Lush 3 on steroids because of the clitoral arm. The sensation of the dual stimulation is overwhelming and if you have to choose between Lush 3 and Dolce for bedroom play, choose Dolce.

However, Dolce is twice as heavier as Lush or any other vibrating panty, so I would not recommend it as a wearable vibrator for public play. Another reason I would not use it outside is that its clitoral arm buzz is not absorbed by the body as well, and it can be noisy, especially in quiet environments.

Lovense Dolce remote dual vibrator intro image
Power:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Noise:4 out of 5 (4.0 / 5)
Material:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Design/Size:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Experience:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Price:4 out of 5 (4.0 / 5)
Controls:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
App:5 out of 5 (5.0 / 5)
Average:4.8 out of 5 (4.8 / 5)

Comfy wearable panty vibrator for pleasurable clitoral stimulation with remote-control options.

You can buy this vibe from:

Pros and Cons


  • Ergonomic design that easily adapts to most body shapes.
  • Two adjustable arms that stay in place for maximum comfort for dual clit and vaginal stimulation
  • Very powerful with two motors that you can control separately
  • A stable app that offers total control from anywhere, and you can create your own patterns
  • Fully waterproof, submersible, and easy to clean
  • Provides 100% hands-free orgasms


  • Dolce is heavier than Lush 3 and other vibrating panties, so it is not as comfortable as a wearable vibrator.
  • It’s too noisy to use in a quiet public place (e.g., a restaurant)
  • Arm length does not adjust

How Does it Work

To make your sessions with Lovense Dolce orgasmic and satisfying, you need to adjust the vibrator to your unique body shape and curves. To do this, you can bend each arm of the sex toy individually until the inner arm reaches your G-spot while the outer arm covers your clitoris.

The outer arm is the flatter arm with the buttons underneath. The inner arm is the more bulbous one, and it provides exceptional satisfaction. It covers the clitoris, and you can easily adjust the pressure you want to experience.

Depending on how you adjust both arms, you can control the intensity of your orgasms.

If the flexible arms are in constant contact with your G-spot and clitoris, it won’t take you too long to orgasm, especially if there’s too much pressure on your clitoris. Once the constant contact and powerful vibrations do their job, your climax won’t take long to happen. That’s how I found out that I can orgasm several times, almost without a break between successive climaxes.

Remember that you can also control Dolce’s arms separately. You can only do separate control of each arm’s vibration pattern through the Lovense app on your mobile device.

Lovense Dolce has multiple bending points, a feature I’m sure you’ll appreciate. And once you set it, both arms stay locked in place, so you don’t have to worry about the toy slipping while you’re wearing it.lovesne quake adjustable

My experience

When I first saw the Dolce vibrator, I’d a queasy feeling because I thought I’d have to wear it during intercourse. However, the inner arm seemed too big anyway, so I couldn’t imagine having sex while the toy was inside me.

Luckily, reading the instructions helped me a lot, and I felt much better knowing that I didn’t have to worry about widening my vagina to allow a penis to enter it.

The first time I tried Lovense Dolce, I was home alone. I couldn’t wait for the toy to charge fully, so I took it off the charger after half an hour.

I wanted to set it to feel more pressure the first time, so the clit arm pressed hard on my clit while the G-spot arm felt enormous and fulfilling inside me.

I used the manual mode as I wanted to feel the vibrations as soon as possible. I didn’t want to connect my phone and the toy yet.

The vibrator was on, I wanted to see how the different patterns felt, but my plans had to change as the stimulation felt so intense I couldn’t even think about switching to the next pattern. Maybe I was too excited to try out my new toy, I’m sure I was when I inserted the G-spot arm because I was wet, but oh, wow – my first climax surprised me after no more than 20 seconds! My first orgasm with Dolce was like a real earthquake – super intense and satisfying.

BUT since the experience was unexpected and a bit overwhelming, I needed a break right after the climax. And there was no break, the vibrator kept pulsing, and I couldn’t gather my thoughts or think of how to stop it. So I just grabbed it and pulled out, which wasn’t the perfect way to end my solo session.

The good news is that I quickly learned from my mistake, so I spent some more time adjusting the vibrator. I get to O too quickly when the friction is too much, but the experience can get too overwhelming. So I bent my arms so that they’re still in constant contact with my G-spot and clit, but no pressure is applied once I turn the vibrator on. The vibrations became more gentle and teasing.

After this quick fix, using Dolce became more than orgasmic. Imagine the feeling you get just before climax when your whole body shakes in expectation of the culmination. Now imagine that feeling lasting for minutes. For me, Dolce was a game-changer in terms of female satisfaction. And even though I just got mine a few days ago, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve become a bit addicted to it.



The previous name of the Dolce was Lovense Quake, which was is no accident. The vibrator is so powerful that it can be associated with an earthquake in your underpants.

In terms of power, Dolce is similar in strength to the Lush 3. But the Lush 3 only has an internal part, while the Dolce also has a clitoral arm that is just as strong as the insertable G-spot arm, so it’s twice as powerful thanks to the double stimulation.


Dolce is not a discreet sex toy, especially if you want to wear it in a quiet public place. Sure, a walk in the park is fine, but be careful if people are snooping around.

If you are at home and the door to your room is closed, you can not hear anything. However, if you have roommates and are still worried about someone hearing you, you can easily stop the external arm from vibrating with the Lovense app.

We used a special app to measure the noise level this sex toy emits:

Minimul and Maximum Noise Level


Dolce is made of high-quality, body-compatible silicone. The device is non-porous, phthalate-free, and non-toxic to your body. It doesn’t cause allergic reactions or irritation, even after prolonged use.

Be sure to use only water-based lubricants with the Dolce, as silicone and oil-based lubricants can damage the silicone.


Lovense Dolce is pink in color with convex stripes on both arms. These stripes provide extra stimulation while the shape of the Dolce provides simultaneous, close-to-body double stimulation. The matte, soft grip provides maximum pleasure and comfort when wearing the toy.

It has an ergonomic design that fits most body shapes. The flat clitoral arm provides rumbling vibrations and can be adjusted to apply varying pressure based on personal preference. The insertable bubbly arm is designed to stimulate the G-spot and fits snugly inside the vagina. It has almost the same shape and size as Lush 3.

Lovense Dolce weighs 4.7 ounces (146 g). It is comfortable and light enough to be worn in the bedroom, but in my opinion, it is not comfortable as a wearable vibrator.

lovense quake weight

Do not fully straighten the toy, or it may break or be permanently damaged.


Once you insert Dolce, you will find that it is made to cover the entire labia and provide maximum contact with the clitoris.

The bulbous part will give you a fulfilling feeling after insertion, that’s for sure. But it does not feel overwhelmingly large, even though my vagina is pretty tight.

The insertable length of Lovense Dolce is 3 inches (8cm).

lovesne quake size


You do not need to buy or change batteries because Dolce is rechargeable via USB. In addition, the charging port is a magnetic charger that speeds up the charging process.

Make sure you have turned off the device before charging. The included cable can be plugged into any USB port or USB/AC power adapter and will light up red. A full charge takes approximately 70 minutes. Note that you should not use the toy while it is charging!

When charging is complete, the steady red light will turn off.

After around 70 minutes (the time required for full charging), you can enjoy the vibrations of the Dolce for up to 2 hours.

Be sure to charge the Dolce at least once every six months – this will prolong the battery’s life.

Manual Control

Dolce can be operated manually or via Bluetooth using the Lovense remote control app.

To control the vibrator manually, tap and hold the A button (the on/off button) for about 3 seconds. Now you can cycle through the preset vibrations until you find the pattern that best suits your mood.

The B button is also Indicator Light. When you tap it, you can go “down” through the preset vibrations. Note that in manual mode, you cannot independently adjust the internal and external arms.

lovense quake controls

App control

If you (or your partner) prefer to control Dolce via Bluetooth, this is possible from an unlimited distance as long as the device you are using is connected to the Internet. Make sure you have the Lovense app installed, available for free at App Store or Google Play.

If you already own other Lovense toys, you know for a fact that the app is the best thing about them.

The fully customizable Lovense app is the most advanced Bluetooth control app available to date. It provides a reliable connection regardless of the distance between you and your lover. It offers unlimited options for creating, mixing, and matching patterns and increasing or decreasing the intensity of the vibrations.

The app makes it easy to connect your toy to most other Lovense sex toys, so they sync automatically. The connected devices vibrate at the same rhythm, making for a very realistic experience for both partners.

Learn more about how to use the Lovense app.


Dolce is a pretty versatile sex toy, as it combines the main functions of different types of sex toys. First, the G-spot arm has a similar function to G-spot vibrators and Rabbit vibrators. Then there is the external clitoral stimulation arm, which provides a similar type of stimulation as a bullet sex toy or a wand massager.

Additionally, Dolce is a Bluetooth vibrator and a hands-free sex toy, so it delivers the best possible results in terms of versatility.

Note that this vibrator is not suitable for anal use!


As with all other Lovense toys, cleaning is effortless. You can wash your Dolce under running water with a mild soap or sex toy cleaner. The Dolce is waterproof (IPX7) and can be submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes (perfect for shower/bathtub/pool play).

Do not boil the toy as the battery may explode or water may leak and permanently damage it.

Be sure to do this before and after each use. Dry the vibrator thoroughly before storing it in the satin pouch that is also included.


Dolce combines several features, such as high-quality material, fully adjustable design, manual and remote options, and strong vibration. All of this suggests a higher product price, but fortunately the price is quite decent compared to similar devices. You can get Lovense Dolce for only $120!


In Dolce’s box, you will find

  • The original adjustable dual vibrator
  • Magnetic USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • Quick setup guide
  • White satin storage pouch

lovense quake unboxing

Lovense Dolce vs Lovense Lush 3

The name Dolce is accurate, as the Lovense Dolce vibrates more than the Lush 3, with its vibrations bouncing more than the latter’s through the flexible midsection (1.5 inches long between the G-spot bulb and clitoral arm).

The tail of the Lush 2 is extremely flexible, just like the tail of Lush 3. However, they don’t stimulate the clit. There are indeed some leftover vibes but they won’t be enough to provoke an orgasm.

On the other hand, Dolce has a sturdy external arm, specially designed to cover and massage the clitoris.

Lovense Dolce vs Lovense Lush 3

The motor power

The G-spot arm in the Lovense Dolce provides just as powerful stimulation as the bulbous part in the Lovense Lush 3 and Lush 2.

The only difference is the texture where the internal arm hits the G-spot. With Lush 3 and Lush 2, it was smooth, while Dolce is made with ridged texture to provide more intense stimulation.

The external arm is made the same way – the ridges assure a better contact with the clit, and the entire clitoral part stays exactly where you placed it.

Simultaneous G-spot and clit stimulation

Dolce has a strong dual stimulation effect, while Lovense Lush 2 and Lush 3 have a less direct effect. Lush’s tail does vibrate, but it’s only a leftover vibration thick and does not apply any pressure.
The Lovense Dolce in particular has very strong clitoral vibrations that you can feel while walking, sitting, or laying down.


All Lovense toys are USB rechargeable and completely waterproof. Dolce and Lush 3 are magnetically rechargeable, which means you clip the charger on rather than inserting a charging wand into the body of the vibrator like other rechargeable vibrators (such as Lush 2).

This is a common update we are seeing in the last few years as plug-in “self-healing” chargers are pushed out of the market.

This doesn’t make a significant difference, only that you’ll need to run your nail over the “dimple” of the Lush 2’s charging port to remove fluids when washing this vibrator, while with magnetic charging ports things are made easier and less obtrusive.

Lovense Dolce vs We-Vibe Sync

We-Vibe Sync operates on the same principle as the Dolce vibrator. Both toys have internal G-spot arms and external clitoral arms. Both toys can be controlled manually or via a remote app, We-Connect app and Lovense app, respectively.

The exact dimensions and weights of these U-shaped vibrators are as follows:

  • ‎ Sync 2.9 x 1.6 x 0.77 inches; 3.17 Ounces
  • Dolce 3.54 x  3.74 x 2.9 inches; 4.8 Ounces

We-Vibe Sync bs Lovense Ferri

Dolce is obviously bigger and weighs a bit more, which makes it more fulfilling during use. Both sex toys are wearable but while Sync is specially designed for couples’ play, the Dolce is mostly for solo use (since the bulbous part is too big and a penis will hardly fit inside the vagina). Oh, and Lovense Dolce is significanltly less discreet compared to the Sync.

The motor power

In terms of vibration strength, both the We-Vibe Sync and the Lovense Dolce are powerful enough to deliver intense orgasms. But, while Sync is more gentle and unintrusive during use, Dolce offers powerful stimulation even on its lowest settings. The main difference is due to the size of the toys and the way they ‘hug’ your body.

While the Sync toy is way more delicate and can be used for teasing only, with the Dolce there is no chance to skip the sweet orgasmic sensation.

Dual Stimulation Options

We-Vibe and Lovense company created their U-shaped vibrators so they can be as versatile as possible. You can operate the internal or external arms of the vibrators separately, using the applications. You can turn off one of the arms if you like and you can adjust both vibrators to your own customized rhythm.


We-Vibe Sync’s charger deserves extra points, due to the compact white box that stores the Sync vibrator and also charges it (when connected via USB to a power source). You could have this charger in your room and no one would know unless they saw the We-Vibe branding and knew what they sell.

To charge the Sync and safeguard its’ remote, just put them in the charging base (the remote fits in the side pocket, and the magnetic port on the vibrator should fit the magnetic charging port on the one side of the box). You’ll also get a USB cable for connecting the charging base to your computer or a power outlet.

Once connected, the charger’s base will flash yellow. This indicates your toy is charging. Complete charging takes about 2 hours and you can use it up to 90 minutes after a full charge.

As mentioned earlier, with Dolce, complete charging takes around 70 minutes, which gives around 120 minutes of uninterrupted play.

Check the price of We-Vibe Sync: We-Vibe

Disclosure: I got Lovense Dolce for free in exchange for an honest review. If you buy your toy from the links in this article, I might get a commission.

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