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We-Vibe Nova 2 Review [An Exceptional Rabbit Vibe]

Recently, We-Vibe released a newer, upgraded version of their legendary Nova rabbit vibrator. It is called Nova 2 and is suitable for all body types, no matter your height or weight.

We-Vibe Nova 2 offers pleasurable dual stimulation, it flexes with you, keeping constant contact with your clitoris while stimulating your G-spot. And it is app-compatible, which means you can use the remote control features to operate the Nova 2 from all around the world. You only need internet connection and the We-Connect app installed on your smartphone.

The improved handle of Nova 2 offers comfortable grip, while the adjustable G-spot stimulator offers a delightful targeted stimulation. The clitoral arm of Nova 2 is what distinguishes this rabbit toy from conventional rabbits – it has an impressive curve to offer ultimate flexibility for all body shapes.

With this in mind, you can be sure that the constant contact with your clit and G-spot is maintained during your intimate session. This, and the impressively powerful stimulation of Nova 2 make it one of the most impressive rabbit vibrators on the market.

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Nova 2 Performance

Most We-Vibe vibrators are known for their intense and rumbly vibrations, and Nova 2 is just a remarkable example of how far the tech industry stands now. Both the internal and external part of the vibrator offer extra strong stimulation – a feature, appreciated by anyone who prefers more intense orgasms.

We don’t recommend the highest settings of the vibrator if you’re still a beginner in solo pleasuring, as it could be a bit overwhelming.

However, the lower ones offer super discreet and pleasurable stimulation.

The flexible design of the vibrator is another aspect users really seem to enjoy.

The g-spot arm adjusts from almost completely straight, to nearly a 90-degree angle, so you can test how you like it the most and just leave it that way. Once adjusted, it actually stays in place, whether you want a slight curve or more intense angles.

Nova 2 Flexible Vaginal Arm

The clitoral attachment  has a nearly 180-degree range of motion. You can push the clitoral nub against itself so the top of the clitoral arm will rest against your clit, or you can expand it out to 180-degrees (or even further) to rest the inner part of the clitoral arm against your body.

Nova 2 Flexible Clitoral Arm

Don’t worry – you don’t need to compromise between the 2 parts of the vibrator – you can adjust your Nova 2 so that both your G-Spot and clitoris receive full attention with this toy, regardless of the way you move it around. The effect is divine – you can enjoy multiple consecutive orgasms during a single masturbation session.

Nova 2 Design

The squishy body-safe silicone used for creating We-Vibe Nova 2 is ultra-comfortable to the touch, while the shape of this rabbit makes it an impressively designed vibrator. Nova 2 is free from phthalates and BPA and made without latex.

It is both elegant and ergonomic, with remarkable curves to fit in the most pleasurable way possible. The easy-to-adjust controls are imprinted at the base of the handle to provide the most comfortable access. This bunny-type vibrator is available in pink.

Nova 2 is 100% waterproof, which makes it perfect for water play and super easy to clean. You can use antibacterial soap and warm water but make sure it is completely dry before you put it away.

We-Vibe Nova 2 Button Controls

Using the control buttons to choose the vibration pattern and the intensity is one of the options to operate the Nova 2- there are 5 buttons and you’ll quickly get used to manipulating the rabbit toy. With the -/+ buttons you can change the level of vibration, with the arrow buttons you can change the pattern of pulsation.

To turn on the vibrator, just press the + button and Nora 2 will start vibrating at the lowest steady speed (it will run both motors). By clicking the +, you’ll increase the intensity of the vibes and there are 10 levels you can choose from. Decreasing the intensity happens with the – button. Holding the + button for about 3 seconds turns the vibes to their maximum speed, holding the – button quickly switches them to the minimum speed.

As for the patterns of vibration, just use the arrow buttons and choose between the 10 preset patterns.

Nova 2 Preset Patterns

Nova 2 preset patterns

The twist symbol allows you to toggle Nova’s dual motors – one click activates the clit attachment, a second click activates the G-spot motor. A third click means activating both motors.

By holding down the +/- button, you can activate the travel lock function, which keeps your toy securely locked during your flight or journey. Once you’ve successfully locked your toy, it will vibrate twice to let you know you’re good to go.

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Nova 2 Remote Control Functions

There are plenty of reasons why one would prefer a phone-controlled vibrator over a manually controlled one. And the most obvious one is the comfort of not thinking about push buttons while masturbating.

This awesome function is greatly appreciated by people in a long-distance relationship – with the app-controlled functionality, these couples can keep the spark alive, whatever the distance between them. Both partners need to install the We-Connect app, connect their toys and they are ready to enjoy short or long-distance play.

The We-Connect app is 100% free and allows you to create custom vibes and play together with other We-Vibe products.

The app is so great. You can make any pattern you want, which is really fun!

And, of course, the remote-control feature is a blessing, according to everyone who just wants to relax and enjoy hands-free masturbation.

Many people share the We-Connect app is better, compared to other sex toy applications, we also spoke to 2 sex shop owners, claiming the same. The We-Connect app is reliable, very straight-forward and the connection between multiple different toys is impeccable.

The application allows you to control the Nova 2 from anywhere around the world, as long as there’s an internet connection. You can leave the control in your partner’s hands, just connect via the We-Connect app. You can sync the Nova 2 to your favorite music or a microphone and, of course, create your own patterns of pulsation.

How much does Nova 2 cost?

Compared to other luxury rabbit vibrators, Nova’s price is somewhere in the middle. Here’s the place to mention that We-Vibe company often provides decent discounts of about -50% off, so make sure you regularly check their website for promotions!

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