The Best Egg Vibrators Tested

The Best Egg Vibrators Tested [Lush 3 vs. Jive vs. Esca 2]

Buying vibrators purely on reviews is a hit or miss since we are all unique and have different sexual responses and sensitivity. And buying a $100+ egg vibrator that does not work for your anatomy is a total buzzkill. I’ve been there.

Comparison of Lovense Lush 3, We-Vibe Jive, and OhMiBod Esca 2 egg vibrators

That’s why I have tested side-by-side the most recommended by the user’s egg vibrators – Lovense Lush 3, We-Vibe Jive, and OhMiBod Esca 2.

And most importantly, I have tested the vibration with a highly sensitive vibrometer and I can tell you objectively how strong and deep the vibration of each toy is.

So, to the point, which egg vibrator is the best overall choice?

Best for Most People

Lovense Lush 3 egg vibrator

Lovense Lush 3 is the clear winner, and I recommend it for most people. Let me explain why.

Most people with vaginas get their G-spot stimulated by pressure rather than vibration. That’s why to have the most pleasurable experience, you need an egg vibrator with the strongest, deepest vibrations and enough girth to apply some pressure on the vaginal walls. And even then, orgasms from purely hands-free G-spot vibrations are rare. That’s why egg vibes are not that great for solo play but are amazing for foreplay, edging, sex aid, and especially to add thrills in public when controlled by a partner.

Lovense Lush 3 is all of this. It has the strongest and deepest vibrations of the three eggs, it has the best Bluetooth connectivity, the best range, the most feature-rich app, and the best battery life. That’s why Lush 3 is still the gold standard in egg vibrators and is the toy most people should choose.

We-Vibe Jive vibrating egg

The only scenario I can think of where I would recommend We-Vibe Jive over Lush 3 is if you are hypersensitive (because Jive’s vibrations are much gentler), you have trouble with penetration (it’s a tad smaller in girth), or you need a super quiet toy (Yes, Jive is quieter than Lush because its vibes are much weaker).

OhMiBod Esca 2 egg vibe

Esca 2 is nothing special. It is in between Jive and Lush 3 in terms of vibration strength and comfort. Probably, that is why I do not see it listed on the official LoveLifeToys website.

What’s Next in This Guide on the Egg Vibrators?

Now, let’s continue with how I reached those conclusions.

First, a few words for beginners on what vibrating love eggs are and why they became so popular.

Then I’ll continue with all the important features a good egg vibrator should have and how Lovense Lush 3, We-Vibe Jive, and OhMiBod Esca 2 compare in each category:

Then I have some advice for you based on my experience on how to maximize the pleasure from using your vibrator both solo and with a partner, and how to introduce a vibrating egg in your relationship.

What Are Egg Vibrators and Why Are They Popular?

Egg vibrators are small oval-shaped insertable toys designed to stimulate the G-spot. Their sleek, ergonomic shape allows for comfortable and easy insertion, while their size makes them perfect for discreet play sessions at home or on the go. They also have a tail that is used to safely pull out the vibrator after a session and doubles as an antenna for the Bluetooth connection. The better models (like those I have tested for this article) have an app for remote control and long-distance play.

Egg vibrators are trendy because they add a new thrill and excitement to a relationship and even to solo adventures in public. Trivial events like grocery shopping or going to the movies can be such a turn-on with a wearable G-spot vibrator nested comfortably in your vagina and your partner controlling the buzz.

My partner loves to tease me at random through a date night with the app on his phone. He loves to watch my reactions, especially around people, while I try to keep a straight face. All social settings become great fun with an egg vibrator!

Choosing the Right Egg Vibrator for You

Vibrating Eggs: Vibration Power and Intensity Range

How do the Lovense Lush 3, OhMiBod Esca 2, and We-Vibe Jive compare in terms of vibration power and intensity range?

I have used a special vibration meter to measure the exact intensity of each of the egg vibrators tested. In the table below you can see three parameters: acceleration, velocity and displacement. How those terms translate to feeling?

  • Acceleration: How quickly the toy speeds up and slows down as it vibrates
    • Quick changes in speed = feels more jolting and powerful
    • Gradual changes in speed = feels less jolting and powerful
  • Velocity: How fast the egg vibrates
    • Faster vibration = more intense feeling
    • Slower vibration = less intense feeling
  • Displacement: How far the toy moves back and forth
    • Small vibration = more of a “buzzy” surface feeling
    • Big vibration = more of a deep, “rumbly” feeling

I have multiplied the Acceleration and the Velocity because they both contribute to the perceived intensity to form the Intensity factor. This number will give you a basic idea how strong each egg vibe is.

ModelAcceleration (Intensity)Velocity (Speed)Displacement (Depth)Intensity factor
Lovense Lush 3172426260.160.11442624
OhMiBod Esca 271413150.090.0791210
We-Vibe Jive2.575140.050.1112.598

Measuring egg vibrators intensity with vibration meter

So, what do the numbers tell us?

We-Vibe Jive is the most gentle of the egg vibrators. It starts with an almost unnoticeable vibration that is kind of buzzy, and then at its peak, it gets deeper, but it is still very weak. Actually, the maximum power of the Jive is where Esca 2 starts at its lowest speed.

Esca is exactly in between Jive and Lush 3 in terms of intensity. And despite what a lot of bloggers say, its vibrations are buzzier (more superficial) than the Lush 3 and even Jive. The lowest starting level of Lush 3 can be compared to the maximum power of the Esca 2.

So, in terms of the most important feature of an egg vibrator – the vibration. Lovense Lush 3 gets the crown as the most powerful and rumbly egg vibe. However, as I mentioned in the beginning, if you are super sensitive and you need very subtle vibrations, maybe We-Vibe Jive will be a better fit for you.

Egg Vibes: App Control, Range, and Features

The good egg vibrator models nowadays must have an app. First, controlling the toy through your phone is much more discreet. Second, you can customize precisely the vibration intensity and patterns and even use it for long-distance play over the internet.

First, I tested the Bluetooth connectivity and range:

  • Lush 3 has an excellent antenna and the Bluetooth connectivity was very stable even at two closed doors and around 40 feet distance.
  • Esca 2 also has a stable connection, although at a shorter distance. At around 1 closed door and 20 feet, the connection drops.
  • Jive’s connection is the worst. As soon as it is inserted and I slightly cross my legs, the Bluetooth connection drops.

If you are looking for an egg vibrator with a stable Bluetooth connection that does not drop and has the largest range, Lovense Lush 3 is the top choice.

Testing different egg vibrator apps

Then I tested the apps for close range control with my partner. Lush 3 has the fastest and most user-friendly connection to the app, followed by the Esca. Jive’s connection process is not as user-friendly.

  • The Lovense App has a ton of features. It has an intuitive interface that allows you to easily create and save custom vibration patterns for your vibrator, adjust intensity, and even sync your toy’s vibrations to music.
  • The OhMiBod app is not as feature-rich as the Lovense app, but it still offers a user-friendly experience with unique controls like Tap and Touch. These functions allow you to create vibration patterns by tapping the screen or dragging your finger across the app, putting the power of pleasure at your fingertips.
  • The We-Vibe Jive’s app control falls a bit short compared to its competitors. While it still offers basic functions like pattern selection and intensity adjustment, creating custom patterns can be less intuitive and more cumbersome. Here is what a user says:

    “The device did not come with instructions, but the app doesn’t easily explain how to connect either. So connecting was like a two-hour learning curve.”

For long-distance control, the Lovense app has interactive features like video chat and sexting, sending a link to remote users and even sharing it to public spaces for random people to control your toy if you are bored. It also has integration with interactive content like movies and games.

The OhMiBod and We-Vibe App also have long-distance play, but it is only partner to partner and lacks the diverse options Lovense has. Their apps are also not reliable for control over the interenet. Here is what an Amazon user says about Esca 2:

“If you’re looking for long-distance toys don’t waste your time on this. When playing with a partner the app constantly crashes or disconnects to the point it’s unusable.”

Overall, when choosing an egg vibrator, the app connectivity and features are the second most important factor after the vibration strength and quality, and Lovense Lush 3 is the winner in this category as well. The Lovense app is years ahead of the competitors.

Egg Vibrators: Discretion and Noise Level

Which love egg is the quietest for discreet public play?

I’ve used a sound meter to measure the sound level each vibrator makes at its minimum and maximum intensity at 1 foot. Anything below 37 – 38 dB is barely audible. In the 38 – 42 dB range, the buzz gets more noticeable, and you will need some background noise so people around you won’t notice. For anything louder, adjust the vibration intensity according to your surroundings.

At only 34 dB at its lowest speed, the We-Vibe Jive is the quietest egg vibrator. It also has a short flat tail and nothing that lights or blinks, so overall, it is very discreet. If this is your top priority and you are ready to sacrifice vibration strength and connectivity, Jive is the way to go. It can be used even in very quiet environments like parks and coffee shops with no ambient music etc.

Lush 3 and Esca 2 are a bit louder than Jive and are still ok for public use but for places with some background noise and music, restaurants, bars, disco clubs, etc. At 43 – 44 dB, they are still some of the quietest vibrators out there, especially compared to other wearable vibrators like Lovense Ferri or We-Vibe Chorus, which have an outside clit arm.

“They aren’t loud. Most people, if they heard at all, would assume it’s a cell-phone on vibrate. The biggest giveaway will be your reactions.” – Mark, 45, a sex-toy tester

The egg vibrators are some of the most discreet and quiet toys for public adventures, and all three models performed well in this category; however, if privacy is your main concern, Jive is the top choice.

Vibrating Eggs: Size, Comfort, and Battery Life

How comfortable are the egg vibrators for extended wear?

I once walked around all day with my Lush 3 inserted. Except for the little bump applying pressure on my bladder now and then, I would almost forget about it if there was not the occasional buzz from my partner.

Jive, being slimmer and with a very light and flat antenna, is also very comfortable for extended wear.

The Esca 2 insertable part feels comfortable, but the antenna is heavier and bulkier and a bit more uncomfortable since I could feel it in my undies. Another problem is that the head of its antenna has an LED light that can be seen through your panties. Here is what a user says about the light, and I agree with her:

“I don’t like the fact that I can’t turn off the light. It’s like a giant beacon on my genitalia. The light is permanently on when in use.”

Egg vibrators are generally very comfortable, but here it is more a matter of personal preference. If you are like me and like to feel the pressure and the girth of the toy, Lush 3 is the most pleasurable. If you prefer a slimmer toy and this is a top priority for you, Jive is for you.

In the table below, you can see the exact measurements of each toy in inches.

LengthIns. LengthGirth
Esca 28.072.364.49

Egg vibrators sizing and comfort comparison

Which egg toy has the best battery life for longer play sessions?

I have tested all three vibrating eggs extensively, on and off, at the maximum intensity. I also measured whether the vibrations would get weaker when the battery got below 50% and 25% of the power capacity. They slightly do, but nothing major. So, if you always want your toy to vibrate at its max power, always charge it after use.

  • The Lush 3 battery lasts around an hour and a half.
  • Esca 2 is like an hour.
  • Jive has a bit less, maybe 50 minutes of playtime at the top speed.

For me, battery life is an important factor when choosing an egg vibrator because it can really ruin the mood if the battery runs out when the night is not over yet. And when it comes down to battery, there isn’t a better egg vibes than Lovense Lush 3.

Different types of egg vibrators chargers
Lush 3 and Jive have magnetic chargers that I find more convenient. Esca 2’s charging port is on the side, and it is with a pin. It does have protection, but you still have to be careful not to get water in it.

Egg Vibrators: Safety and Maintenance

Are vibrating eggs safe to use, and what materials should I look for?

Materials are very important when choosing a quality toy, especially one that you will be inserting into your vagina. All the better egg toys are silicone-covered. Silicone is the best material because it is soft to the touch, non-porous (it does not harbor bacteria), hypoallergenic, and very easy to clean.

Important note: the only 2 materials that are safe to use in vibrators are silicone and ABS hard plastic. Everything else, such as rubber, jelly, PVC, etc., is not safe. These materials can harbor bacteria, shed microplastics, or be toxic.

I measured the silicone softness of all three egg vibrators with a durometer. Lush 3 and Jive are at 40 HA, and Esca 2 is at 50 HA. This means Lush 3 and Jive are softer to the touch, and the vibrations feel a bit more subtle and deeper.

Measuring of egg vibrators silicone softness

The wearable G-spot vibrators are safe to use as intended – in your vagina. Do not use them anally or for prostate massage. Your anus can suck them in, and you have to take a trip to the ER. Always use only T-shaped flare-based toys in your butt. There are specially-made toys for anal play, like vibrating butt plugs and prostate massagers.

Another important note: only use water-based lubricants with silicone vibrators. Silicone lube will degrade the toy’s material over time or make it porous.

Are the egg toys in this article waterproof?

Lovense Lush 3 and We-Vibe Jive are both IPX7 waterproof and can be submerged and used in the shower or bath. Esca 2 is only splashproof, so make sure not to submerge it in water and keep the charging port dry.

Demonstrating egg vibrators waterproofness

How do I clean and maintain my egg vibrator to ensure its longevity and hygiene?

Silicone vibrators that are waterproof/splashproof, like those in this article, are very easy to clean. Make sure to clean them before and after use with warm water and unscented antibacterial soap. This is enough to keep your toys clean and safe. Before storing, make sure the vibrators are dry so they don’t get moldy, and put them in a polyester or cotton pouch since silicone is prone to attract lint.

You can disinfect your silicone vibrators with a 10% bleach solution. Dip them in the solution, then rinse well with water and soap.

Demonstrating egg vibrator cleaning process

Tips on Maximizing Pleasure with an Egg Vibrator

When playing with a partner, communication comes first. Speak about what feels pleasurable and what your boundaries are. And always test the vibrator at home before you get in public. This way, both you and your partner will know what to expect from each setting and pattern.

  • The controlling partner – do not buzz the egg all the time. Do it unexpectedly as a surprise. This keeps the thrill on.
  • Get your partner to give you oral while the egg is inside you. Take control because you know your rhythm, and let your partner lick you while you play with the toy. This gives me some of the most amazing orgasms.
  • Do the same, but anally. If both partners are comfortable, it also feels fantastic.
  • Keep the egg in your vagina and get your partner to penetrate you anally. You both will benefit from this, feel the fullness and the vibrations. It’s delightful.
  • For solo play, if you are having trouble reaching orgasm from the egg alone (you are not alone), try a combination with a clit vibrator. I have used Lush 3 with Ferri (a vibrating panty) and had an explosive orgasm. You can also use a bullet vibrator like Tango X or a wand vibrator like Domi 2 or Magic Wand Plus.
  • A combination of an egg vibrator and an anal plug also feels magical. I love to walk around the house with the Lush 3 and Hush 2 at the same time. The pressure both toys apply, and the vibrations are out of this world.

    “I have the Lush, and I really like it. I can’t cum from that alone, I do need the clit stimulation as well, but I find it amplifies my orgasms. Even more so when someone else controls it.” – Emily, 42, a sex toy reviewer

  • Eggs are versatile. You can use it as a bullet on your clit or other erogenous zones. The vibration will be broader, though, because of the oval shape of the toy.

A lot of people ask me how to insert an egg vibrator properly. The steps are fairly simple:

  1. Start by applying generous amounts of water-based lube both on the toy and your vagina opening.
  2. Find the most comfortable position. You can lay on your back with legs spread open or standing with one leg raise or w/e fits your anatomy.
  3. Relax your pelvic muscles and gently insert the vibrator with the bulbous end. The tail should be on the outside.
  4. Push the vibrator inside until it feels comfortable. The egg should lay against the G-spot, which is different with everyone but is typically around 1-3 inches inside the vagina on the front wall. I have a more detailed article here on how to find your G-spot.
  5. Once the toy is in, use the tail (the control buttons are usually there) or the remote control/app to play with the different speed settings and patterns until you find what pleases you most.

It takes some trial and error and has a slight learning curve, so make sure to test your toy at home with its app/remote before you go on public adventures.

How Do I Introduce a Vibrating Egg into My Relationship?

How can I ensure my partner is comfortable with the idea?

The key here is open, honest communication. Start by expressing your desires and explain why you want to try an egg vibe (I think I gave you a lot of good reasons in this article). Explain that the toy won’t replace them, on the contrary, it will add deeper intimacy and excitement in your relationship.

After all, using a remote-controlled egg vibrator is a shared experience. Talk about how you can use the toy in couples’ play as foreplay, for edging, and during sex.

Final Thoughts on This Egg Vibrators Guide

I hope this guide has given you the necessary information to determine if you need a wearable G-spot toy and which one is best for you.

As I stated in the beginning, Lovense Lush 3 is still the top-performing egg vibrator. I recommend it to most people. If you have any special priorities, pick a toy that will best suit your needs and sensitivity.

Lovense Lush 3, the best egg vibrator for most people

If you have any questions or you want to suggest another toy I should test against these three or you think is better than the Lush 3, please do let me know in the comments.

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

Amie Dawson, Ph.D.

As a certified sex educator and sex toy reviewer, Amie has spent her career empowering individuals and couples to embrace their sexuality.

With a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality and an ever-growing collection of over 200 vibrators, she's got the knowledge and experience to guide you on your pleasure-seeking journey.

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