Vibrators on an Airplane and Other Sex Toy Travel Tips

Traveling with Vibrators on an Airplane

I travel with my vibrator very frequently and regularly receive many questions about doing so. There have been times when I have traveled with over $1,000 worth of vibrators in my bag. When this happens, I inevitably get searched, which makes me laugh. I have no shame when security catches me with my vibrator supply.

A lot of people ask – can you bring a vibrator on a plane, or do you need to check it? How about the TSA? What rules apply? I recently traveled to Belgium and will be going to Italy soon after. Given my extensive experience with traveling with vibrators, I can provide some guidance.

First, you can carry vibrators on planes or check them in luggage. Many rechargeable toys contain lithium batteries, which is not a concern for airport security. Lithium batteries are only prohibited if they are loose spare batteries, as those can pose a fire hazard. The perfect example of toys you can travel with discretely are small bullet vibrators, vibrating panties, different remote control vibrators with travel locks, and clit suckers.

Vibrators on an Airplane and Other Sex Toy Travel Tips

Rechargeable batteries enclosed within devices are permitted on flights whether you carry on or check them. I always recommend using the travel lock function if your vibrator has one to prevent accidental activation. The toy’s material does not matter for getting through security either.

As for the AAA-type batteries, it is always a good idea to remove them from the vibrator and leave them in your check-in baggage. If they are in the toy, they look more suspicious to the airport security, and the chance they will search your bags is bigger.

When bringing lubricant, ensure bottles are under 3 ounces if carrying on

You may also want to check bondage equipment and large vibrators like vibrating wands, rabbits, and G-spot stimulators rather than carrying them on. BDSM toys like floggers, crops, or anything spiky the security might interpret as a weapon.

Some toys may not be worth flying with. To some extent, the security and safety of your luggage are random. Losing bags, having items stolen from checked luggage, having your carry-on or checked luggage searched.

All of these things might happen, and if you have a sex toy that you absolutely don’t want to part with or one that is particularly complicated (I’m thinking of sex toys for electricity play and “sex machines” that come with multiple moving parts) you may want to either leave it at home or use a courier company to ship it.

As airlines have started charging for checked bags, courier companies are now eagerly going after the traveler market. Sending your beloved toys (or toys to your beloved) ahead, requiring a signature, and paying the extra few bucks for insurance are all ways to reduce the chances of delay or embarrassment at the airport and disappointment at your final destination.

I also suggest cleaning your toys thoroughly before packing them. This avoids embarrassment if security searches your bag and finds less than pristine toys. But despite rumors, TSA agents commonly encounter vibrators and do not react or comment. They see all kinds of things and will simply continue their inspection as normal. I have never experienced inappropriate behavior in these situations.

That said, some countries prohibit traveling with vibrators altogether – for example, India and the United Arab Emirates. So, if you travel to a more conservative country, make sure always to check its stance and legality on the sex toys on its territory to avoid trouble.

Below, you’ll find some interesting feedback from people who often travel with their sex toys:

How to travel discretely with sex toys

Carry-On Is the Way to Go

I am in direct sales of adult toys and I often travel to do in-home parties and always carry my demo on so as not to have my bag “lost”. As I instruct my customers, I always take the batteries out (it prolongs the life of the toy and the batteries) before going through the security screening. I was once told by a former TSA agent (who is now a business partner) that with the batteries in, it looks like the barrel of a loaded gun. I haven’t had my bags searched since.

—Guest The Passion Prencess

Sex toys in Muslim/Arab countries.

I am an American woman and travel often to Muslim countries. I am actually in Kuwait as I type this. Everything that was said about traveling with toys is correct but, it needs to be said that bringing sex toys into most of these particular countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, ect…) is illegal and is also illegal to own them or have them in your possession. Just wanted to say that since I am also a sex toy reviewer and sex blogger and hate to travel without some of my favorite toys. Better to be safe (leaving them at home if you are going to one of these countries) than have them confiscated or worse, find yourself in trouble with the legal authorities.


I hope these tips help anyone nervous about transporting their vibrator collection on their next vacation! Do not hesitate to pack your favorites and necessary supplies. With some basic precautions, you can travel freely with your toys and avoid hassles in the screening process. Let me know if you have any other questions before you jet off!

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

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